16 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 34

"October 29th, 1907.


Cannot you use your undoubtedly great influence in some practical effort to rouse the Postal or Home Office authorities to some sensible action preventing the public services of this country from being prostituted to such vile purposes as the

'wholesale propaganda of such filthy and corrupting communica- tions as the enclosed ? Under postmark Munich,' the enclosed were delivered by the postman this morning addressed to my daughter! her address, with thousands of others, having been obtained from Who's Who' or other of the directories. It is a scandal indeed that our Postal authorities are apparently unequal to the duty of

• dealing with such abominations as in Russia. FORBIDDEN IN RUSSIA' forsooth, yet permitted in England! (see endorsement upon one of the publications). I know it is no savoury business to expose such indecency. It is, however, high time that prompt

• measures should be taken to prevent the pollution of English • homes by the indiscriminate flood of such unmitigated filth. I know of nothing more effective than to appeal, as perhaps one of the oldest readers of your paper, for your assistance and exposure. Yours faithfully,