5 AUGUST 1854

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THE disclosure made on Thursday ni g ht in the House of Commons respectin g the appointment of Mr. Lawley, ou g ht to be the last of its kind. It not only corroborates the...

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The first act of the Spanish revolution may be said

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to have closed with the entrance of Espartero into Madrid, on the 29th of last month, and his installation as President of the Council--that is, as First Minister of Queen...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Hones OF LORDS. Monday, July 31. Royal Assent to Registration of Bills Of Sale (Ireland) Bill, Jamaica Loan Bill, Poor-law Commission...

The universal extension and increasing mortality of the cholera remind

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us that higher laws are not suspended for the convenience of man. War possesses this broad region and that—peace rules here and there—one portion of the world is flourishing,...

To the South, perhaps the balance of succeis is not

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quite so un- certain or speculative. It is indeed somewhat difficult to follow with any distinctness the retrograde movements, the advances, and the renewed retrogression of the...

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The Fishmongers Company entertained a party of notables at dinner in their hall, on Tuesday. In the course of the evening, the unusual course was taken of introducing the...

'At turf.

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THE Queen has continued to enjoy, with her family, the pleasures of open- air exercises, diversified with trips in the Fairy and drives about the island. The Earl of Clarendon...

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1it Vrodurtg.

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The Beverley election has resulted in the return of the Honourable Arthur Gordon ; but not without opposition. At the last moment, the Tories brought down, or sent down, an...


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The Venerable G. M. Beresford, Archdeacon of Ardagh, has been ap- pointed to the see of Kilmore, vacant by the death of Dr. Leslie. The trial of Mr. John Carden, of Barnane...

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fortigu null Colonial.

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TURICET.—Considerable changes appear to have taken place in the die. position of the Russian forces since the battle of Giurgevo on the ath. For some cause as yet unexplained,...

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The cholera in the Metropolis made a rapid stride last week. The numbers who died from the epidemic increased from 26 in the previous week to 138: namely, to 42 children under...

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In the House of Commons, last night, the Canada Legislative

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Council Bill was read a second time. Mr. PEEL, in moving the second reading at the morning sitting, explained that the object of the bill was to enable the Legislature of Canada...


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By the Trade and Navigation Accounts for the month ending 6th July, the declared value of the exports was 8,747,3131.; for the six months end- ing . the same day it was...

The Times relates a pretty story of a narrow escape

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of the Czar. When the fleet recently lay off Cronatadt, an English yacht, belonging to Lord Euston and Lord Lichfield, ventured too near the guns of the fortress, and a Russian...


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" We are at length in a condition to present to the public something more than speculations and surmises on the movements of the Allied armies in the East. About the time we...

A policeman was stabbed, fatally as it is believed, on

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Thursday night. The facts of the case were detailed before the Bow Street Magistrate yesterday. Merritt, a baker, went home with a young woman to Brown's Buildings, Clare...


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The insertion of Letters, except in cases of special "urgency," must con- tinue suspended until the prorogation of Parliament.

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One would think that the notion of dividing the stage into two Coil- 'Hutment/3, so that two separate actions take place at once, was worn threadbare. French ingenuity, however,...


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The theatrical season generally is drawing to its close ; nearly all the playbills proclaiming that the " last night but," &e. has arrived. The Haymarket stands alone among the...

The St. James ' s closed its doors on Wednesday night, after

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Madame Marie Cabal, as the Fille du Regiment, had made her parting curtsey to the audience. This young lady is a very pleasing and attractive performer, and every one who has...


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STOGIE EIcitaNOZ, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The present week has borne a marked resemblance to its predecessor regarding the difficulties suggested in a prospective view of the value...

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TOPICS OF THE DAY PRUSSIA. IN considering the position which Prussia at present occupies, we only continue to mislead ourselves if we fix our attention solely or principally...

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GREEDY as the public is of information respecting the condition and movements of the Army, it happens, unfortunately, that there is very scanty information, excepting a kind...


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IT really is "too bad" that some of the worst abuses in the unre- formed lunacy system should survive to. the present day ; but such appears to be the fact. Admiral Sininearez...

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TICE Englishman who complains of the climate of his own country cannot, like Charles the Second, have been doomed to gain ex- perience in any other. One of these grumblers...


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Mn. LUCAS proposes to promote the encouragement of manilla°. tures in Ireland by training-schools, and he points to the exist_ ence of schools in countries in which manufactures...

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ductions and frequent discnrsions of Lamartine, with his biogra- the Fide, the sentiments, and the prosp ects that power was allowed, by a strange ser ie s of blunders , he gets...

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GRAHAM'S JORDAN AND RHINE" MR. GRAHAM is an Irish Presbyterian

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minister, who was chosen by the general Assembly of his Church as a missionary to the Jews. In this capacity he has travelled extensively both in Europe and the East ; his...

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historical, we are inclined to believe that heowes much of his fame of 'trivia herself, however, we have the life of her mcither, and her to the clearness of .his purpose. His...


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countless shades of opinion, may be. called by the general name of " free," what our Rivingtons and Parkers are to orthodox theology. . Renewing our acquaintance with Feuerbach...

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Books. Vicar; a Journal. By Mrs. J. Elphinstone Dalrymple. In two volumes. Songs from the Dramatists. The Annotated Edition of the English Poets. By Robert Bell, Author of...

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Tuesday, August 1. Paaviernsimes Drosotvina.-W. 11. and J. S. Carlin, Gracechurch Street, tobacco- nists - Bradbeer and Son, Lowestoft, sail-makers-Hope and Co. Bucklow Hill,...


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On the 20th July, at Argyll House, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. Alexander Gordon, of a daughter. On the 26th, at Bestwall House, Wareham, Dorsetsbire, the Wife of W....


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WAR-OFFICE, Aug. 4.-1st Regt. of Life Guards-Lieut. T. J. Levett to be Capt. by purchase, vice Andrews, who retires ; Lieut. George II. Earl of Mount Charles to be Capt. by...

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- Bastes- -- Australasian 541 621 British North Aramaean 581 Colonial 121 Commercial of London 87 Landau and Westminster 391 ex ii. 97 London Char td.link. of Australia 20j 77...