16 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 34

" General Post Office,

I entirely agree with and sympathise in the view expressed by your• correspondent and yourself, that these most pernicious advertisements should, if possible, be sup- pressed.

But what can we do? When these documents are sent in sealed (gummed) envelopes we have no knowledge of the con- tents of such letters ; and I feel sure that public opinion would not tolerate the opening of letters in this country by the Postmaster-General on suspicion only. If they are posted in open envelopes (the halfpenny post) they are, if detected, stopped and destroyed.

When information in regard to a particular firm is brought to our notice (as your• correspondent does in this case), we communicate the name and par•ticular•s to the police. If the firm is an English firm, proceedings (if thought possible) are taken. In the case of a foreign firm a communication is, if thought to be of any use, made to the foreign police. I can assure you we fully recognise the evil, and do all that we legitimately can to minimise it.

Yours very truly,