16 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 7

Romance of Empire: Canada. By Beckles Willson. (T. C. aid

E. C. Jack. 6s.)—Very little is required to male the early story of the French settlements in Canada interesting—it is indeed a suc- cession of romantic and picturesque incidents—and Mr. Beekles Willson knows his Canada well. He has made a fascinating book out of the adventures of Champlain, de is Tour, and Tracy, who transported to the shores of North America some of the best traditions of the gentlemen of France. It was a long, trying, and disappointing struggle the French pioneers waged against Indians and English, with occasional assistance from a lukewarm France. Honour to those who sustained it ! Their descendants may be proud of them, and will find nothing to complain of ix Mr. Willson's recital of their endeavours. Our author writes with sympathy and enthusiasm, and even makes tolerably clear the successive changes in spheres of influence the country under- went. But we suppose boys, for whom this book is meant, will have their map of Canada handy. To understand the overlapping of conflicting charters this is essential. It is a handsome book, with good print and illustrations, and young Canadians as well as young Englishmen may learn some useful lessons in the history of the Dominion from its stirring pages.