16 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 7

Scottish Heroes of the Faith. By George W. T. • McGoWn.

(Hodder and Stoughton. 3s. 6d.)—We have here short bin. graphies of Patrick Hamilton, the first &Wish, thaebyr of the Reformation ; George Wil3hart ; Cameron, "the Ilion of the Covenant" ; Renwick, the last Scottish martyr ; and the mis- sionaries Moffat, Chalmers, Mackay, and Paton. While some of them are well known, the• earlier ones are not, and all boys should be the better for reading the life-stories of those magnificent examples of courage, more especially on account of their youth, which must always excite our astonishment. Cameron was thirty-two when he was killed, and Renwick only twenty-aim Mr. McGown has handled his subjects well, though 'there was ne need to enlarge on the contrast between the characters of persecutor's and martyrs. Men swayed by bigotry quid -eupersti, tion become scarcely human; let-us recollect only thelnight side, —the martyrs.