31 AUGUST 1833

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The formal recognition of Donna MARIA as Queen of flortugal,

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by our Government, took place on the lath initant , ;_srafifisossiflL WI LI.IABI Russans delivered to Don PEDRO hisesetleatian - for s .„.7, -- - s, that purpose. The greatest...


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THE Parliathent was prorogued on Thursday, with a Speech from the King, which bears a strong resemblance to those puffing an- nouncements which theatrical managers are wont to...

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Reports of the death of the King of Spain have

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been again in eisculation, but are not officially confirmed. Whenever this event actually takes place, Spain will probably be cursed with another war. of Sticcession. The...

The negotiations for the settlement of the Belgic question are

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spin broken off. The navigation of the Scheldt and the parti- tion of Luxembourg are still the points of dispute.

Mr. JEREMIE arrived at Mauritius on the 4th of April

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last, and entered upon his official duties without molestation. The excite- ment against-him seems to have subsided.

The Russian Government has published a manifesto in defence of

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the subjugation of Poland. It is a laboured, but unsuccessful atSempt s to prove that the Treaty of Vienna has not been broken by her late proceedings towards that country. The...

We mentioned in last week's Spectator the report of a

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treaty, having been concluded between Russia and Turkey. This treaty. has been the subject or much speculation in the newspapers during the week, and there appears to be no...

The . French news is unimportant. The King has left Paris

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on *journey to Cherbourg; and Messieurs DARGOUT and HUMANPI are the only Ministers remaining in the capital. M. TRIERS, it is said, contemplates a visit to England. •

The Regency of Brazils have announced to the Chamber of

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Deputies, that they have ascertained, by advices from Europe, that plojects are on foot for the restoration of the Duke of BRAGANZ to the throne of the Brazilian Empire, and...

The Emperor of AUSTRIA and the King of PRUSSIA are

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holding *conference at the fortress of Thierenstadt, in Saxony. They are said to talk very earnestly together, but no one seems to know *tat it is all about.

Mazda anti' 19rotedfingi In IatrIixulsnt.

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1. FOREIGN POLICY. Mr. THOMAS: ATTWOOD, on Wednesday, after expressing his delight at the recogn;tion of Donna Maria by this country, said he wished to put some questions...

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be Iftetropoiii.

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Alderman Wood has published a letter in the Daily Papers, contra- dicting the rumour of his retirement from Parliament and his office of Alderman, aim stating his determination...

the Court.

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THE King, in company with Lord Hill, reviewed the Second Regi- ment of Life Guards, commanded by Colonel Lygon, in the Great Park, Windsor, on Monday last ; and afterwards...

The Recorder on Wednesday made a report to his Majesty

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of cle prisoners in NVWgiltC under sentence of death, convicted at the Sim y and the late Special Sessions,—viz. Joseph Saunderson, Michael Ilex- ley, Thomas Smith, William...

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A fire broke out on Wednesday night, in the house

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of Mr. Josephs, a hatter and general salesman, No. 19, Monmouth Street. It was first discovered by a neighbour, who saw some smoke issuing from the front of the house. He went...

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THE circumstances relative to Sir John Key's contract for stationery, and the appointment of his son to the place of Storekeeper in the Ste- tionery-office, have been fully...

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The Members for Newport, Messrs. Hawkins and Ord, met their - constituents of the new borough at the Grapes Tavern, on Monday week, which was crowded to excess on the occasion....

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The Egham Races, which commenced on Tuesday, were attended on that day by a very brilliant company. The King and Queen. ;rm- parried by the Princess Augusta, Prince George of...

A Court-martial was held on Thursday week, on board the

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San Josef, in Plymouth Hamouze, on Mr. Charles Baker, gunner of the Sheldrake packet brig, on a charge of having stolen rum from the spirit-room of the Sheldrake, when left in...


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The prolonged inquiry into the cause of the fire at the Customhouse stores, has not thrown any new light on the subject : no incendiarism has been hinted at, nor have the...

The Duke of Buckingham put his yacht into Guernsey harbour

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on Monday last, having struck on a reef of rocks and carried away her keel, and sustained considerable damage. A few days since the servant of Miss Champion, a lady of...

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" PARIS, 29111 August. " The public feeling against Lours Pirtiar.increases daily. Do not believe the accounts which appear .in, the French Alinisto ial Papers, of his...

The close of the First Session of the Reformed Parliament

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is marked by a list of Notices of Motions for the next session, unparal- leled in number-134! It occupies no less than nine pages of the last. Vote Paper; and embraces all kinds...


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The Lord Chancellor leaves town immediately for Brougham Hall, Lord Althorp for Northamptonshire, and Lord John Russell for Ire- land. — Globe. Sir Francis Burdett recently...

During the whole of last night, and the early part

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of this morning, the wind blew a heavy hurricane, accompanied by tremendous storms of rain. Much damage, we regret to say, has been sustained both in and about London, by the...

The French Papers received , this morning quote from Madrid letters

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of the 19th instant ; at which date the-King of Spain was still alive, but "some acquaintances of his chief physician, Dr. Castello, state that he is much swollen, and not...


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wae.oemee, Aug. 30.-3d Regt. of Light Dragoons-Capt. E. Cormiek, from Pay. illtuOer 4th Light Dragoons, to be Paymaster, vice Johnson. 4th Light Dragoons- Ceets 1 11...

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The Ginges, Ingram, from London to Bengal, put into the Mauritius on the 5th of May, havin g experienced a hurricane on the 17th April, in lat. 28 S. Ion. 82,30 E., by which she...

About this time last year, we devoted the whole of

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an extra Number of the Spectator to an exposition of the defective WORKING OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, and to suggestions for improving it. We were led to do this from a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The settlement of the Consols Account which took place on Wednesday, and which was characterized by a large delivery of Stock, has, by...


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On the 15th, at Leghorn, the Lady of Sir THOMAS WHELAN, of a son. On the 26tit, at Greenham Lodge, Becks, the Lady of Lientenant , Colcmel BOURCHIER, of a daughter. On the 14th,...

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IT is hardly to be regretted that the proceedings against the Earl of WARWICK are postponed till next session, when we may hope that the House of Commons will dare to act for...


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THE CLOSE OF THE SESSION. THE curtain falls on the first session of the Reformed Parliament : is the nation—are theseleetors of the House of Commons—satisfied with the pellet...

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THE Report of the Stationery Committee furnishes another incon- testable record of facts, which prove how uniformly, for many years past, the public good has been sacrificed to...


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IN commenting upon certain amendments made by the House of Commons on the Chancery Regulations Bill, Lord BROUGHAM volunteered some observations respecting the best mode...

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EXCLUSIVE of some half dozen pages of Votes which are pub- lished daily during the sitting of Parliament, between five and six hundred Papers ale annually printed by order of...