30 MARCH 1839

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The Easter recess is come; and in no year has

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it furnished so meagre materials for our semi-sessional retrospect, as on the pre- sent occasion. They who anticipated important events have been disappointed. Readers of the...


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Bora Houses of Parliament adjourned on Wednesday for the _Easter holydays—the Lords to Thursday the 11th, the Commons to Monday the 8th of April. With the exception of voting...

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The American news reaches to the Oth instant. It is

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of a cha- racter to command attention, and such as the latest previous ac- . counts led us to expect. Among the inhabitants on both sides of the frontier of Maine and New...

Accounts from Lisbon represent the Portuguese finances in a miserable

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condition. The pay of the anny in the provinces is from ten to sixteen months in arrear ; though the troops stationed in or near Lisbon are paid up to the day ; fin. CARVA LBO,...

The Senate of Belgium, on Tuesday, authorized the King to

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ac. eept the treaty of the Five Powers, by a vote of ;3 1 to 14 ; a larger msjority than was expected. Some important points yet remain to settled : they greet the navigation...

It was 4lited in our second edition last week, that

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the negotia- tions of the French King with Sourer and for the con- struction of a new Cabinet, had been broken off; in consequence of Loris Piiimomes refitsal, when personally...

It appears by late intelligence from the Ionian Islands, that

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Sir HowAnn Doroists, the Lord High Commissioner, has unruly subjects to deal with. He attempts to follow the example of Sir Tnosess INIAraresxn—" King Toni ;" but meets with...

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Dthatr5 ants Vreartfincks hit Oarliaincnt.

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MILITARY AND NAVAL FORCE 01? '1'111: CorNsrev. In the House of Commous, On Monday, a minket lot' reading order of the day for going into a Committee of Supply, Imieg be.a pet...

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A Court of Common Council was held on Monday, to

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receive the Queen's reply to the address of the Corporation praying her Majesty not to pass the Police Bill. The Recorder having read the answer, (which we published last week,)...

The Lord Mayor, on Saturday, gave a splendid banquet to

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the Queen's INlinisters. Among the company, were Lord Melbourne, the Marquis of Normanby, Lord Ebrington, the Earl of 7.1into, Lord 3Ior- peth, Sir Henry Parnell, Sir John...

71 be (Court.

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THE Queen had a dinner-party on Saturday, which included the Dutehess of' Kent, Lady Flora Hastings, Miss Davvs, the Earl of Sorry, the Marquis of Douro, • Lord Palmerston, and...

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At die sitting of the " Natienal Convention" on Ttkesday,

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a Corn- via to draw up a petition to the House of Cumulous the: . ..nay to alilseee lite Queen to have Mr. Frost reinstated 1;1 elasistraey. One of the Delegates opposed the...

The late contest at Leicester has produced a general conviction

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there that it will be in vain for the Radical party to struggle tar the continued possession of both seats, and that it will have some difficulty even in preserving one of them....

.Asentnnerotts meeting of proprietors of estates in Jamaica was held

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on giatttrektty, at the West India Clubhouse, to concert measures for op- posing the bill introduced by Government for suspending the Legisla- ture of Jamaica. The Marquis of...

A mewing to promote " national education, on the principles

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of' the Rea irnettien," was held on Wednesday, at the Freemason a Tavern. Sir tailing Eardley Smith was in the chair ; supported by Sir Charles Style, Mr. Lushington, Mr....

The Court of Chancery, on Thursday, directed that 400/. should

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be paid out of the property in the hands of the Court belonging to Me Medhurst, a lunatic, to defray the expense of defending Francis Hast- ings Medhurst, the lunatic's...

The membersof the Manchester Anti-Corn-law Association assembled on Wednesday evening,

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to receive the report of the Manchester Delegates. Mr. Cobden bestowed great praise on Mr. Villiers, whose speech he described as of unrivalled excellence. Sir Robert Peel...

Zbe Vrobinces.

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It was mentioned last week in sonic of the London newspapers, that, in consequence of the disturbed state of the manufacturing districts in the North of England, a considerable...

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About five thousand Chartists assembled in the Market-place of De-

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vizes on Friday evening. A. considerable number Caine from the sur- rounding villages ; and one of the principal speakers was a Mr. Carrier, of Trowbridge. Mr. Henry Vincent and...

At the Assizes for the county of Surry, held at

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Kingston, on Thurs- day, the Reverend William Newland was found guilty of a misde- meanour, in forcibly obtaining possession of certain premises in West Square, Southwark, held...

Intelligence of the Old Bank of' Newcastle, or tbe firm

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of Sir M. W. Ridley, Bigge, and Co., haying, by a junction with the Northumberland and Durham District Banking Company - , become extinct, excited a considerable sensation in...

1 It ELAN 1).

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31r. O'Connell arrived ill i tii ilitu 31:we:My efteer.00n. eceording to a promise conveyed - hi the l'ieviirsors in a letter in on the 2:ed itistent, to 31r. itay, lbeir...

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Dr. Trench, Archbishop of 'Foam, died at the Palace of

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Tuani on Tuesday last, of typhus fever, after fourteen days illness. The Arch- bishop was brother of the late and uncle to the present Earl of Clan- carty. The Archbishopriek is...


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The Duke of WellinSlon has left town for Strathfieldsaye, with a waggon-load of plate and sauces, besides sundry cooks and footmen : to it is reasonably concluded that his Grace...

An address has been presented to the Archbishop of Canterbury

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by a considerable body of' the Prelates of England and Wales, in which they entreat his Grace to withdraw any sanction he limy have given to the Bill now pending in Parliament...

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Mr. Francis Wright. who for nearly forty years filled the

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situation of one of the principal messengers of the House of Commons, died re- cently, at his residence in Beaumont Street, Marylebone, at the ad- vanced age of seventy-live. We...

Lord John Russell has :caned the usual notification to Lords-Lieu-

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tenant of Counties that the inspection of Yeomanry Regiments by Field-officers will take place this year, at such times and places as may be convenient for assembling them. The...

A correspondent of the Morning Post asks, why an office

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for the ." Registry of Colonial Slaves in Great Britain " is kept up, after the abolition of slavery ? Another correspondent of the same paper calls attention to the state of...

The Edinburgh Whigs intend to have a public meeting on

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Monday - next, to address the Queen in support of the Irish policy of Ministers.


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The Paris papers of Thursday state, that up to that time all attempts to form an Administration had tidied. The thllowing is the Morning Chronicle's aeconut of...

letter from Sir Brook Taylor, dated Rome, March 16th, was

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received yesterday, mentioning that Sir Herbert "continued dangerously ill."

The Morning Chronicle commenced on Monday, and has continued every

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day this week, the publication of a series of admirable papers, in leading articles, on the failure of the Reform Act, and the ne- cessity of a general rally of Liberals to...

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Arrived—At Gravesend, Feb. 26th, Dumfries, Thompson, from Singapore; an4 Strattbrd, Tame, from Mauritius. At St. Deletia, Jaii. 30th, Bartley, Fewsou„rnan Launceston ; Feb. 6th,...


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STeelt ExclIANGE, TiltflISDAY AFTERNOON. The Moray Market has been heavy during the week, and some extensive quaa tits s s o f stoist; have from time to time been thrown upon...


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Acconorxo to our custom at this season, we will briefly enumerate the various exhibitions and other places of amusement that will be open in London during the Easter-week....

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EASTER 1836 AND EASTER 1839. Tunny, years ago the MELBOURNE Government was yet strong in the confidence of the whole Liberal party. Restored by a vigorous effort of the...

TuE vis - DicATmx oF LADY FLoni 11 STING As We C.011,4dCri..-d

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it our duty to attempt sons: 'set . couroy vdtoti these were yet t:, muuntr, we shad hardly be expected to let 1:1 they are beginning to assume a substsnee, ; •,;•os: 1 ii...

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THE price of wheat is falling rapidly ; and it is possible that, just at the time when the English fitrmer must bring the next crop to market, it will be lower, instead of...


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I'm years have elapsed since it was considered an imperative duty of the British Government to train the adult population of this country to ;inns. They were drafted into the...

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A PRINCIPLE of considerable public importance was involved in a hostile correspondence published in the papers the other day,* which gives new interest to a trite theme, and a...

Two excellent bills, founded on the recommendations of the Select

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Committee of last session, have been introduced into the House of Commons for the improvement of the Police of this great town, and for adding efficiency to its powers of...

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THE two voyages narrated in the volumes before us were under- taken at the expense of the house of OLYPHANT and Co., a reli- gious American firm at Canton, which charters...


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VOYAGES ANTI TRAVET.S, The Claims of Japan and Malaysia npon Christendom, exhibited in Nines of Ver. ages mode in 1837, from Canton, ill the ship Morrison and the Brig...

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HOOK'S BIRTHS, DEATHS, AND rd A rti.stnns.

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Tut, theme of this novel is the retributive justice which overtakes a man of' pleasure in his mature years, and the risk, not to say the certainty, of unhappiness ettendant upon...


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AFTER years of service in India, and wanderings in various parts of the world, Dr. CUMMING found himself at Paris in the spring of 1836, afflicted with a severe pulmonary...

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BOOKS. BOOKS. Claims of' Japan and Jlialaysia upon Christendom, exhibited in Notes of Voyages made in 1837, from Canton, in the ship Morrison aint brig Ilimmaleh, under...

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SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS. THIS Society, finding no encouragement for their modest proposal that the Government should pay their debts and give them a few hundreds to go on...

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We have just received three specimen plates of JOSEPH NASH'S

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forth- coming views of the Mansiems England in the Olden Time. They are not mere sketches, but finished drawings, composed with the care and effect of complete pictures ; and...

There is to be a private view of Mr. PARRIS'S

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rola picture of the Coronation on Monday, at the artist's house, previous to its being re- moved for more general exhibition at Mr. MOON'S, the publisher, in Threadneedle...


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PROUT'S second volume of Sketches in France, Switzerland, and Italy, is on the eve of publication. A comparison . of' the present with the former volume strikingly exhibits the...