16 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 14


Bright Ideas for Entertaining. By Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott. (Hodder and Stoughton. 3s. 6d.)-This is the kind of reference- book a hostess must be grateful for. How often has one seen well-meant hospitality falling flat because neither host nor hostess could entertain a gathering of acquaintances. There are many ingenious, and to us quite new, forms of amusement described here for both children and adults. Some are variants of old games, but most can be recommended as helpful to the hostess. Some depend on decorative effects, and should be as interesting to accomplish as they would be to the spectators. Literary and topical games are not only amusing, but instructive, such as those in which people recollect advertisements, to draw animals or objects, or those which aid memories and generally stimulate the faculties. This is an educational value of games we must never lose sight of ; and though games annoy many clever people, they do stimulate the general intelligence. The hostess who can afford to be independent of such a book as this is rare, and we heartily commend it to the majority. Its value will be apparent on a wet day, or when entertaining young people of the awkward age,-i.e., those too old to romp, but too young to talk.