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Ireland It is almost needless to write more than that

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one word, so readily will the reader anticipate what is to follow, of violences, conspiracies, turbulences, and all sorts of ills. But some traits of Irish politics are so...


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PARLIAMENT is now regularly summoned to meet for business on the 18th instant—Thursday week. It is meant to be under- stood that this extraordinary session will be short—limited...

No event of any marked or decisive character has occurred

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in foreign affairs. Switzerland, on which country attention is chiefly concentrated, is hastening to its lamentable civil war ; the last show of peaceful negotiation having come...

Our anticipation that the worst of the panic-breeding pressure had

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passed seems justified by the event, although no great ad- vantage has ostensibly been taken of the letter of licence issued last week from the Treasury. The fact is that most...

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Zbe eDourt.

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THE QUEEN held a Privy Council on Saturday last, at Windsor Castle; Prince Albert and most of the Ministers being present. The day fur the meeting of Parliament was fixed. Mr....

Sbt sItIttropolts.

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The ceremony of presenting the Lord Mayor Elect to the Lord Chan- cellor took place on Tuesday. Mr. Alderman Hooper was accompanied on the occasion by several of his brother...

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Zbe Vrobinces.

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Some indications of partial improvement in the condition of the manu- facturing districts appear. The trade circular of Messrs. Ferguson and Taylor, of Manchester, describes the...

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The Irish Council had their meeting at Dublin on Tuesday, under their new title of "National Council of Distress and Safety." The meeting was held in the Rotunda. Mr. Henry...


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As in England, the Municipal elections on the 1st instant passed off with very little interest. The Edinburgh Town-Council is unchanged in its political composition; in Glasgow...

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A Supplement to the Gazette, published on Saturday evening, contains a proclamation further proroguing Parliament from the 11th to the 18th of November, then to assemble for the...

orrign anb Colonial.

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SWITZERLAND.—The JOU77341 des Baba& publishes, in an extraordinary edition, a report of the last effort made by the Deputies of the several Cantons to arrange their differences...

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The Florence Tatria of the 28th October mentions, that the

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inhabitants of Fivizzano, hearing of the advance of two hundred Modenese soldiers from Galilean° to take possession of their town, rang the tocsin, and turned out en masse to...

It is reported that the Board of Trade have decided

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on remodelling the management of the School of Design, in the mode suggested by the Com- mittee of the Council. Thus the management will be vested in a Committee of the Council,...

The accounts received this morning in private letters from Manchester

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are exceedingly unfavourable; the accounts received by the Indian mail having brought down several more of the houses in that town and neigh- bourhood. In addition to the firm...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY APTE1Noote. The market has assumed a much more healthy tone during the week ; and the feeling of confidence to which we alluded in our last notice has...

The Yorkshire Gazette of this morning announces the death of

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Dr. Edward Harcourt, Archbishop of York, in the ninety-first year of his age and the forty-first since his translation to the Archiepiscopal diocese- " The melancholy event took...

Answering "An Old Subscriber" from memory, we should say that

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admission to the reading-room at the British Museum is to be obtained on the recommendation of any person known to the authorities of the Mu- seum, or by a letter addressed to...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The long.talked-of assemblage of Peers, Members of Parliament, and landed proprietors of Ireland, called together by the "Irish Council," took place on...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Lincoln's Inn, 1st November 1847. Stu—Your correspondent "M." attributes to me a confusion between the religions system of our old Unieersities...


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Oxford, 2d November 1847. Slit—Residents in Oxford have not failed to notice either the address of Mr. F. Newman or the comments upon it in your paper. And the impartial...

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MR. STEPHEN: THE COLONIAL OFFICE. Mn. STEPHEN has fulfilled a long expectation, by abdicating. He retires from the Under Secretaryship of the Colonial Office, and leaves behind...


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FaTaLisst is a feeling natural to the human breast, and many good Protestants are Mussulmans in sneering at any notion of preparing to meet the cholera, merely because they do...

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Laws, like promises, says the universal practice of Ireland, are made to be broken. The fact begets a hopelessness in legislative remedies ; since there seems neither the...


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a JOHN RAE" Mat be added to the catalogue of immortal names, as that of one who shared in the intrepid studies of practical geo- graphy under an Arctic climate, and helped to...


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JOHN OVENSTONE, who shot his creditor Crawley, has been ac- quitted on the ground of insanity; and the verdict of the Jury is called in question as an outrage on sense and...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. LETTER IIL Sia — I am particularly anxious to avoid even the appearance of supposing that nothing else is wanted for Ireland than an improvement...

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SINCE the commencement of the theatrical season we have had two cases of dramatic backsliding. Mr. Marston's Heart and the World was a mani- fest decline from the Patrician's...

At Marylebone, The Bridal has been produced with new decorations;

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Mrs. Warner taking her original character of Eradne. Miss Parker, an un- pretending, and apparently an intelligent young actress, of a very pleasing person, has made a...

Box and Cox, a new farce produced at the Lyceum,

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is one of those absur- dities which are amusing because they are evidently meant to be absurd, and because a droll defiance of common sense is maintained throughout. Every...

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The Bushman; or Life in a New Country. By- E. W. Landor Bentley. Senostar, Oteervatforis on some of the Parts of &Weal Practice l's Which is prenzed an In- quiry into the Claims...

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Irt this volume the late Senior Surgeon of St. Bartholomew's Hospital has propounded a view, in "a Preliminary Inquiry into the claims that Surgery may be supposed to have for...

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TEE volume before us is a true manual, in the highest sense of the word : it is as full of matter as an egg is full of meat, and for a cursory view of the whole subject—cursory,...

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ESSENTIALLY, Jane Eyre, an Autobiography, has some resemblance to those sculptures of the middle ages in which considerable ability both mechanical and mental was often...

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BOOKS. The Bushman; or Life in a New Country. By E. W. Landon Secret History of the Court and Government of Russia under the Em- perors Alexander and Nickolas. In two volumes....


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SOCIETY OF BRITISH MUSICIANS. THIS society was established some fourteen or fifteen years ago, professedly on the model of the Royal Academy of Painting, and with a similar ob-...

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Tuelolay, Nov. 2. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. J. S. and F. L. T. - Bowden, Aldennanbury, solicitors-Standly and Phillips, Birming- ham, linendrapers-WIlkinson and Co. Lincoln's...


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WAa-OFFICE, Nov. 5.-3d Drag. Guards-Lieut. H. H. Bacon to be Capt. by purchase, vice Warner, who retires ; Cornet F. A. Oakes to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Bacon ; A. W....


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Aaaprzn - At Gravesend, 31st Oct. General Sir William Nett, Outerbridge, from Manilla. At Bombay, previous to 30th Sept. Moffatt, Smith ; Mary, Kemp ; and Sir H. Hardinge,...


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On the 28th October, at Calk° Abbey, the Lady of Sir John Harper Crewe, Bart., of a daughter. On the 29th, at Midshells. Roxburghshlre, the Lady of Captain George Elliot, R.N.,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing PAM-) Eislord. Monde,. 7144edey. Weiss*. 77mrs. 801 8 8 11 82 82 83 811 81 82 621 831 791 811 Si 811 81 PI 814 82 -- 8} 81 Si 6.4 183 185 185 1851...