16 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 17

On Wednesday the Emperor and Empress paid a visit to

London, and were entertained by the City Corporation at the Guildhall. The crowds received them cordially. The route was decorated and was lined by troops. The Corporation address was presented in a gold casket to the Emperor, who in acknowledging it quoted with approval a motto he had noticed among the street decorations : " Blood is thicker than water." He hoped that might ever be true between Britain and Germany. After luncheon the Lord Mayor proposed the health of the Emperor and Empress. The Emperor said lie was most grateful for the way in which London had received them. He reminded his audience that he had received the freedom of the City in 1891. .Then he had declared that his aim was above all the maintenance of peace. History, he ventured to hope, would do him the justice of saying that he had pursued that aim unswervingly. The main prop and base for the peace of the world was the maintenance of good relations between Britain and Germany, and he should further strengthen them as far as lay in his power. We discuss the relations of the two countries elsewhere, and will only say here that we gratefully acknowledge that the better understanding which is promised is founded on the right and only basis,—the recognition of our desire to maintain the equilibrium of Europe through our friendship with France. That we should ever wantonly provoke a war with Germany is unthinkable.