16 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 18

The Birthday Honours list was published on Saturday last. No

peerages have been bestowed, an omission which the present attitude of the Government towards the House of Lords rendered, we suppose, expedient; but baronetcies have been conferred on Mr. Clifford Cory, M.P. ; Mr. Hollins, a Preston cotton-spinner; Sir Herbert Ashman, who has been twice Lord Mayor of Bristol ; Mr. W. Bilsland, the Lord Provost of Glasgow; Mr. Jeremiah Colman, head of the well- known mustard firm ; and Mr. Edward Donner, a Manchester merchant, who for many years has laboured with unobtrusive zeal in the cause of higher education in Lancashire. The new Privy Councillors are Sir Charles Tupper, the venerable Canadian statesman; Mr. Whiteley, M.P., the Government Whip ; Mr. C. S. Parker, formerly Member for Perth, and author of more than one excellent political biography ; Mr. W. McEwan, well known for his munificent benefactions to Edinburgh University ; and Mr. George Russell. Of the new Knights the best known are Mr. Charles Santley, the singer, and Mr. John Hare, the actor; while the list of K.C.M.G.'s includes the names of Mr. C. P. Lucas, the very able and respected bead of the new Dominions Department of the Colonial Office, and of Captain C. L. Ottley, the new &ere= tart' to the Imperial Defence Committee.