6 JANUARY 1844

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INDEX 7 -1844. v,t1 NEWS. FOREIGN COUNTRIES. America- Congress - finance. 5 ; tariff 30. 319, 506.513 ; Oregon. 343; Texas, 367. Accident on bosrdthe Princeton, 249, 294....

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: : 1 3. 13 9 - - CANADA, lately so peaceful, is again embroiled b dies tween,ittitovernment and its Legislative ;. estate of the colony is viewedivilfi - freat po - only...

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Zbz Court.

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THE life of the Court has passed in profound repose this week, and there is not an adventure to record, except the personal distribution of alms . by the Queen, on New...

There has been a mail from India; but it only

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strengthens the impressir_oduced by the previous arrival,—that our troops in Ocitidwere stiffering sorely from the unhealthy climate—an In- dlau and that the plot was ripening...

'Oat ifttitopolts.

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At an adjourned meeting of the parishioners of St. Stephen's Wal- brook, in the Vestry-room, on Wednesday, a motion was carried to re- sist a rate levied at a recent closed...

If parties in Ireland could be suddenly struck with common

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genie, the proposition with which the late Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ph Ron, has startled the Irish capital—" mesmerized" the Mu- dieipatity—would be most judicious. The State...

The opening of the French Chambers affords renewed opportu- nity

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for some characteristic heat. The oldest Deputy has incurred the grave rebuke of thanks withheld, for using his post to utter violent insinuations of arbitrary conduct against...

The BRAVO Ministry seem determined to show how far they

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can humiliate the Spanish Cortes, by a kind of burlesque on Cstom- vmes brusque behaviour : they suspend the sittings of the Cortes, While they carry by edict measures which...

Zbe lirobintes.

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The opponents of the Anti-Corn-law League in Sussex have taken steps to organize an antagonist society ; and at a meeting of "owners and occupiers of land, tradesmen, and...

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The inauguration of the new Lord. Mayor of Dublin took place, at the Assembly House, on Monday. The speech delivered by the re- tiring Mayor, Mr. Roe, who made a remarkable...

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_foreign anb

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FRANCE.—On New Year's Day, the Corps Diplomatique, the two Chambers, the Clergy, and other public bodies, delivered congratulatory addresses to King Louis Philippe. The...


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A public meeting in the Waterloo Rooms at Edinburgh, on the 28th December, expressed approval of Mr. Sharman Crawford's plan for ex- torting redress of grievances by means of...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The papers of this morning relate a slight accident, but without any ill consequence, which happened to the Queen yesterday, while riding in a pony-carriage...

The Revenue accounts, for the year and quarter ending on

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the 5th instant, are published this morning ; and on the whole they are not unsatisfactory. The usual attempts are made to prove a good deal out of them ; but there is in the...

The Marquis of Westminster has addressed a letter to Mr.

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George Wilson, Chairman of the Council of the Anti-Corn-law League, re- markable for twO things—the unqualified manner in which the writer advocates complete free trade in corn,...

A correspondent who has sent us a report as a

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sequel to our paper of last week on " Justices' Justice " will perceive a distinction in the two cases, considered as alb, jects for remark ; in the one that we touched upon....


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The Standard is "able to contradict, in the most distinct and positive terms," the report which found its way into some of the Whig papers, that the Cabinet has resolved upon...

At Dublin Crown-Office, on Thursday, commenced the process of "

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striking the Special Jury " for the trial of Mr. O'Connell and the other " traversers " in the State prosecutions. A protest was handed in on behalf of the traversers against...


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METHS. On the 22d December. at Button Park, near Ludlow, the Lady of Wilms' SMITH, of a daughter. the 25th. at Spike Island, the Wife of Lieuteuant-Colonel BURTON, Royal...

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Sir Robert Peel has had an electioneering " refresher," in

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the shape of a dinner given by Captain Townshend to his own supporters in Tamworth. The speeches were hotly Anti-Ministerial. Captain Townshend promised to stand by the borough...

It transpired in Paris on Thursday, that Ministers had given

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up the idea of demanding a dotation for the Duke of Nemours this session ; and the correspondent of the Morning Chronicle says that the King was reconciled to their...

Coroners sometimes get into scrapes, and Mr. Wakley, on present

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showing, is no exception to the lot of Coroners. He is at issue with an auctioneer about the sale of Lieutenant Munro's furniture ; and yester- day, according to a paragraph in...

A letter in the Colonial Gazette of this morning, by

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a highly-accre- dited correspondent at the fountain-head of information on Canadian affairs, throws further light on the Ministerial crisis ; giving the secret history of what...

Carmarthen Assizes closed on Monday ; when the men called

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Shony- sybor-fawr and Dai-y-cantwr were sentenced respectively to transporta- tion for life and for twenty years. Other prisoners were sentenced to imprisonment for terms...

The Post is voluminous and vehement this morning in its

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attacks on the Standard, Sir Robert Peel, and his colleagues. To take one stone out of the dazzling mosaic- " The Tariff and the Income-tax have annihilated at least one-fourth,...

The Paris Tribunal of First Instance, to whom the claim

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of "Prince " Louis Napoleon against the public Treasury for the sum of 1,800,000 francs, grounded on a senatus - consulte of 1810, was referred, declared on Wednesday, that it...

A correspondent of the Times shows, in his own case,

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how oppressive a grievance is that arrangement by which the gold coinage is allowed to become greatly depreciated, and then disrated from its rank as coin to its mere value as...

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Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 7th October to the 30th December 1843— LSABTLITIES. ASSETS. Circulation £19,098,000 Securities. £21,067,000 Deposits 11,751,000 Bullion 12,855,000...


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ARRIVED—At Gravesend. 2d Jan. Parland Gillespie. from Calcutta ; 3d, William. Le Blair, from Batavia; and Chelydra. Wiehart, from Sydney; and 4th, Cuthbeit Young, Henderson,...


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STOCK EXCUANOZ. FRIDAY ATTERVOON. The English Funds have continued to improve ; and the quotations of today, though not the highest of the week, are 5 per cent above our last....

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SANATORY POLICE FOR THE METROPOLIS. FEVER and other infectious diseases appear to prevail to a consi- derable extent in several districts of the Metropolis and suburbs: The...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th Jan. 1893 and 1844, showing the Increase or Decrease thereof. YEARS ENDED 5th...

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WHEN some country gentleman lately talked about " Peel and Providence," he talked in a spirit very much akin to that with which official people regard the " concessions " that...


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THE grasshopper is again perched on the top of the Royal Ex- change ; and even amid the hurry of Cornhill the citizens halt and look up to it with admiration and love. It is,...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sussex, 86th December 1843. SIR —May an admirer of the talent and sound sense usually displayed in your paper be permitted to observe, that the...


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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. Dumdrudge, 26th December 1843. Sea—I have read in some statistical work an account of the number of land- holders in England : the exact number...


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THE sounds and sights of London at this season of the year convey a lively idea of the magnificent hospitality of music, and of the end- less retinue of her dependants. We have...

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THE LABOURING POPULATION. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Edinburgh. 45th December 1843. Saw—In my last letter I pointed out that the constant employment of the labouring...

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The Glqbe bas this strange tale. " When Bonaparte died

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at St. Helena, it is well known that his heart was extracted with the design of being preserved. The British physician who had charge of that wondrous organ had deposited itin a...


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;TRAvitlAi. The HIghlaud+ of rEthiopia. By Major W. Cornwallis Harris, of the Hon. E. I. Engineers Aathoref " Wild Sports in Southern Africa" " Fortraitg or Arr.cau Huns...

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Tins ninth volume, which concludes Mr. TYTLER's History of Scotland, commences with the effects of ELIzABETH ' S execution of MARY, and ends with the death of the English Queen...

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From December 29th to January 4th. SOCKS. A' Memoir of the Life and Writings of the late William Taylor of Nor- wich, Author of " English Synonyms Discriminated," &c....

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CHANTREY'S EQUESTRIAN STATUE OF GEORGE THE FOURTH. Tars statue, which was originally intended to surmount the marble arch in front of Buckingham Palace, but which has been...


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OFFICE or ORDNANCE, Dec. 29.-Royal Artillery-Gent. Cadet H. A. Smyth to be Sec. Lieut. vice Calder, promoted; Gent. Cadet P. W. Phillipps tube Sec. Lieut. vice Pol- lock,...


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Tuesday, Jan. 2. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Banner and Co. Dowgate Dock, meat curers-Banner and Co. Upper Thames Street. ale-merchants-H. and H. J. Buchan, Southampton,...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 5 - - Ditto (Deferred) 5 p. Cl. 324 5 - 94 Alabama (Sterling) 5 p. Ct. - Mexican...