26 AUGUST 1837

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Accounts from Lisbon, of the 15th, announce a change in

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the Portuguese Ministry; but they are so meagre and unintelligible, that though seven names are mentioned, we can only make out that SA DR BANDEIRA is the new Prime Minister awl...

It now appears certain that there is serious dissatisfaction in

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the Neapolitan army, and that both in Naples and in Sicily the people are disposed to be turbulent. Still the accounts from the South of Europe are extremely vague. The Augsburg...

Another important change has occurred in the affairs of Spain.

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Of the precise nature of it, and how it was effected, we have not s yet any satisfactory account. But the facts as far as they are known are these. Our readers are aware that...

A late arrival from Canada brings an account of the

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pro- rogation of the Parliament of Upper Canada, by Csovernor HEAD. The only business of the brief and extraordinary session was the passing of a law to suspend specie payments,...


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ALL who can leave London, do. The Queen has gone to Wind sor; her courtiers of course follow her. No more drawing-rooms no more parties, till that horrid Parliament must be...

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There has been a rumour this week of an insurrection

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at Bom- bay : our information regarding it is limited to the following paragraph in the Globe- " The Linnet, homeward-bound Brazilian packet, spoke the Caledonia, of Liverpool,...


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BOLTON. The Bolton Free Press says that several farmers near Rochdale, who voted against the candidate favoured by their land- lords, have received notice to quit. BUCKS. Lord...

The Legislature of Brazil was engaged on the 30th of

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June last, at Rio Janeiro, in the consideration of measures for the more effectual suppression of the slave-trade. The Marquis BARBA- CZNA, himself a very large slave-owner, and...

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the Court.

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THE Queen attended divine service on Sunday, in the private chapel of the new Palace. The Bishop of London preached the sermon. With the Queen were Lord Barham, Mr. Rich, Lord...

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In the Central Criminal Court, on Tuesday, sentences were Na t i

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on the prisoners convicted at the Sessions concluded the day her o ,. Sixteen were ordered to be transported for life; six for fourteen years; one for ten years ; and forty for...

The water has again made its way into the Thames

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Tunnel. The accident occured on Wednesday. About twelve o'clock, the water began to flow through an aperture in the roof, and the men were em- ployed in pumping it out- " At...

rig ifictrapatos.

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The Court of Common Council had a meeting on Monday. The Lord Mayor stated, that the Queen had announced her intention of dining at the Guildhall on the 9th of November next ;...

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rbt Countrn.

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A meeting teas held in Durham on Wednesday week, attended by the Earl of Durham, the Marquis of Londonderry, and the principal gentry of the town and neighbourhood, to address...

The inhabitants of Greenwich and parts adjacent were startled about

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balf-past three on Wednesday afternoon, by a great explosion of gun- powder. At first it was supposed that one of the mills at Dartford must have beets blown up ; but it was...

The last week has been very prolific of steam-boat accidents

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on the Thames. On Friday morning, the Glasgow steam-ship from Hull was about to moor alongside one of the wharfs on the South of the river, off Toolcy Street, when, in bringing...

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The accounts from the moors in the counties of Northumberland

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and Durham represent the grouse as small and rather weak on the wing, but generally numerous. The weather has been extremely favourable for shooting since the commencement of...

The harvest has commenced in the neighbourhood of Doncaster, on

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the higher soils ; and the prevalence of dry ands y weather will bring it into full operation. Several fields of wheat have been already nut; and the promise of an abundant crop...

Mr. John Childs, of Bungay, who is well known by

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his resistance to Chureh-rates, is endeavouring to get up a county meeting on the subject of the Ballot. He has this week published an address to the farmers and middle classes...

Business continues to improve both in the cloth-halls and in

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the warehouses of Leeds, more goods having been cleared out during the last ten days than for the two months previous. Notwithstanding this, there is no improvement in price....

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Lady Lyttleton, Earl Spencer's sister; leas been appointed one of the Ladies of the Bedchamber, the number of whom is now complete. Lord Stanley has been visiting the doleful...


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Mr. Arthur Guinness, the brewer, is suffering for his support of the Tory candidates at the late election. Not only do the people generally refuse to drink his beer, but those...

Sir Walter Farquhar, the St. James's Street banker, is about

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to marry Lady Mary Somerset, sister of the Duke of Beaufort. Sir Walter Farquhar, the St. James's Street banker, is about to marry Lady Mary Somerset, sister of the Duke of...

Since the 17th instant no payments whatever have been made

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to the Spanish Auxiliary Legion at Portsmouth ; the whole of the men arrived in the Maria Victoria, the Two Friends, and the General Evans, remaining unpaid. Those having...


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We are glad to learn that the subscriptions ter the election petitions for the counties of Lanark and Stirling, are proceeding in a most favourable manner. The evidence already...

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The equestrian statue of Sir Thomas Monro, executed by Sir

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Francis Chantrey, has been just finished. It was viewed on Monday last by the Monro committee and by his Grace the Duke of Welling- ton, who expressed themselves in terms of the...

The Dutchess of St. Alban's has made a very extraordinary

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proviso in the bequest to her husband, the Duke, in her will. It appears that she had, for some considerable time previous to her decease, cherished an erroneous idea that...

The King's attorney at Brussels has for some days been

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engaged in the investigation of a rather delicate affair ; it is a kind of swindling which saint Englishmen of distinction have practised ; among them is one J. K. It seems that...

The festival in commemoration of the invention of printing, about

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which a good deal has been said and written in Germany for some time past, was held at Mayence on the 14th, 15th, arid 16th of the present month. We find the following account...

We understand that there will be very little private business

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during the next session of Parliament, and that the decrease in the number of railway bills will he extraordinary.—Leeds Mercury. " The cry of the Spectator, and of that...

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Somebody has taken the trouble to send us the Scots

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Times, a paper which we are not in the habit of receiving, for the purpose of directing our attention to an abusive communication, entitled " The Spectator ' s impartiality...

Persons wishing to send newspapers abroad should be apprised that

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the direction should always be written, without any printing whatever. Byan act of the 1st of Victoria, cap. 34, which came into operation ou the 1st instant, those anomalies...

Among the current reports of the day, we hear it

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rumoured that several changes connected with the Army are in contemplation by the existing Government, from which they expect not only to conciliate in a great degree the...


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SATURDAY. Letters from Naples and Turin, received in Paris, announce that serious disturbances had broken out in the Southern provinces of Naples ; and that the King had sent...

The extensive pitch and tar factory belonging to Messrs. Wilson

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and Smith, at Bromley, Middlesex, was burnt down on Monday. During the absence of the workers and stokers, the boilers which contained pitch and tar became overheated; which...

No additional information has been received respecting the late change

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of Ministry at Madrid. The French papers are occupied with conjectures as to its proximate causes. By some it is said that Mr. VILLIERS was the principal agent in the affair ;...

Last night ' s Gazette gives the following statement of the quarterly

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average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the Bank of England, from the 30th May to the 22d August. LIABILITIES. ASSETS. Circulation ,C18,462,000 I Securities...


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BIRTHS. On the 19th lust., in Curzon Street, the Lady of JAMES STEWART, Esq , of a BOIL On the 13i I, inst., in Arlington Street, the Lady Ma ny S t ryeitystsosr, of a...

The cholera is at Berlin, and a severe typhus at

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Warsaw. It was apprehended that the latter was the plague. Russia, it was said, was about to draw a sanitary cordon round Warsaw ; and at Berlin every necessary step was taken...

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Arrived—At Gravesend, Aug. 23d, Trusty, west; Inglis, Wise; and Euphrates ; Beckham, frorn China; Sarah, Newby; and Ellen, Dixon, from New South Wales ; and London. Lamb. from...

People have been asking what has become of Mr. ROEBUCK

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? That People have been asking what has become of Mr. ROEBUCK ? That gentleman has "turned up" at last ; and neither Whigs nor Tories have any reason to plume themselves on his...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECT A TOR. Beaufort Ill/Ise, 211 August 1837. Stn—I perceive that, in the remarks on the Irish elections contained in your paper of the 19th, you have...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. In the early part of the week, the Consol Market was unusually dull; th e quotations were, for the Account, 911 to h. India Bonds were 48 to...

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BALANCING OF THE ELECTION ACCOUNTS. s ol es our last publication, several "brethren of the broad sheet " have given complete lists of the Members returned to the MEL- BOURNE...

The result, then, of our tabular revision, gives the Liberals

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336 and the Tories 322 votes in the MELBOURNE House of Commons; and among the 336, are some Members upon whom the Whigs can scarcely rely when they most need assistance. We...

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THE Whig and Tory journals honour us with so much of thei r notice just now, that we cannot but pay them some attenti on in return. The Times, the Standard, and the Post,...

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Ins Tories, it seems, would like to put Sir EDWARD SUGDEN into the chair of the new House of Commons ; and they are said to be talking about it quietly. We believe that the...


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SPITE of the elections, which have occupied the attention of play and especially of opera frequenters during the past month, the Italian Opera lingered on till last Saturday,...


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Tim luckless Lyceum is a second time abandoned by its manager, and the company again left to their own resources. BuNN, following the example of ARNOLD, has beat a retreat. To...

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TRAVELS, Wanderings in Greece. By George Cochrane, Esq., late of Queen's College, Cam. bridge ; Knight of the Royal Greek Military Order of the Saviour, &c In 2 vols Colburn....

COCHRANE ' S WANDERINGS IN GREECE. HAVING found leisure to examine these

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volumes, we discover that their name is by no means indicative of their nature. So far from wandering in Greece, Mr. COCHRANE'S whereabout was chiefly confined to Athens and its...

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THE Drama an_ D ramatic ramatic Authors of the Elizabethan age is the su bject of the second volu me of this biographical section of Dr. LsenNze i s Cycloptedia. t commences...

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Is a provincial periodical, whose being had passed unnoticed, if it was ever presented to us, in a monthly form. The publication, in size and getting up, is of a tract-like...


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IN a literary point of view this pamphlet is no great affair; for it merely consists of official letters respecting the designs of the Pro- testant Emigration Community,...

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ANECDOTES OF SPANISH PAINTERS. IN the account we gave the week before last of the Spanish Pictures in the Louvre, it was stated that the painters knew but little of the works...


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SIR MARTIN SHEE has addressed a printed Letter to Lord JOHN Run- time. in defence of the Royal Academy, maintaining the right of this self-elected corporation to make the public...

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THE following reply of Mr. ATHERSTONE, the proprietor of the " Cor. regio Magdalen," to his anonymous assailant, (which was unavoidably excluded last week,) will be found to...