21 DECEMBER 1839

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Let it not be supposed that suffering is confined to commercial and manufacturing districts. The agricultural labourers complain of the inadequate proportion of wages to the...

The French Chambers are now just on the point of

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assembling, being convened for the 23d—nearly one month earlier than the English Parliament. The point which most forcibly strikes us hi respect to the ap- proaching French...

A dissolution of Parliament in 1840 is pretty generally antici-

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pated. Provincial newspapers assure their readers of Lord MEL- BOURNE'S determination to have a new House of Commons on the slightest check from the present house; and in the...

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The elections in Spain are favourable, as far as they

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are known, to the Opposition or Exaltados. In one of the least democratic quarters of Madrid, the Ministerial candidate was defeated. There appeared no disposition to riot in...

Zbe Court.

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TUE Queen attended divine service in St. George's Chapel on Sunday. The Dutchess of Kent was also in the royal pew. Her Majesty takes every opportunity of obtaining fresh air;...

Letters from Odessa mention great naval and military prepares tions

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by Russia. All the Russian merchant-ships are held in rea- diness for the Imperial service, and dare not make short voyages without express permission. The British fleet is at...

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A Quarterly Genoa', Coort of East India Proprietors was held

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at the India House on Wednesdey. The Chairman, Sir Richard Jenkins, an- nounced that the Court of Directors had ; on the I lilt instant, mani- mously passed vGtes of tllanks...

Mr. Harvey has taken formal leave of the electors of

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Southwark in a published address, commencing as follows- " Having reason to apprehend that my continued silence may give coun- tenance to unworthy artifices, I anticipate my...

iglu _Metropolis.

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At a meeting of the Court of Aldermen on Tuesday, a letter was read from Alderman Birch, resigning his gown for the Ward of Candle- wick, after having worn it for upwards of...

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'Ube Vrobinces.

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The members of the North Staffordshire Reform Association dined together at Neweastle-under-Lync on the 13th instant. Mr. Edward Diller, M.P., and Colonel Anson 'M.P., were...

We have heard that Sir B. Hall, M.P., has been

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giving out in Mon- mouthshire that he intends to stand for that county, should a general election take place shortly. The expense and the badgering of the new baronet's Radical...

The execution of William Lees, couvicted at the last session

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of the Crinnual Court, of murdering his wife in a fit of drunken phrensy, took place at the Old Bailey on Monday. There was an immense crowd of persons in the street fronting...

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The Western Vindicator has been discontinued.

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James Wheeler, a printer and an active Chartist of Manchester, has given security to appear at Liverpool and take his trial for sedition. The William and Sally, a Brighton...


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The registrations in Wicklow County show a Conservative gain of 103 votes ; and Sir Ralph Howard's return as a Conservative is deemed secure. William Page, a private in the...

The following extracts from different country papers describe the state

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of trade, and the misery of the working classes in some of the prin- cipal towns of England. LEEDS.—Trade in almost all its branches continues in a depressed state, and the...

The Sheffield Independent contains a long address from the "

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work- Ingmen of Sheffield to the working mechanics, artisans, and agricultu- ral labourers of Great Britain and Ireland." The object of the address is to establish a general...

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On Wednesday ass ea, 11! , clit.pel in Soul! Colle,;:e

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Street, Edinburgh. was occupied by a n t:. see s assembled to recosq their detesta- tion of the persecution eml imerisamoent of John Thorogood in the Chelmsford Gaol, for...


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It is reported that Dr. Bowstead, Bishop of Sodor and Man, will be the new Bishop of Lichfield. The Duke of Palmella has published a positive denial of a statement in the...

Two packet-ships from New York, the Roseius and the New

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York, arrived at Liverpool on Saturday ; and were seen coining up the Mer- sey at the saute time, though the New York sailed on the 19th and the Roscius on the 25th of November....

The Commission of , he iiiul y of the Church of

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Scotland met, after :it:jeer:mess ,. esi ay. sase the Ilth in on; when a ques- tion essential ly th , ease .a eleed in the famous Auehterarder case was bretta 7 ';': a c the...

Accounts were received on Wednesday of a quarrel between an

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English vessel and a French transport, both lying in Port St. Louis, Mauritius, on the 7th of September last. The English vessel was the Greenlaw, commanded by Captain Driver,...

A general meeting is to be hell in Ediaburgh on

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Tuesday next, for the purpose of setting on foot a subscritaien for the erection of a monu- ment, or some " national testimonial, ' to the I hike of Wellington. Sir Jam ss...

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The result of the approaching election in Devonport is very

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doubt- ful. Mr. Tuffnell, and the Government party who support him, are active ; so are the Tories for their candidate, Mr. Dawson ; while the Tpendent Refbrmers, WhO - Yally...


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Last night's Gazette contains a list of numerous appointments and promotions ; sonic of which had been previously announced, though not officially. Lord Auckland, to be Earl of...


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OFFIcE OF DansIANcE. Dee. 14.-Royal Ree,t. of Artillery- -Brevet :Major E. Gordon to be Lieut.-Col. vice :Cleans, deceased; Second Capt. W. H. Bent to be Capt. vice Gordon;...


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BIRTHS. On the 15th inst., at the Marquis of Downshire's, Hanover Square, Lady MARY Moo, Of a son. Ott the 13th inst., at Takely Vicarage, Essex, the Lady of the Rev. CHARLES...

Itesan - cs is informed that the document Inc mentions was dat.ul

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..11,4 Nos ember. We lass enan lime to recur to the pe.mliar crotchet :" It iirsTo.c try tin, and he will probably diseover our 1110;111iDlr fur himself. lie may send the...

Mr. Thomas Attwood's resignation of his seat its the House

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of Commons far Birmingham, is formally announced in a long letter to "the electors and inhabitants of the borough," published in the Bir- minglum Journal this morning. Mr....

Last night, a party of Southwark electors, mostly in the

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interest • Mr. James Curlinto met at the Jamaica Taver», Clarence Gardens. Curling declared his determination to go to the poll at the next eleeth whatever might be the result....

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We are glad to see by the Morning Post of

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this day, that the Mercers Company have subscribed fifty pounds in aid of the funds of the "South Australian Church Society," and concur with the Fog in the wish that other...

Lieutenant-Colonel Holmes, Deputy-Inspector-General, of Consta- bulary in Ireland, as also

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his son, died on Thursday morning—both of malignant fever.

It is pretty generally believed, that in the event of

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a dissolution of Parliament, that veteran Talisman, Major Macnamara, will retire from -the : representation of his native county, Clare. Mr. Bridgman, UP. - for the borough of...

It was noticed last week in our account of the

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proceedings at the in- quiry into the causes of Mrs. Norrington's death, that the Coroner's "animus against the honueopathic Doctor was evident." From a letter written by Dr....

The Paris papers mention the escape of the Count de

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Crotty Chanel. in custody on a charge of being implicated in the Bonapartist conspiracy. From the different accounts, the Times selects the following particulars of the escape-...

Accounts from Nottingham, received this morning, mention that numbers of

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unemployed workmen, with women carrying children in - their arms, were parading the streets, asking for bread, and that in some instances bakers' ehops had been broken open....


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STOCK LECTIANOE, FRUM? AFTERNOON. There have been very few transactions of importance at the Stock Exchange, and the week has consequently been almost barren of incidents....

. An Anti-Corn-law meeting, numerously attended, was held at Man-

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chester on Thursday, in the Town-hall. The Chronicle of this morn- lag fills between six and seven columns with reports of the speeches, delivered by Mr. Mark Phillips, Mr....

After a good deal of uncertainty and chopping and changing

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of can- didates, the opposing parties at Falmouth and Penry - n appear to have fixed, the Whigs upon Mr. Hutchins, nephew of Sir John Guest, the Tories upon Mr. Bond Cabbell,...

The Court of Peers have ordered thirty-three of the prisoners,

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charged with participation in the disturbances of May last, to be brought up for aud eight to be released.

Sir William Trelawney is the new Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall, in

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'the room of the late Earl of Mount-Edgecumbe. This is one of the 'best appointments made by the Whig Government. Sir William is fa thorough Liberal, a high-spirited gentleman,...

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The proceedings in Covent Garden have always had a great

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influence on the representation of Westminster, but the stage has rivalled the hustings, and MaenEADy has surpassed BURDETT as a leader of the movement, for Reform has actually...

Leaving private theatricals, we have only to report of the

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public per- formances for the holyday week, that Pantomime is the order of the night on the 26th, at all the theatres except the Haymarket: the short re- maining terns of its...


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arrived — At Gravesend, Dec. 15th, Mona, Glass; Nine, Penny; and Ann Lackerby, .Burt, from Bengal; W. Parker, Sewell; and Galatea, Protattbut, from the Cape. 16111, Jastitia,...


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Mus DmA , v appeared on Saturday last in a character which more se- verely tested her vocal powers and her training than Cinderella. Cin- derella demands only the commonplace...

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BEAUTIES OF LAW-ENGLISH : MONMOUTHSHIRE TO WIT. WE don't know why at a session of Oyer and Terminer held for ex- traordinary purposes, at the moment when all the high and...

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THE Times, in its efforts to rouse the torpid Conservatives of Edinburp, reminds us of a man laboriously attempting to draw water with a sieve. The Tory leaders in Edinburgh...

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THE Ministerial organs sing To pwan over what they call the suc- cessful policy of Lord AccitLisna : the Conservatives, of course, have nothing to say against that policy, since...


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Mssinzas of Parliament will come to the session of 1840 with ano- ther year's experience Of the Corn-laws. That experience is satis- factory to one class—the authors and...

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TRAVELS. A Diary in America. with Remarks on its Institutions. Part Second. Bv Captain hinrrynt, C.B. In 3 vols Longnitin and CO. HISTORY, Memoirs of the Court of England...


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THE disappointment of a continuation is proverbial. Whether it is that a subject adiniting this sort of double climax has in it some concealed flaw—or that attention, like...

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To one who has been accustomed to the extortion of the inns and hotels in England and the Old Continent, nothing at first is more remarkable than to find that there are more...

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remarked upon JAMES the First, that the factions which originated in his reign, surviving to the present day, have made his character as.much disputed atnengst us as that of a...

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BODES. Essays, Letters from Abroad, Translations, and Fragments, by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Edited by Mrs. SHELLEY. In two vols. A Diary in America, with Remarks on its...

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NEW FOREIGN PRINTS. A VERY beautiful print has lately appeared in the window of Mr. HOLLOWAY, the publisher. Henrietta Street, Covent Garden t which is remarkable in itself,...