16 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 18

Mr. Birrell concluded his speech by repeating that the Government

was doing its best to put this thing down, At the same time, he would not be bullied or cajoled by any persons or newspapers here or in Ireland into a departure from a course which he believed would result before long in a complete restoration of order in Ireland, and in enabling the Liberal Government to continue in its• path of extending to the Irish people educational and religious reforms, and in time to come the right of self-government. It is satisfactory to learn that Mr. Birrell at last fully realises the seriousness of the situation in Ireland. But it is hard to reconcile his general optimism as to the adequacy of the means employed to restore order with his admissions as to the dimensions of the evil and his tolerant attitude towards the real ringleaders. Note also that while he rebukes

Magistrates and graziers for their slackness, be has not a word to say in reprobation of the speeches of Mr. Ginnell.