18 AUGUST 1832

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M. DUPIN, it is again affirmed, will be Keeper of

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the Seals ; the negotiation has been brought to a close at Compiegne. , The French Ministerial journals last received hold much stronger language on the subject of the Frankfort...


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• THE last Unreformed Parliament of England is at an end. On • Thursday, it was prorogued, by the King in person, as a preli- minary to its dissolution. The session of...

We are withoutfurther authentic intelligence from Oporto. The Lisbon papers

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describe the battle of the 23daslhaving terminated, in MiGunifs favour. PEDRO, they say, lost at least 600 in 14114 wounded, and prisoners ; and his opponents only 267. There...

The ceremony of King LEOPOLD's mairiage was performed on Thursday

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the 9th. The persons officiating on the part of France were—the Baron PASQUIER, President of the Chamber of Peers, and M.' E. F. COCCHI', Keeper of the Archives of the Chamber,...

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bateg znitt Procertinivi in Vadiamtnt.

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1. THE REGISTRY CLAUSES. The Case Of the nonregistered eke- tors was again brought before the House of Commons, on Saturday, on IL petition from certain of the electors of...

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etbe Court.

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The only important event of the week connected with the Court was the closing of the Parliamentary session. There was nothing unusual in the procession ; which consisted of the...

int lactrapalfit1.

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A General Court of the Bank proprietors was held on Thursday ; and it was very fully attended. The Governor addressed the Court at some length on the subject of the publication...

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The Society of Market Gardeners held their annual meeting, in

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the Crown and Anchor, on Wednesday. Mr. Calvert was in the chair, supported by Mr. Hume and several other gentlemen. On Mr. Hume's health being drunk, the worthy member for...

On Monday, a man of decentappcaraoce, named John Roberts, was

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' charged with forging a draft on Baring, Brothers, and Co. On the 24th of last month, Roberts went to the shop of Mr. Manton, the guns maker, and said he wanted a gun, such as...

On Sunday evening, two men in a state of drunkenness

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passed along Old Street Road, in a horse and gig, at a most furious rate, and at the corner of Pitfield Street, knocked down a poor woman, and the wheel passing over her head,...

Clje Country.

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Two narratives have been published of the transactions at Clithero on the 31st of July,—one by Mr. Thomson, of the firm of Thomson, Chippindall, and Company ; the other by Mr....

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At Wakefield, last week, the clergyman proposed a church-rate of

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Is. 4d. As an amendment, a parishioner proposed a rate of 6d. The clergyman refused to put it, and gave up the chair. Another chairman was immediately voted into it, and the...

Since our last report, the appearance of the plantations has

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changed for the worse, and the estimate of the produce is now much lower. The duty on our plantation has gone down to 8,0001.; and it is said that few will back that amount. The...

There was a Reform dinner at Abingdon on Tuesday. The

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com- pany consisted of one hundred and thirty. Dr. Tomkins filled the chair,—which was supported by Mr. Throckmorton, the member for the county, Mr. N. Throckmorton ' Dr....

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. Rah) ant( Sudtict.

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In May 1831, David Harris, a small farmer at Fishguard, voted for Sir John Owen, at the election for Pembrokeshire. • Major Harris Trevacoon, a Magistrate of the county,...


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The inhabitants of St. Anne's and St. Mary's, Shannon, memo- rialized Lord Anglesey on Friday last week, on the subject of the late intended meeting at Blarney, which was...


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is the findiug of the Court of Inquiry in the case of Somerville the soldier. That Major Wyndham acted injudiciously in entering into conversation with, or winking inquiries...

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The Edinburgh Reform jubilee took place on Friday last week. It appears ira» the description to have been a very spirited affuir. The numereus bands, seventy-one in number, MIMI...

In Glasgow, only 2,400 persons have yet registered. The take

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of salmon - has been so great -at Fort William this season,- N \ that the ice has been exhausted, and the fishers have had a number of horses employed in carrying down snow from...


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. . . AYLESBURY.—Lord Nugent has addressed a long, affectionate, and . eloquent farewell to his excellent friends of this independent borough. It is grateful to listen to...

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The Judges upon the Norfolk Circuit have appointed the following,

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gentlemen of the bar as the barristers to correct the registers of voters under the provisions of the Reform Act— Norwich and Yarmouth—Mr. Elmsly and Mr. Collyer. East...

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THE Morning Herald has given, from the pen of a correspondent, a gossiping account of the conduct of the Emperor Nicholas towards the officers of the Talavera, which carried out...


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Colonel Fox has been appointed Surveyor-General of the Ordnance. During the past year, twenty new churches and chapels, with accom- modation for 26,361 persons, including 14,039...

CHOLERA.—The disease increases in the Country. Our last report gave

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for the previous week—new cases 3,185, deaths 1,282, and cases remaining 1,282: last week presents us with 4,798 new cases, 1,646 deaths, and 1,891 cases remaining. The towns...

The marriages of the sixteen young women of Paris and

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the Banlieue, to whom dowries have been given by the King in honour of the nup- tials of the Princess Louise, were celebrated on the 13th in their re- spective parish churches...

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MARRIAGES. On the 11th lint., HARRIS PRENDERGAST, Of Lincoln's Inn, Esq.. Barrister-at-Law, eldest son of Col. Jeffery Prendergast. Military Auditor-General at Madras, to It...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. SIR—Your admission of my letter into your last Number is a strong proof of the candour and love of truth for its own sake which distinguish the...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. August 16, 1832. Sot — What can a Goveinment expect from the people, when such restraints are put on the diffusion of knowledge, and so much...

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The Congress of the United States separated on the 16th

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July, after a session of seven months, in very bad humour, and without even the ordinary ceremony of a vote of thanks to their Speaker.

Baron STOCKMAR, charged with a special mission from the King

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of the Belgians, has had several interviews with Lord PALMERSTON, and not without a favourable result. Our Ambassador at the Hague has been instructed to mention to the Dutch...

The Count DE FLAHAULT, who is arrived in England, is,

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we under- stand, charged with a private mission from the King of the French to our Cabinet. The Count had been appointed Ambassador pro tempore ; but TALLEYRAND objected, and...

The Standard earnestly calls on the London clergy to register

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for the purpose of opposing Mr. HUME in Middlesex. The clergy of London are Englishmen, and men of sense. Lord ALTHORP stated, the other day, to a deputation of persons con-...


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By a letter received from a gentleman who accompanied Lord DURHAM to St. Petersburg, we learn that the Emperor professes great anxiety to meet the views of the British...

Don PEDRO has formally demanded from the British Government the

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recognition of the Queen DONNA MARIA. Lord PALMERSTON, it is said, is anxious to recognize, but the opinion of the Great Law Officers of the Crown is not favourable. Several...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, Aug. 13th, Theodosia, Todd, from Bombay ; 14th, H. C. S. Mangles, Carr, from China and Quebec ; and Lotus, Summerson, from New South Wales. , Off Margate,...


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STOCK EXCHANCFE, FRIDAY EVENING. Consols closed on Saturday at WI ; and Exchequer Bills at 14s. to 15s. prem. During the week there has been no news, foreign or domestic, which...

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COBBETT says, while the Reform Bill was in progress, he looked merely to the disfranchising and enfranchising clauses, and never thought of the registry. We cannot shelter...


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THE KING'S HEALTH. THE raembers of the National Union, at their dinner at the Eyre Arms, on Monday, turned down their glasses when the King's lealth was proposed by the...

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SOMERVILLE will receive his discharge in return for the flogging to which he was subjected by Major WYNDHAM. His case is a proper example to all men set under authority, aud...


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THE subject of the ill-treatment of the Archbishop of CANTER- BURY, in his entry into the capital of his diocese, is not dead either at Canterbury or elsewhere. Discussions are...


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THE address of Lord NUGENT to the voters of Aylesbury deserves pointing out, as the only document of the kind ever written by a Ministerialist and a high officer of the Crown to...


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THE Duke of NEWCASTLE has got 21,0001. from the Hundred for the burning of Nottingham Castle. It was neither a very ancient nor a very magnificent building, "though fitted up in...

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THE . Law is not content with the punishment of death—it must have death with a horror of some sort attached to it : as anatomy has been complained of, the legislators will have...


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HAD the Gods made us poetical, we should now write an elegy upon the departed season. 'Lummox sung the Seasons ; but we speak of "the season of the seasons," .as the...


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OUR retrospect of the Italian Opera last week ended with the fol- lowing passage- " To the art, some good will arise from the experience of the past season. The English singer...


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WE have inserted, at considerable inconvenience to ourselves, another letter from G. P. S. It seems to exhibit a singular con- fusion of ideas. He protests against being...

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HISTORY, History Of the War of the Succession in Spain. By Lord Mahon. Mann , , TRAVELS, Excursions in I ndia; including a Walk over the Himalaya Mountains to the Sources of...

COLONEL JONES AND THE ARMY.—We noticed last week Colonel Jones's

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explanation of certain charges made against him. In giving the explanation, Colonel Jones read the regimental order in consequence of which he was compelled to quit the service....


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Tn is is a well-digested narrative of a series of military and po- litical movements. The subject is one which, owing to subsequent changes both in the condition and opinions of...

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TDB is an exceedingly pleasant book,—pleasant in its subject, pleasant in its stN le, pleasant in the play of the author's humour, .pleasant in the exhibition of an amiable and...

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Is perfectly intelligible, and has furnished us with not a few hearty laughs. Whether the author would have expected that precise demonstration of feeling, we are not prepared...

THE OLI AD Is a poem, which in this may be

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said to approach the sublime, that it is utterly incomprehensible. We shall not endeavour to de- scribe what we do not understand. A more decided case of folly we never met with...


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WE said we would tell Mr. TAIT why the plan of name-seeking, on the part of editors and publishers, in literature, and more espe- cially in periodicals, was a bad one. To Mr....

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THE books which lie scattered over the library of the Spectator at present, are numerous, and very various both in matter an& size. In matter they run from the West to the East,...

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The second is a pleasing and graceful waltz.

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"Se '1 ver, mi dice il cor." Aria. "Ii cor, e la mia fo." Quartetto. "0 tu, la cui dolce possanza." Aria. "Della vita." Aria. At length a music publisher, in the person of...

Canzonet, "0 Memory, torture me no more."

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This very delightful composition is published without the name of its author. Seldom have we seen one of the same kind less needing such concealment. It is beautifully...

"The lost Cavalier ;" a Romance. By CHARLES HODGSON. •

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This is a sort of Tyrolean melody, in which most of the passages are recognizable as old acquaintances.

"Nothing can equal the drum's merry sound." "Let me waltz

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along.' By A. DONNADIEU. The composer has done his best to give effect to the words of the first of these songs ; but his composition is (almost necessarily) some- what like...


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The Apollonicon, or Musical Album; Nos. I. and II. " Musical criticism is so generally intrusted to persons ig norant of the subject which they attempt to handle, that we see...

A charming little work on GOETHE may be shortly expected

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from the pen of the accomplished translator of the Letters of a German Prince. It is by JOHANNES FALK, a Privy Counsellor of Weimar, and long the intimate friend of the great...