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Certain documents laid before the Germanic Diet are out of

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date as matters of news, but they will fall among the materials of the historian, and they are not unimportant in reference to the ques- tion still mooted as to the sincerity of...

The Spanish Ministers seem po haye, got out of one

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diffioulty while plunging into others that Fate IAA prepared for them: The telegraph reports a commotion in Madrid occasioned by the " re- tirewhint ". of ,Queen,Christiva ; and...


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Tin sequel to the conquest of Bomarsund is not yet known. Imme- diately after the reduction of the fortress, it was stated that the English Secretary of Legation and an...

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fht (fund Tim Queen and the Royal Family have this

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week continued their plea- sant cruises in the Fairy, and drives on the island. The Earl of Clarendon, Mr. Sidney Herbert, and Mr. Gladstone, have _paid brief visits to her...

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At a meeting of the City Commissioners of Sewers, on Tuesday, the 'Medical Officer of Health reported that sixty-one cases of cholera had - occurred in the four weeks ending on...

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More English Militia have arrived at Dublin—six hundred of the Northamptonshire Regiment ; a fine body of young men, as yet in rather a rough state. The health of Dublin...


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Viscount Duncan has issued an address to the electors of Forfarshire. After referring in words of respectful praise to the late Colonel Manic, he proceeds to state his own...

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The Kossuth agitation has been followed by a meeting at Newcastle- upon-Tyne, carrying out the principles propounded by the Hungarian to their practical issues. About two...

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furigu nub

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FRANCE. — The Emperor returned to Paris from the Lower Pyrenees on Monday evening ; entering the capital, as he left it, without any escort. The Empress remains at Biarritz for...

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The Bonet Guards authorities have notified a change In the

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uniform of ' the Infantry, to commence with the year 1855-'6, so far as regards the five Infantry regiments now in the United Kingdom, and in the year 1856-'7 in the rest of the...

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The Church and State Gazette contains the following startling pante

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graphs respecting an intended prosecution of Archdeacons Wilberforce and Denison. "It is now in our power definitively to announce the fact that his Grace the Archbishop of...

Great scenes are to be enacted at Boulogne in the

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coming week. The -Emperor Of the French arrived there on Thursday evening, from Paris ; the King of the Belgians is expected tomorrow ; Prince Albert on Mon- day ; and later the...


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SATO2tDA.T. In the intervals of substantial intelligence, the telegraph as the ad- vantage of multiplying subjects, by giving each one fact many foeine, not omitting direct...

In Paris, as in London, theeleclineef:tbe year is accompanied aft

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the esejuvenestienee of - the -theatrical worid. • The Grand ()perk , seliamal on Wednesday; and Mademe Stolz, who feigned undisputed queett of the establishment from 1887 to...

Telegraphio despatches of wide scope ,and varying import have reached

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us through the usual channels. "Dantzie, Fralay.—The Bulldog has just arrived, having left the Allied Recta on the 30th, at Ledsund. Hango has been destroyed by the Russians....

• Of Zb.ratrto.

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- Sadler's Wells has reopened-with hir.Lovell'seregedy of the Provost of Bruges; a play which, though its existence was not long when ori- ginally produced, years ago at one of...

/Old! . MARKET. . Broca Excnattos, FRIDAY As-reit:soon. A continuance of

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fine weather and the prospect of an abundant harvest, a decline of 6s. to 8s. on the Corn Exchange on Monday last, and increased ease in the discount-market during the early...

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'TOPICS OF THE DAY nnilla THOUGHTS UPON THE NEW BRIBERY ACT. .f.'e." of the Reform Club hoe performed upon the Bill for the p r dention of Corrupt Tractices at Elections...

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Ix is not only in this country that a sense of unfairness exists and is expressed on account of the position in which the trade of RUt3- sia is placed. The same feeling...

HOPEFUL TREATMENT OF CHQUItatteli acadis- ALTHOUGH thecholera -continues-to increase, the

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ritiii during thole last three weeks has not lieeultearly:so-great aalthatbalbr"*(theaa first four -or : five. How far this MaYitilloVrfroinithrifactlthat theol disease has...

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Mn. Duran, the originator of the Massachusetts Emigration Aid Company, is not the first inventor who has proposed to turn a great natural motive power to a special purpose ; and...

RAILWAY . CAUSATION: "TICE cause of the accident was at present

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a mystery to him. ... • His oNtn mind ii'as in a state of darkness as to the cause of the accident... .. After they had been sitting so many hours, they were nearly in the same...

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itunsurar ' the economist tells us, is a blessing, for it is virtually repeal of taxes—it cheapens corn and saves 45,000,000/. to the people of this country. Well, if the...


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Anisonosi not devoid of a strong national feeling, which in • the author to ascribe a greater influence to the French Pro wEisete sr/81.par oF TILE FRENCH PROTESTANT tant...

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• ll.ORRISON ON LABOUR AND CAPITAL. * IF instead of Labour

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and Capital," in the title of this very , able book,. the' author • had, written 4 ‘ Labourers and Capitalists,' he . would have given to his readers a-more vivid idea of Whet...

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wr:I,Lls's IIBALTII TRIP 'TO THE Tnorrds.! • A. VISIT to

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the West Indian Islands up to so late ti ' period 10 1852 2 63 might have .furnished useful information as to • their social and eeonomical condition ; `upon which. subject the...

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Booxs. The Life and Correspondence of Charles Lord Metcalfe, late Governor- General of India, Governor of jamaica, and Governor-General of Canada; from unpublished Letters and...

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TEE BYZANTINE COURT OP THE CRYSTAL PALAOB. The Byzantine architecture, not less than the Saracenio, which came under our review last week, is distinguished by its love of...

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ENGLISH BEAUTY.—In whatever else London may be defective, it beats all other European capitals for female beauty. We had thought the women, tolerably ugly in Switzerland, but in...

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'OFFIcE op OltoNAsce, Aug. 28.-Royal Regiment Of - Artillery-Second Capt. Morris to be . Capt. Tice Leiing,e, deceased ; First Lieut, C. It. Mairratilling to , be" Second ("apt....


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On the 21st August, at Folkestone, the Wife of the Rev. H. Woodward, the Vicar, of a daughter. . - - -On the 93d, at Bellarena, county Londonderry, the Wife of Sir Frederick...

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Tuesday, August 29. PARTNEBSIIIPS DissotvEn.,-Ferguson and- Muschanio, Wareham, Dorsetshire. c hemical-mannfacturers-Hunt and Co. Dov.er.Place, New Kent Road, stationers- Hall...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Mosing Priees.) Sassed. iltersztoy, Tuesday., /redoes. Thema. 11 per Cant Consols , 911 941 91/ 951 95 Ditto for Account 941 1 915 951 955 951 3 per Cents...