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PMILIAMBNT has naturalized and "established" Prince Ammer. For this purpose it was assembled before the usual time; and, having discharged the loyal duty, it manifests...

An act of mercy may be performed so ungraciously as

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to stifle every feeling of gratitude towards its author. Tae 'Merquis of Nonstsxras commuted the sentence passed on the Chartist prisoiiers from death to transportatiim: but,...

• The apreintt!it , of the Deke NENoulls, II, Llydzofs appoiannent

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to the London and ro:',■71s I.I* Ministerial chenges. :Ire the chief topics in the l'sris newspepers. Dissatisfaction with the King's denisnil of an ;dims:ince tar his younger...

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The Spanish elections have gone in favour of the Moderado

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Ministry, who calculate upon a majority of about 30 votes. The British garrison are leaving Passages. About 150 marines departed on the 29th ultimo.

The Dutch Ministers find difficulty in managing the present Chamber

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of Deputies, who insist on making the Colonial Minister responsible, and controlling the Colonial revenues.

The King of Hanover has issued "a Royal Declaration," in

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consequence of some judges recognizing laws passed under the constitution which .ERNEST has abrogated. His despotic Majesty sets forth, " That it never can be tolerated that...

The last accounts from Constantinople mention, that MEHEMET ALI has

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finally and positively declared that he will agree to no terms of pacification which shall not guarantee his right to the entire possession of Syria.

By the ship Louis Philippe, arrived at Havre from New

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York, there are accounts from the United States to the 18th of January. The letters received from Mr. JAVDON were considered highly satisfactory in New York, and the aspect of...

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QTh e (Court. THE Lord Chamberlaiu's formal announcement "that the

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solemnization of her .Majesty's marriage will take place on Monday next, the 10th instant," appears in the Gazette of last nigh t. Great preparations have been made for the...

Vie Aftetropolis.

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A movement against the Corn-laws has at length been made in th e City of London. A requisition, signed by the four Members for the Cits and many leading bankers and merchants of...

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A Common Hall was held yesterday, and a petition to

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the House of Commons to release the Sheriffs, and amend the law if libel, carried unanimously. Between 700 and 800 persons were present. The Session of the Central Criminal...

The annual meeting of the Governors of the Seamen's Hospital

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Society, was held on Wednesday ; when the report for 1839 was read. It stated, that During the past year, 2,573 patients had been admitted; and advice and medicine provided for...

bc Vrobiners.

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Sir William Molesworth dined with a large party of his constituents at Leeds, on Wednesday. He was most warmly received ; and every part of a full explanation of his...

Addresses to the Queen against the punishment of death in

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any case, and, for mercy to Frost, Jones, and Williams, were sent from twelve congregations in Birmingham. A petition to Parliament to the same effect from Birmiagham generally,...


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Lord Brougham has left London for Paris, and his friends do not expect his return for two months. It will be recollected that he told the Lords last session, he would not be...

The vote of the House of Commons on the annuit3

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to Prince Albert has had its influence on the Commission of the French Chamber of Deputies charged to examine the. 3d lid 101. a year for the Duke of Nemours. If the S11111 11 ,...

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Letters front Anapa and Tifillis state that the Circassians, after

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having beaten General Potowski's corps at the foot of the mountain, had renewed their relation.-; with the Kordes. The intrepid Chief Chernil has rallied his troops tinder his...

The House of Commons was occupied till nearly two o'clock

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this morning With the adjourned debate on Mr. Darby's motion to discharge the Sheriffs front the custody of the Sereennt-at-Arms. The Members who took a prominent part in the...

I.ast night's Gazette contains the following announcements .' Wit VrElrAt.r.,

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February ft. — The QUeell lists been pleased to &dire and ot tlkat his Serene Highness Francis-Albert-Augustus-Charles Etnanuel Duke of Saxe, Prince of Saxe Coburg and Gotha,...

The Earl of Listowel is gazetted a Lord in Waiting,

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and Master Henry William John Byng it Page of Honour to the Queen.


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Arrived---At Gravesend. rob. [fill; and 11ns:burgh C'astlet. Camber. latol, &urn Bengal. At Deal, 5 Is. I r Ilosposs. Irian (lino ; Vigilant, Walton; Ariel. Austin; anti...


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Whileliall Place, 311 February 1840. Si it( looking over the Division -lists as published in the Sifeet.dor . of Sitturilay last, 1 find my moue included in the moldier of those...

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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. Sin—I wish to correct what I believe to be a mistake in a point of law in vour valuable journal. You say that the Judges decided, that had the...

[Our correspondent may be right in assuming that whist we

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hypothetically imputed as neglect, was really .. a very skilful manumtvre." It seems, however, to have been an unftirtunate one for the prisoners. What would have been their...

Lit law would inflict is too severe. Enlightened It•gislators and us

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1,0 sninist ors THE THEATRES. LEIGH HUNT, WI14) in the course of a long and active literary career, has by turns distinguished himself as a critic, poet. politieian, and...

A nautical burletta, with the title of Poor Jack. or

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the W16' of sa Sailor, has sneceeded Jack Sh,flairs/ at the Adelphi u but the hero of the halter is still :1 favourite, and has taken the place Harlequin. The new meiodrama is...

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Tuts year chance or good fortune has thrown in the path of the Philharmonic Directors the means of getting up a" trial-night." Certain paragraphs have been going the round of...


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STATE OF PARTIES. DURING the recess, and especially towards its close, a persuasion was entertained that something termed " reconstruction" h a a considerably strengthened the...

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IT is 110t the divine, but the poet who handles it, that enchains attention and insures immortality.• As we lumen. not learne i tl o t i l:t ti t ia h n e Laureate intends to...

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DIFFERENT persons have very different notions of poetry. Some think its essential quality is verse : if the lines scan and rhyme, the writer is a poet. Others, with a kindred...

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TIIE author of this volume is an American invalid, afflicted with dyspepsia, nervous complaints, and an affection of the lungs ; the last being, in his own opinion, the root of...

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Tiers work scarcely fulfils the promise of its opening; which displayed a directness of purpose, a variety of incident, a brevity of narration, and a quiet humour, that promised...

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BooKs. The Ilistory of British India. 13y Jisres Mtrmr., Esq. Fourth edition, with Notes and Continuation, by Hoaxer: Ilsrsisms 'WILSON, MA., F.R.S., &c. Vol. I. 'i/o. History...

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BRITISH INSTITUTION. THIS once attractive exhibition opened on Monday, with a collection of the works of living artists, as poor as could well be got together to include such...

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The Queen's Wedding. Moreeaux d'apropos. One of Queen ELIZABETH'S numerous flirtations (we know not which) was celebrated by Mont,Hv ; who sang of Isis Royal mistress, that " A...

C.111. Von Weber's Pianoforte Works. EditedaY J. MoscwELES.

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While reams on reams of music-paper are dai'y covered with the trash that now passes under the name of pianoffste music, it is a pleasure and a consolation to encounter such a...

Six Canzonets. Composed by CHARLES SAL.CMAN.

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Mr. SALAMAN is very well known as a pianoforte-player of considerable eminence, a man of acknowledged musical taste. Desirous of acquiring celebrity in the higher art of...


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BIRTHS. On the 24 inst., at liveringhtuu Park, the Lady of WILLIAM CONSTABLE MAXWELL, 11S11 , or a daughter. Oa the:28th ult., at Rowfant, Sussex, the Lady of CHARM'S Brrtirsr,...

mturin GAZETTE.

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WAR,FFICE, Feb. 7.-4th lied. ttf Drau. dttmols—Cornet E..1. 'Cartier to he Lieut. by purchase, dc, Brooks. 'a Ito retires ; F. R. Forster, Gent to be Cornet, by plinth:Ise, Nice...

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Tuesday, Feb. 4. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Coppoek and Roper, Brielporf, Meeggists–J. and G. Moon. Crovdon, confectioners– Webb and Lawley, Birmingham, patent cut unit...

.Friday, Feb. 7.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVF.O. Williams and Nephew, fluttor Low, flannel-factors –Griffin and Cottll, Avery Row, Bond Street, harness-manulacturors–Tarri and Pick en, Crosby ROW, Wei...