27 APRIL 1844

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MACKINNON had a bill to abate the nuisance of smoke. Little of all this was done. The Ecclesiastical Courts Bill was duly read a second time ; Mr. BORTHWICK would have moved his...

As in Parliament so in the elections just concluded, personality

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is the most notable thing. Another question indeed arises—whe- ther " the League" has done itselfjustice in some rather indiscreet demonstrations which it has made. Mr. COBDEN...

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A course of action has just occurred in Turkey, strongly

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marking the growth of European influence, though it may be described in few words. Moved by the sanguinary execution of some persons who had been converted to Islamism front...

M. GUIZOT, for a time at least, stifled the Tahiti

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conflagra- tion which threatened such formidable flaring on Friday. M. BIL- WILT moved for more information, with a furious attack : M. GUIZOT at once handed in more than was...

The Irish Repealers and their friends chuckle inordinately, be- cause

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" delays" in the ulterior proceedings of the State trial are now made by the Crown-lawyers. Last week, among the grounds for a new trial, the traversers alleged the " fraudulent...

Drbatts anb Wreathing% in Varliament

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ECCLESIASTICAL COURTS REFORM. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Dr. NrcEoLL moved the second reading of the Ecclesiastical Courts Bill; explaining its nature, much in the...

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Sin Court.

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THE Queen's Birthday has marked the week with splendour and re- joicing; for although the fair Princess was given to the world in May, the public celebration of the event was...

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Zbe IfIttropolis.

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The weekly meeting of the Anti-Corn-law League was held at Co- vent Garden Theatre on Wednesday night. Mr. Charles Villiers was the Chairman ; and in his introductory speech he...

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Zbe Vrobinces.

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The nomination of candidates for the vacancy in the representation of Exeter took place in the Guildhall of that town on Saturday. In proposing Sir William Webb Follett, Mr....

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Some surprise was created in the Dublin Court of Queen's Bench, on Saturday afternoon, by a delay in the State trial originating with the Law-officers of the Crown. The...

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goreign anti (Colonial.

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FnericE. — Friday's debate in the Chamber of Deputies, on the Tahiti affair, was abruptly brought to a close in an unexpected manner. M. Billault moved for more information on...


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At the annual meeting of the Edinburgh Anti-Corn-law Association, on Monday, the following resolutions were moved- " That the meeting agree with the sentiments and...


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We have reason to believe that his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias will arrive in this country on a visit to her Majesty in the course of a few weeks. The...

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Among the conjectures respecting the reason of Lord Ellenborongh's abrupt

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recall by the East India Directors, in defiance of the Govern- ment, the Morning Chronicie says, that he had made himself universally odious and unpopular with public servants...

The Birmingham Journal of this day reports the actual state

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of the mining districts- The Birmingham Journal of this day reports the actual state of the mining districts- " The colliers throughout the district of Nottinghamshire and...

The execution of Mary Furley, the woman who killed her

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child while trying to drown herself, is fixed for the 6th May. [Surely this sentence is not to be carried into effect ?]

Mr. Con missioner Merivale, who has filled the office of

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one of the Commissioners in Bankruptcy for so many y ears past, expired very suddenly, at eight o'clock on Thursday evening, at his residence, No. 18 Bedford Square. After...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. More surprises were in store for Parliament last flight. First in order and importance is the follow ing annourcernent, made, in answer IO 11...

By the death of Sir Timothy Shelley, the Baronetcy devolves

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upon Mr. Percy Florence Shelley, the SOD of Percy Bysshe Shelley, the poet, and Mary, daughter of William Godwin, the novelist and political writer. Nrs. Shelley's mother la as...

In the Dublin Court of Queen's Bench, on Thursday, Mr.

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Whiteside opened the arguments for a new trial of Mr. O'Connell and the other traversers ; the points of his speech being all the old stock " objec- tions " so often reiterated.

The Queen and Prince Albert, accompanied by King Leopold and

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the Queen of the Belgians, left town this morning for Claremont. They w ere expected to return to Buelcitigham Palace in time for dinner.

The long-announced general meeting of the New Zealand Company was

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held yesterday, at their house in Broad Street Buildings. The attendance was very numerous, and many influential persons were present. A long report was read, and listened to...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 27th January 1844 to the 20th April 1844. LLABIL1TIES. ASSETS. Circulation £21,427,000 Securities £22,150,000 Deposits 13,615,000 Bullion 16,015,000...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. TI.e market Las .been in a quiet state - duricg the week, the extreme fluctua- tion not having exceeded j per cent. On more than one occasion,...

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SCAN. MAG. IN THE HOUSE OF, COMMONS. c 'v - EAtil As thebusiness of the country has been allowed to stand still this SCAN. MAG. IN THE HOUSE OF, COMMONS. c 'v - EAtil As...


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The John Woodall. Williams . for the Cape of Gs orl Hs pe and Calcutta. took fire off Gravesend, on the 2t511 Instant, ant: was scuttled. 'The Palestine. from Nee castle to...

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" SELF-PRAISE is no recommendation" ; though to the West of St. George's Channel it appears to be deemed the highest. Most na- tions, indeed, are more or less given to...


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AcTs of Parliament are not the only means of doing any thing, nor can every thing be done by them; yet, from the helpless way in which people call upon Parliament in every...

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The gap left by the loss of one good actor

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shows the impoverished state of the stage. By the temporary secession of Mr. W. FARBER, a whole range of principal parts in comedy was left vacant. Sir Peter Teazle, for...


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AN opera by BENEDICT, which has been long in suspense through many accidents, was brought to a hearing at Drury Lane on Monday. It is entitled The Brides of Venice ; and is...


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RAILWAY-COMPANIES have discovered a way of being liberal with profit to themselves ; and their speculative trading has secured a boon for the hard-working population of the...

The course of music runs smooth at the Italian Operahouse:

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since our last notice, we have had the brilliant Semiramide, cast as it was before ; the distressful Sonnambula, with nicely-discriminating PERSIANI as the heroine; the...

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The renowned magician, Herr DoBLER, has again made the St.

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James's Theatre the scene of his necromantic arts. What be terms the "won- ders of natural magic" look as much like diablerie as any feats ofleger- den sin can possibly do ; and...

Madame ALBERT'S engagement at the French Plays is drawing to

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a close: next week, we believe, will be the last of her varied and exciting performances. The characteristic of Madame ALBERT'S acting is in- temits : whatever she does is in...


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DIPLOMACY. Historical Memoir of a Minion to the Court of Vienna, in 1806. Bythe Rt. Hon, Sir Robert Adair, G.C.B. With a Selection from his Despatches. Published by permission...

The Three Wives of Madrid, at the Lyceum, are a

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mischief-loving trio, w ho, to obtain the prize of a diamond ring, vie with each other in punishing the peccadilloes of their respective spouses. Mrs. KEELEY turns her house...


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a course on this subject, on which Mr. COWDEN CLARKE is now engaged at the London Institution, was de- livered by him in the Theatre of the Islington Literary Institution on...

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THIS novel is another translation from the Swedish ; and notwith- standing it labours under the comparative disadvantage of follow- ing so many fictions descriptive of national...

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Tins book contains a brief resume of the progress of the inquiry respecting the Digamma, from the time of BENTLY downwards ; a statement of the arguments in favour of the use of...

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Jr appears by a correction from a well-informed correspondent, that we were wrong in ascribing the authorship of the Memoirs of the C011113 England, and other books of that...


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From Ain il 19th to April 25th. BocKS. On Holy Virginity ; ith a Brief Account of the Life of St. Ambrose, (from whom the tract is derived.) By ALBANY J. CHRISTIE, M.A.,...

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THE annual exhibition of this young and rising society is always marked by improvement on the part of some of its members. The most acceptable indication of progress generally...


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EXHIBITION OF DECORATIVE ART. THE specimens of decorative art submitted to the Royal Commission were opened to public view on Monday. The great room of the Sr. James's Bazaar,...

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SO there is an end to our picture-lotteries : they are prohibited. The drawing of prizes for the London Art-Union, which was to have taken place on Tuesday last, was prevented...


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Tuesday, April 23. PARTNEISHIPS uressinven. Watson and Co. C adiff. timber-rnmehants; as for as regards A. Cormck - Hanson. aud Theakston, York, 1uainters-W.1d and Gascoigne,...


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BIRTHS, On the 27th March, at BIRCkIleBBI. Mrs. MACGREGOR LAIRD, of a sou. On the 1711, April, at Dane Court. Kent, the Lady of EDWARD RICE, Esq., M.P.. of a son. On the 18th,...


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CISME ow ORDNANcE. April 22.-Royirt Regimeut of Artillery-Capt. and Brevet- Mai, C. Dillon to be Lieut.-Col. slot J. Gordon, retired ou full-pay; Second Capt. C. W. Wiugfield to...

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BRITISH FUN DS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Wednes. 991 991 991 991 991 991 931 991 98/ 991 991 99 1021 1021 102/ 1031 1031 1031 121 121 121 1961 197 196/ -...