26 MAY 1860

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From all we can learn, Garibaldi's position is no longer

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pre carious. The reports are, indeed, still contradictory. The Neapolitans still officially claim victories. But, in spite of their reported success at Calatafimi, they admit...


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TUB Lords have done what they dared to do, what it was quite within their legal competence to do—they have rejected the Paper Duties Repeal Bill ; and, in order to do nothing by...

Next to the Paper Duty discussion, the debate in Committee

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on the Bankruptcy Bill ranks in importance. It is time that measure of law reform should be under way. Of the twenty-fonr clauses discussed on Monday, the clause giving the...

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Fehatto auit Vrurtrhiugs iu Valiant.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. 11005K or LORDS. Monday, May 21. Paper-duties Repeal Bill ; thrown out on second reading by 193 to 104—Public Improvements Bill ; thrown out on...

Our national equestriant festival —the Asetby—presents this year no hovel incident.

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it is not- raised above other festivals, its predecessors, except it may be that it was attended by a far larger concourse than ever attended it before. But the Lon- doner's...

The intelligence from India shows early fruits of the pernicious

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course which Sir Charles Trevelyan rashly adopted and Lord Ellenborough deliberately approved. The Native press, finding a backer at Madras, getting an unexpected ally in a...

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The freedom of the City of London was presented on Saturday to Sir Leopold M'Clintock, in the Guildhall. Captain Allen Young and others of his comrades in the " Fox " were...

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THE QUEEN, the Prince Consort, and their children left Buckingham Palace on Saturday afternoon, and arrived in four hours at Osborne, in the Isle of Wight. Among her guests in...

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The annual racing festival on Epsom Downs has been celebrated this week. As usual, Tuesday was the first racing day ; Wednesday the Derby day ; Thursday an off- day, interesting...


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An election of a Member for Lyniington took place on Tuesday and Wednesday. The candidates were Mr. Henry Grenfell, Liberal, and Lord George Lennox, Tory. The contest was very...

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furtigu nut Cutguial.

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Ili 8111.—We are still without details of Garibaldi's campaign, but through the contradictory telegrams which have poured in all the week, it is easy. to see that the Italian...


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Lord Brougham was installed on the 18th, in the office of Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh. He is in his eighty-first year, yet the address he delivered on the occasion...

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A correspondence respecting political refugees and British ships of war has been presented to Parliament. It contains some curious passages, but does not show that any change...


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Lord PALMERSTON moved that a Select Committee be appointed to search the journals of both Houses of Parliament, in order to ascertain and report on the practice of each House...

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Four distinguished Hungarian nobles are reported to have just ac-

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cepted appointments as Members of the Imperial Council. Four distinguished Hungarian nobles are reported to have just ac- cepted appointments as Members of the Imperial...

A curious question is disturbing and entertaining the readers of

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Ger- man newspapers. It is said that copies of the private correspondence of the Prince Regent of Prussia with the Prince Consort of England have been stolen, and that the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY APTAILNOOK. A rise of fully half per cent has been established this week in the value of British Seeurites, with only occasional and partial reactions....


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On the 7th of May, at 2, Smitbgrove Terrace, Cork, the Wife of Major the Hon. William Yelverton, Royal Artillery, of a son. On the 10th, at Braddon Tor, Torquay, the Wife of...

Despatches from Sicily via Marseilles, say that the Neapolitan sol-

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diers are beginning to desert to Garibaldi ; and that two bodies of volunteers from the peninsula have disembarked near Palermo. According to the Petrie, Garibaldi has been...

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THE MARRIAGE OF THE PRINCE OF WALES. THERE is a rumour abroad about the forthcoming matrimonial alliance of the heir-apparent to the British throne with a Princess of Prussia....


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LORDS, MONDAY, MAY 21. THE DIVISION ON THE PAPER DUTY REPEAL BILL. ROUSE OP LORDS, MONDAY, MAY 21. Moved, " That the Bill be now read a second time " (the Lord President). Ob-...

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THE VOTE OF THE LORDS; Tux leaders of the Conservative

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party have made a false position for the House of Lords and for themselves. The falsity of the position is disguised rather than mitigated by the circumstance that they have...

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Mn. Prrr TAYLOR, the greatest .living authority upon the law of evidence, has written to the Times pointing out the defect which produced the last miscarriage of criminal...

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IN spite of all the specious arguments of the Liberation Society, there seems to be an inseparable connexion between the idea of a National Church and the idea of permanent...


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[It is with the greatest satisfaction that we publish this letter from Mr. Barwick Baker. It corrects any error that might be suggested in the mind of the reader, by recent...

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In the Spectator of June the 11th 1859, we noticed the restoration, then going on, of St. Michael's Church, Cornhill, and the part which Mr. Rogers, the eminent wood-carver of...

Vitus to tit Ran.

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POSTAL ARRANGEMENTS. Belfast, 15th May 1860. Sin.—In your article of the 21st ultimo, on " The Post Office and the Journals," you discuss the manner in which postal charges...


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18th May 1860. Sin—The suggestion has been made, that, in case the report of the Com- mission on the Berwick election should show its electors to be not " inde- pendent," but...

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LUCILE. * LUCILE has disappointed us. We like neither its substance nor its form. It is the epic of a used-up, sophisticated society. The true moral, it has been said, of...

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A NEW DILITVIAN THEORY. * MR. BERGH'S Essay on Periodic Inundations

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presents a new theory of the mode in which those great alternations of submerg- ence and emergence were effected, which the solid portion of the earth's surface is known to have...

WANDERINGS IN BRITTANY. * A pleasantly written and unpretending little volume

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of travel in the legendary land of Brittany will be read with interest, not only by the fair inquirers for whose instruction it is more particularly in- tended, and who wish to...

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It is a notion too commonly entertained not only by the public but even by educated medical men who have not made diseases of the brain their special study, that many fatal...

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The announcement that a new farce will be produced tonight at the Haymarket is the only event of the week connected with the central theatres. Mr. James Anderson, who has...

The discovery of an enacted and unpublished opera by Donizetti,

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thirteen years after his death, will be a memorable event in the annals of music. This opera, entitled Rita, ou le Mari bathe, was produced at the Opera Comique on the 7th of...

fin Arto.

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY. There is no landscape in the exhibition which can be said fully to sustain the position taken by English painters. The fame of Lee and Creswick could never...


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For some weeks past the French theatrical record has been very meagre. Some sensation, however, has been created at the Gymnase, by a new three-act comedy, entitled Les _Pates...


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Mr. Murray is preparing for publication a work on the Volcanoes, Geysers, and Glaciers of Iceland, the result of a summer's exploration by Captain Charles S. Forbes, R.N....

The only noticeable operatic occurrence of this week has been

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the production of Semiramide at Her Majesty's Theatre on Tuesday. Mademoiselle Titiens appeared in the character of the Babylonian Queen, which she sustained with great tragic...

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One of the most beautiful pietnres of the season is not in the exhibi- tient of the'Royal Academy. It it a large ,landscape painting,' by Jasper Cropsey, representing view the...


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The rapid extension of the. trade in foreign watches in this country, to the gradual but certain extinction of the home,trade, if nothing be done to prevent it,. has _excited...

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if nate.

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FROM VIE LONDON GAZETTE, MAY 22. Bankrupts.7-WILLiam- Domin, jun., Poole, .corn merchant-Thomas tiotLatin, Rheidol Terrace, Islington, manufacturer of - hosiery-1.mila Coon,...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Bogard. Maude' Tuesday. ?redraw Thurs. /rider. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 11430...