5 OCTOBER 1850

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Not inconsistent with that spectacle is the other, nor less

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re- markable—the old governing influences of Europe, exiled from power, or shaking in the throne and distracted in councils, are pe- titioning for an idea that may help them to...

The deputies of the Peace Association would appear to be

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making some progress in arranging the dispute between. Denmark and her revolted Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein. The points actually attained are these. Denmark has consented...


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tm Esquimaux, and that the Esqutmaux stuck to his st6a after the Dane was gone ; on the other hand, we find many in ' t men treating the story as worthless, and it is known...

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(4t Alttrupnlil

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The election of Lord Mayor, on Saturday, took place with less excite- ment than was expected : the 'long shore men had threatened opposition to the rotation candidate, Mr....

Such matters in home politics as the week does present

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are for the meet part personalities; and they are aloe, without exception, of a kind encouraging to' the progress of opinion. Even the Dike of Cleveland, at the meeting of the...

'64t Vinuiurto.

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At the Durham Agricultural Society's yearly meeting, on Thursday, the Conservative Duke of Cleveland followed Mr.' Granger, the Liberal. M.P., with a speech insisting on the...

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The Reverend. Dr. Townsend, meetly made Dean of Waterford, is raised to the vacant• Bishopric of Meath. The. see of Meath yields an annual income of 40001., with extensive...

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lorttgo nut Colonial.

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Fasivcs..—The reports about President Bonaparte's pecuniary difficul- ties have provoked so much soreness of feeling in the object of them, that the Assemble:e Nationale, which...


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The chief incident of Court news—so gentle is the stream of chronicled events—is the anticipatory notice of ber Majesty's return to the South. A former announcement named the...

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The appointments consequent on Lord Torrington's removal from the government of Ceylon were gazetted on Tuesday. Sir George William Anderson, Companion of the Bath, now...

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On the 21st September, at Boulogne, the Hon. Mrs. Henry Graves, of a son. On the 22d, at Woodside House, Ayrshire, Mrs. Cochran Patrick, of Ladyland, of a son, who only...

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The Paris papers of yesterday make an immense pother out

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of an al- leged coolness between President Bonaparte and General Changarnier. The cause is alleged to be the President's grossly obvious courting of the mili- tary with the "...

The Washington steam-ship arrived off Cowes yesterday afternoon, and tins

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telegraphed her latest dates from New York. These extend to the 20th September, and are as barren of news as the advices received earlier in the week, which presented no...

There is unusual stir among the authorities of the Customhouse.

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Last week, intimation was given that the annual month's leave of absence accorded to each of the landing-officers was suspended for the present. This is occasioned by an extra...

4ratrto nut Zugir.

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The Princess's Theatre, which was opened on Saturday last, under the joint lesseeship of Messrs. Kean and Keeley, started very cheerfully, in- asmuch as there was an aspect of...

Mr. Gideon Hatchwell, station-master at Bury, on the Eastern Union

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Rail- way, and Mr. James Cousins Welton ' station-master at Thurston, on the same line, lost their lives yesterday, by an accident on their railway. They were conducting an...


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SATURDAY. Mr. Loftus Wigram was yesterday elected, without opposition, as a "fit and discreet burgess" to represent the University of Cambridge in the House of Commons. About...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Scarcely any fluctuation or business has occurred in the English Funds. The quotations of Consols have been nearly the same during the whole...

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Exeter Hall is at present undergoing great alterations in its

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interior, with the view of removing its defects as a music-hall, and enlarging its capabilities for performances on the greatest scale. These operations are carried on jointly...

rattro to top Etat.

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INDIAN LAW ADMINISTRATION. 28th duly 1860. Sin—In your paper of the 25th of May last, among the topics of the day, I have read one headed " British India—the Black Act," in...


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We have received a prospectus of the "Grand National Concerts" in Her Majesty's Theatre, which are to commence on the 15th of this month. They have been projected by a body of...

The Adelphi company returned from the Haymarket to their proper

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home on Wednesday ; but the event was not marked by the production of any novelty.

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THE WOOLWICH AND CARSHALTON .SCHOOLS. Somrrareta is very seriously the

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matter in the Military Academy of Woolwich and. its adjunct • Carshalton : some vice appears to have made extensive inroads among the youth ; but what it, is does not appear...


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A MEMORIAL has been got up at Lloyd's asking the Lord Mayor kr call a public meeting to consider the advantages to be derived. from establishing a Tribunal of Commerce, to...


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The most salient fact in the political aspect of France at this moment is the "Austrian" treatment of the press under a govern- ment of universal suffrage. Every successive law...

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BOBRERs of striking adroitness or daring, consigned for some time to the melodramatic theatre, are again visiting real life, with an audacity that is embarrassing to lovers of...

INDUSTRIAL EMPLOYMENT OF PAUPERS. IT has occasionally fallen in our

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way , to notice, that the subject of industrial employment for paupers did not receive sufficient atten- tion at the time of the Poor-law Liqiifty in 1833'; lirli-eations very...

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TICE deduction of general conclusions from too limited a range of facts is one of the most prolific sources of error. Thus, a corre- spondent, who subscribes himself "A Civilian...

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Mesmanre miracles are incredible, but they may be true. We may laugh at the trivialities of the mesmeric oracle ; we may see prefer his conviction to his professional interest,...


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Loup was the lament in Kensington Gore at the prospective rise of a spectacle of industry in its vicinage ; but the dirge slowly died away, when it was found that neither a...


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KENRICR'S EGYPT UNDER THE PHARAOHS. * THIS work is the first sequence of Mr. Keurielc's essay on.Primseval History; but it hardly satisfies the expectations which that ex-...

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lIfOITICT ST. LAWEENCE. • This fiction is as remarkable in its

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way as Alton Leckc, though widely different from that work in subject, purpose, and treatment. Whatever may have been the case formerly, the writer of Mount St. Lawrence is now...

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BROAD/ILE! fl HISTORY OP:- TILE REIMGA:L. A/IKE: * WanervIes there is

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human and action there is - always a subject for the historian, if he has t knowledge of it and skill to treat it. The history of un arm involves an aecount of thepeople, and...

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eIrrtuings frent thr Vim %unkfi.

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EMOLUMENTS OF THE BAR AND JUDICIAL SALARIES. . Tax scope of the rule of Lord John Russell and other leading state econo- mists is, that public servants ought to be paid such...


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Boons. October brings us a larger supply. of booby., without a corresponding in- crease in their character. The two most promising are two Serious : " The Double Oath,"-a...

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WAR-OFFIcz, Oct. 1.-lst Life Guards-Cornet and Sub-Lieut. T. J. Levett to be Lieut. by purchase,• Mee Crawley, who retires. ,.2d Life Guards-,Cornet and Sub- Lieut. James A. G....


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, ,,- ,, i "lliqday, October 1. l'iiititansures Dunkiegiii.•.,- 11 Thonison and Co. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship-bro- kora 41 .Paibley -and CO.,,illultv.ship-wriglits; as.far as...


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U N.D Si.•(Clositut Prima) darling. Nonskid 7'mation Wading. Thurs. fr'dery s egg 96/ 96; 961 DR T. shut 961 961 961 " 96, 'shot I 'Mit shut pm. 66 16 63 63...