27 AUGUST 1836

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HAVING said farewell to the unsatisfactory session of the British Parliament, we follow the changing scene, and find events in Spain arrived at a crisis of "most admired...

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By the latest accounts from Constantinople, it appears that the

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Sultan has commanded the military to pay religious honours to his portrait, and thereby provoked a quarrel with the Ulemas. His real object is said to be to drive the Ulernas...

M. RAYNEVAL, the French Ambassador, died on the' 16th, of

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a pulmonary complaint, aggravated by anxiety, and the bad air of the district between Madrid and St. Ildefonso, which he was fre- quently obliged to traverse. RAYNEVAL was an...

The attempt of the Duke DE MONTEBELLO to dictate to

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the Swiss Diet, has excited quite a ferment in Switzerland. Public meetings to protest against French interference in their internal concerns have been held by the people of...

tlebatest anti Proceetiiiiint in parliament.

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THE CLOSE OE THE SESSION. Both Houses of Parliament met on Saturday about one o'clock. In the House of Commons, Mr. Hume moved for returns relative to Sir Francis Head's grants...

The French Ministry appears to be in a very unsettled

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state. THIERS is said to have recurred to his opinion of the neces- sity of effectual operations for putting down the Carlist insur- rection in Spain. This obstinacy, on the...

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SEVER AL of the papers have published the Registration and Marriage Acts at full length ; but in this sinus, they are unitatePigible without close inspection ; awl even then, to...

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trbe COWL THE King gave a grand dinner in St.

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George's Hall, Windsor Castle, on Monday, in honour of his own birth-day. The Dittchess of Kent and Princess the Victoria weie present at the entertainment ; to- gether with 170...

The Duke of Brunswick accompanied MN. Graham on Monday, in

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a balloon asecia iron, the Flora Gardens, Bayswater. The Times penny-a-liner gives the following aceuunt of the commencement of the expedition : its tern ination, it will be...

The Bow Street officers seized 4,300 sheets of unstamped news-

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papers on Thursday. The Bow Street officers seized 4,300 sheets of unstamped news- papers on Thursday. At the l'haines Police-office, on Wednesday, William Shepherd, a Amerman,...

At a Court of East India Directors, held on Wednesday,

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Mr. Charles May Lushington was provisionally appointed a member of the Council of Fort Sr. George, to succeed Mr. George Edward Rus- sell on the completion of that gentleman's...

CIR aletrOVIIIM A public meeting, very numerously attended, leas held

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on Tuesday evening, at the Chapel, Chapel Court, Southwark, for the purpose of " memorializing the Secretary of State respecting the enormous powers of the Poor....

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There was a closer contest for the representation of Warwick than we had anticipated ; being awate that the Liberals did not expect to carry their candidate this time, and that...

The Reform Association had a grand dinnerat Tiverton on the

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17th instant. Lord Ebrington, and the other Member for time Northern division of the county, were present, with about 600 electors of the borough and county. Of these, at /east...

III the following letter to the Secretary of the Hull

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Reform Asso- elation, a copy of which appears in the Hull Advertiser of yesterday, Mr. Hutt has given his opinion to his constituents of the result of ' the late session. It...

An inquest was held on Tuesday, on the body of

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Mrs. Mary Ann Crannis, the wife of a shopkeeper in the City, who was drowned on Monday week in leaving the Enterprise, Hull steamer, on board of which vessel she had been with...

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The following statements relative to the political opinions of the

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provincial newspapers in England are the result of a careful inquiry and examination. The total number of provincial journals is 175, of which 100 are supporters of Liberal...


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The Earl of Charleville, better known as Lord Tullamore, is the Tory candidate to succeed Lord Dufferin as one of the Representa- tive Peers of Ireland. Lord Sarelys has...

At the Chester Assizes, Louisa Plant, aged seventeen, and Tho-

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mas Birchenough, aged twenty-two years, were tried on the charge of murdering Edward Plant, the infant child of Louisa Plant by the male prisoner. It was proved, that the woman...

Kitinanc, a notorious Tithe Commissiorer, the same who was so

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much praised by the Chief Baron for good conduct while serving tithe processes in the neighbourhood of Kilinallock, and now an officer of his court, was convicted last week of...

An explosion of fire-damp occurred on Saturday week, in the

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Bull Pit near Wakefield. There were at the time of the explosion sixteen men and eight boys in the pit ; six of the boys being severely burn t by the ignition, and three of them...

Egham Races commenced on Tuesday. The company was unu. sually

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numerous and fashionable, notwithstanding the weather was very unfavourable. The King and Queen, and a brilliant party, came in nine carriages. It is unnecessary to give the...

Lord Mulgrave has ordered an inquiry into the conduct of

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the Police at Gorey, in Wexford county; who are charged with suffering a party of Orangemen to parade the streets and abuse and assault the "bloody Papists," on the 12th of...

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The Gazette of Tuesday announces the appointment of Mr. John

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Parkinson to be Consul at Mexico ; Mr. Charles Thaddeus 0 - Gor- man, Consul at Bahia ; Mr. John llesketh, Consul at Para ; and Mr. James Stuart to be Inspector of Factories, in...

At Bristol, on Wednesday, an iron bar was thrown across

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the Avon, at the place fixed upon for the suspension bridge. The height from the river was 900 feet. A car was attached to she bar, in which the engineer, Mr. Brunel, was to...


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Mr. Ellice junior appears to be the choice of of the St. Andrew's Bur g hs ; the numbers on follow— For Mr. Ellice. For Mr. Prendergast. 41 83 121 9 16 2 8 4 186 98 Majority...

The City article of the Times yesterday contained an account

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of a " lon g and animated discussion " in the Bank-parlour relative to an ad- vance of the rate of interest on loans and discounts. The Chronick this mornin g says that the...

Mr. Alexander, the editor of the Liverpool Standard, has had

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a q uarrel with his Tory patrons, the real proprietors of the paper, thou g h a Mr. Pattison is the nominal proprietor. A correspondence between the editor and Mr. John...


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The Earl of Kerry, eldest son of the Mar q uis of Lansdowne, and Member for Caine, died at Lansdowne House, on Sunday. His com- plaint was that w astin g away of the physical...

Lord Stowell would sometimes make a sharp retort. When a

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late celebrated Dutchess bantered the Consistory Jud g e, and in q uired, " How his Court would mana g e if he himself should be g uilty of a faux pas?" be answered, with a g...

On Saturday evening, the extensive cotton-spinnin g factory of Messrs. Dixon

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and Co., Finnieston, Glas g ow, was destroyed by fire ; which ori g inated in a one-story house, and q uickly reached the main buildin g . The loss sustained is estimated at...

Several of the Cabinet Ministers and officers of the Government

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have taken their departure from town in various directions. Lord Melbourne is g one to Bri g hton ; Lord Minto to Portsmouth ; Lord Palmerston to Tiverton ; Mr. Sprin g Rice to...

The Messuper des Chanibres says, the object of the visit

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of the Kin g of Naples to France has been accomplished, and that he is to have the Princess Clementine of Orleans for his wife ; the dower to be six mil- lions of francs,...

A celebrated man of fashion, well-known in the circles of

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hi g h life, has eloped with the fair dau g hter of a reverend divine, residin g in the nei g hbourhood of Portman S q uare. It is supposed the parties have g one to Scotland,...

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We have received letters from Madrid, of the 18th instant

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; at which time all was perfectly tranquil in the capital. The Constitution had been proclaimed at Caceres on the I lth. —Courier.

By command of MINA, the Constitution of 1812 has at

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length been proclaimed at Barcelona, and in Catalonia generally. A fresh insur- rection, the character of which is not mentioned, broke out in Corunna on the 21st instant, but...

An article in a German paper announces that a Congress

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is about to be held at a Bohemian watering-place, to take into consideration the state of affairs in Spain. Some such Congress must inevitably take place. The affairs of Cracow...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. AN extraordinary express from Paris, this morning, has brought the news of the dissolution of the French Cabinet. On Thursday, THmes, MATSON, DUPERRE, PASSY,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Money Market has evinced considera ble feebleness during the last fee days, although it has not received any supply of Stock. It was...

For some time past the sages of the Money-market have

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foretold that a period of great difficulty was approaching. Some, indeed, have said that the next year would not come in without a "regular panic," like that of 1825. The...

We witnessed a very interesting scene this day at Blackwall

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; where the South Australian Commissioners gave a dinner, on board the Coro- mandel, to about 150 young married persons, and about 30 children, who are on the point of sailing...

The Batik of England's accour t of its average weekly

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liabilities and assets from 31st May to 23d August is as follows- The Batik of England's accour t of its average weekly liabilities and assets from 31st May to 23d August is as...

Notwithstanding the cessation of Parliament, we have found so much

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employment for our space this week, that several Communications, intended for insertion, are unavoidably postponed.


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Arrived—At Gravesend, August 234, Severn. Braithwaite, from China. Off Dover, 2501, Clansman, Blair, from Mauritius; and Dryad, Heard, from New South Wales. Off Falmouth, 25th....

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SosiE months ago, a body of gentlemen, comprising men of all parties,—for example, Lord DEVON, Mr. WARD, Mr. FERGUSON Of Raab, Mr. T. P. COURTENAy, Mr. O'CONNELL, Mr. SHAW...


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POLITICAL ODDS AND ENDS. Tams sessh n to session of Parliament, the best, perhaps, of guides to a knowledge of the state of parties, is the communications wilich take plave...

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Tun landed gentry of England have been SO long accustomed to make the Legislature a tool for promoting their exclusive intel'ests at the cost of the community, that they cen...

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DR. BOWRING'S " Report on the Commerce and Manufactures of Switzerland," published a few days before the close of the session, contains a mass of information respecting the...

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THIS society, which consists of scientific men belonging to all parts of the kingdom, held its annual meeting this year at Thistol, and com- menced its proceedings on Monday...

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M. de Foy, the matrimonial agent at Paris, being ungratefully

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denied the stipulated reward by a Benedict for whom be had procured a wealthy bride, brought his action before the Tribunal de Premiere Instance ; but his suit was negatived. An...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 69. Dean Street, Soho, 24th Anost 1936. St — I wish to correct two misstatements relating to M. MEN OE I.SSOHN'S cram in of St. Pool, that...


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TO TIIE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Ste—In a late number of the Spectator, one of your foreign correspondents complains of hieing charged five sous for the postage of your paper....

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Tliany.omr. The Harmony or Phrenology with Seriplure: shown in a Refutation of the Philoso- phies.] Enors contained in Mr. Corub..'s "Constitution of Man." By William scott....

" WHO shall decide when doctors disagree?" who can hope

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to settle points in phrenology, when the respective leaders dispute amongst themselves ?—nay, by the skulls of GALL and SPURZ- HEIM. not ouly differ, but separate and cause...

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IF the present publication is scarcely equal in characteristic anec dote to Mr. JESSE'S Gleanings, part of the reason must be sought for in the nature of the subject. Our...

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THE leading incidents in the life of FELICIA HEMANS are few in number, and are mostly known from obituaries, and other publications of a similar character and value. Her maiden...

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BLACK HAWK, Or MA-KA.-TAI-SFIE-KIA-KIAK, was a chief of the tribe of the Sacs and Foxes, who joined the British in their last war against America. He subsequently incited his...

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IT is needless to use arguments to prove the popularity of' collec- tions of anecdotes, pithy sayings, and all those other choice odds and ends that are included under the term...


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ENGRAVED WORKS OF THE BRITISH PAINTERS. WE are glad to see separate collections of the works of native painters among our picture periodicals. REYNOLDS'S works, in mezzotint,...

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A Guide to Theory, or Practical Thorough-Bass. By A. DE.• VAUX. It is often said that music is a hard study, rendered more difficult by many who have endeavoured to impart the...