16 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 41

Lady Anne. By Morley Roberts. (F. V. White and Co.

6s.)— Sir George Hale, the principal character in this novel, is repre- sented as having died some months before the beginning of the story. None the less, he is the most living force in the events described, and his portrait is given in as much detail as that of any of the other dramatis personae. The dramatic unities are pre- served, for the events, save for a short prologue, practically take place within a period of twenty-four hours. Mr. Morley Roberts has made Sir George Hale too fine a character from the Imperial point of view for the reader not sincerely to regret his sordid lapses from a high standard of personal morality. In spite of the shortness of the book, the principal personages are very firmly drawn, and live before our eyes. The whole story is an extremely able piece of work, and moves with an energy and vigour which make it impossible not to wish that a pleasanter theme had been chosen.