27 OCTOBER 1860

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Yorkshire -has received, With' all the honours of its bread,

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hearty hospitality; Lard Brougham and Lord Palmerston. The scene at•lEaddersfield brought up old recollections of the Member for Yorkshire, Henry Brougham, who returns, in his...

Austria has brought forth a Charter! It comes out through

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the cumbrous machinery of four-and-twenty Imperial letter's, and one is reminded of the four-and-twenty blackbirds baked in a pie who began to sing when a daring monarch took...


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while King Fran* is still in Gaeta. • Theaetual opinions and positions of Sovereigns and Govern- ments in' this conjuncture it is very hard to make out. Very. few things are...

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Two of our Ex-.Judges have made public appearances. Sir John

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Patteson vindicates his pension on the ground of his ser- vices. Sir John Taylor Coleridge, in an eminently liberal spirit, expounds his views on education. His enlarged schemes...


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NABLES. • We have nothing yet but telegraphic news respecting the voting upon the question of annexation in Naples, but all the teleerams agree that the affirmative proposition...

The elections of the recess are ominously suggestive of the

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necessity of union amongst Liberals. With a wise policy, Bos- ton reconciles its sections, and adopts Mr.. Tuxford as its only candidate. Honiton unanimously returns Mr....

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tO Court.

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QUEEN Vrcronet is now keeping quiet state again at Windsor Castle ; taking as usual open air exercise plenteously. She has had Russian guests this week to entertain. The Grand...


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Mr. Slater, secretary of the City of London Hospital for diseases of the chest, attended on the Lord Mayor on Monday, to make a statement representing the financial condition of...


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Leaving Washington and the President, the Prince resumed his tour. We find, in the New York Times, an account of the proceedings at Rich- mond, Virginia, which form an...

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Lord and Lady. Palmerston arrived in Leeds on Wednesday night; they were accompanied byMr. Cowper, M.P. Thousands awaited the Premier at the station, and whilst the carriage...

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Viscount Bury is a candidate" for Wick, in-the room of Mr. Laing, who goes to Calcutta. Mr. Dunlop addressed his constituents at Greenock on Monday. He was critically severe on...

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fortigu nit Colonial.

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Ira !. — The clerical party has received another rap on the knuckles from the Government it helped to set up for the purpose of restoring order. M. Itouher, acting for M....


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The Presb ytery of Antrim have memorialized the Lord-Lieutenant against any increase of Catholics as Commissioners of National Edu- -cation, and have received his Lordship's...

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th A cabinet council was held on Saturdirilimi*t., Altileeete ..431 e ministers were present, except the President of the uncil; Earl Granville. , The Convention,...

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Yesterday morning Lord Palmerston received an address from the Corporation

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of Leeds. In the course of his reply he referred to the aid England has given, not by armed intervention but by opinion, to the establishment of constitutional states — Spain,...


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Bankruptcy Annulled.—Joun Ilicies • Cones, Riches Court, Lime Street, East Indian merchant. BORIFFITIF. , --HENEK ALFRED Town Eosin= and Co., Exeter Street, newspaper-...


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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. The Prince of Wales continues his tour in the " United States with success, for no importance is due to the exceptional proceedings at Rich- mond, in...

The trial of James Mullane was resumed yesterday, when Mr.

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Best opened the defence. Witnesses were called ; principally relatives of the prisoner. His daughter stated that the pencil-ease was the property of her brother who is at sea....


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Arms:mon. There has been very little animation in the Market for English securi- ties this week; and, the heavy demand for money which was noticeable in...

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TALK OF A CONGRESS. THE talk of a Congress as a remedy for the trouble of Europe is again revived, and no one can see why. For the third time in two years the word Congress has...


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Tale Emperor Francis Joseph quitted Vienna on Sunday evening, on his way. to Warsaw. Before he eet out on this inauspicious journey, he had signed a "charter," a sort of...

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Tire elements of religious organization in these later years seem to be resolving themselves into new and acceptable modes of operation. We seem to have lived through the period...


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d,:41.§.9ge—gle inveterate antagonisiu between the Civil Tat, mertkIndian difficulty is unhappily only a new form serva.n the interloper. Throughout the history of British...

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A DoetriemeT imputed to Garibaldi, said to have been written at Nice last spring, published by Alexandre Dumas in French at Naples, and by the journals Of Paris and London, has...


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THERE are two colours in politics, which are what the dyers term "fast "—Orange and Green. In their native soil and in foreign lands the Orangemen and Ribbonmen are essentially...

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THE EARL OF CARNAHVON ON THE DRTIBER. * Iv the Earl of Carnarvon's passing visit to the Lebanon in the spring of 1853 was too short for much personal study of the cha- racter,...


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Mumixxs is convicted ; and no circumstance could. have more opportunely occurred to reassure the public mind, now gravely disturbed as to undiscovered crime. For weeks it seemed...

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Alf Essay, originally bearing as its motto the words Light More Light, treats of the "present state of education amongst the work- ing classes of Leeds, and how it can best be...

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THE author of this pleasant little treatise, which bears the initials - (0. I.) of the accomplished professor of history in the University Of Edinburgh, begins - by reminding...

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Two volumes, consisting of between eight and nine hundred pages of compactly printed matter, and bearing the double title of Mote's and Nears: or, Scenes from the Life of a...

BRITISH RELATIONS IN ' WEARY as everybody is alike of

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'warring and negociating with the - Chinese, few can blind themselves to theplain fact that the costly and inglorious work must Still - go on ; only the question is, how is it...

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Two important contributions to the history of ancient art, written and edited by Mr. Falkener, have been issued this week by Messrs. Longman and Co. One of them, a treatise...

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Mr. Alfred Tennyson, the Poet Laureate, is said to be engaged upon a new poem, on the subject of" Boadicea," which is expected to appear in the course of next year. The...

Panisurr Terravarcata.

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IZAtiemption, an elaborate proverb. by M. Octave Fenillet, in which the reformation of a courtesan actress is effected at great length, now edifies the patrons of the Vaudeville.

sot sytatrts.

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The novelties of the week have not hitherto been important. At the Lyceum, there is a wild, farcical melodrama, bearing painfully con- spicuous marks of its Transatlantic...

The present success of Macfarren's Robin Hood has not been

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exceeded by that of any opera, English or foreign, produced in London for many years. The mflut to Her Majesty's Theatre on the nights of its,pft- formance is unabated, and a...

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A monument to Shakspere, at Melbourne, has been very liberally

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sub- scribed for and the committee have come to the decision to be guided by English taste in the selection of a design. The authorities representative of our taste who have...

The National Gallery of Ireland has recently been increased by

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a con- siderable number of good pictures, some of which have been purchased, others have been presented by private persons, while some have been de- posited by the Trustees of...

Fin Arts.

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The alterations in the National Gallery appear to be carvied on 'vigorously. The portieo and step of the building are encumbered with the debris of the old interior hall and...

On the 14th of September, at Neemuch, the Wife of

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Captain Gurney Hanbury, of 11.111.'s 8th Hussars, of a daughter. On the 17th, at Poonah, Bombay, the Baroness De Hochepied-Larpent, of a son. On the 14th of October, at...

Apropos of colossal statues, we have to add to the

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list of modern works of the kind, a statue of the Holy Virgin in bronsie, the work of M. Bon- nassieux, which has recently been erected on Mount Corneille, at Puy. This figure...


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