16 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 7

Under the Roman Eagles. By .11mytit Sagon. (Partridge and Co.

2s.)—Petilius Cerialis, 'a Roman of whom we would gladly know more than we do, is the hero of -this story. The aeon° is first laid in Britain, and is afterwards changed to Rome, where Nero is now passing into the worst stage of his tyranny. The story is a good one, Cerialis in particular being made a very interesting figure. But there are some curious 'errors. The story-teller in classic. lands must be wary in his' goings. It was not " young Germanieus the bravest, gentlest lad," tont young Britannic-us that was "set aside for young Nero." As for his bravery and gentleness, we know 'nothing, but a soh of Claudius and Messalina could hardly have promised- mueh. Some of the names have a curious sound, as " the Lady Dania." And Why "Lybian " again and again ?