13 JULY 1850

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The trial of Robert Pate has had a peculiar result.

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The in- sanity of the man was attested by a vast number of circumstances, to which witnesses, including medical men, deposed ; it was not contradicted; but the prisoner was...

While the remains of" the great statesman" were still unburied,

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and the cloud of funereal associations still hung over the public, the deep midnight bell of London cathedral announced the death of the Duke of Cambridge ; a very different...

The present provisional arrangement which has intrusted the Great Seal

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to a Commission is to be superseded by another ar- rangement, which also purports to be temporary. According to the Times, Sir Thomas Wilde, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas,...

France is divided between a boyish "attempt to assassinate the

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President," and a recent " scene" in the National Assembly. One George Alfred Walker—not the author of Gatherings from Graveyards, but the son of a compositor on an...


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Tin variety of subjects before Parliament this week has been considerable ; but some of them elude special notice by their ex- cessive triviality, others by the trivial manner...

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&huhu Ruh Vrurrehiugs iu Vartiamtut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF TITS WEEK. HOPSE OF LORDS. _Monday, July 8. Post-office Regulations ; Sunday Letter-send- ing—General Board of Health Bill, passed through Committee—Court...

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tjr tuna

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Tan death of the Queen's uncle, the Duke of Cambridge, which is fully nar- rated below, gives the rest of the Court news a sombre tone. The incidents noted are little else than...

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t4t Vrtruputil

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The Court of Common Council held a meeting on Monday for transac- tion of business; and it being known that a motion of respectful tribute to the memory of Sir Robert Peel was...

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The rites of burial were performed over the remains of Sir Robert Peel on Tuesday-, at the village church of Drayton Bassett, not without some degree of funereal pomp, and with...

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limn unit Colonial. • Fitswcz — M. Louis Napoleon has been

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promoted to the sovereign dig- nity of having his life menaced by a lunatic. A youth named George Alfred Walker, the son of a compositor on the staff of Galignones Mes- senger,...

-we are enabled to announce that Sir Thomas Wilde has

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been selected for the important office of Lord Chancellor, and that his appointment has been approved by her Majesty. It is understood, however, that Sir Thomas Wilde will only...

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The debate in the French Assembly on the Press law

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has taken a most unexpected turn. On Wednesday, M. Tinguy moved an amendment re- quiring the writer's signature to all newspaper articles : it was opposed but languidly, no one...

In other parts of our present nunaber we have, expressed

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the conclu- sions to which we had arrived as to the Ministerial bearing on the Sunday Post-office affair. A private letter addressed to us by a Member of Par- liament, whose...

A telegraphic message from Dublin states that a collision took

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place near Belfast on Thursday—the "Twelfth of July "—between an Orange proces- sion and a small body of Police. The Police arrested the leader of the pro- cession, who carried...


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SATIIRDAT. The House of Commons last night, on the motion of Lord JOHN Rua- SPILL, went into Committee for the purpose of adopting an address to the Queen praying her Majesty...

A deputation from, the inhabitants of Tamworth proceeded to Drayton

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Manor on Wednesday, and presented to Sir Robert Peel an address of con- dolence on the death of his father. Sir Robert, on behalf of himself and his family, feelingly...

Walter Watts was sentenced by Baron Alderson, yesterday, to be

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transported for ten years. It was stated in court that the full amount of his defalca- tions to the Globe Insurance Company is 80,000l. This morning Mr. Watts was discovered to...

Mr. Joseph Paxton, the well-brown gardener to the Duke of

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Devonshire, is among the competitors offering designs for the building to ecatain thti Exposition of 1851, and he has circulated a wood-cut of his design —a parallelogram, long...

We understand that Sir Thomas Wilde will be raised to

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the Peerage by the title of Baron Eltham.—Tiree,s. We understand that Sir Thomas Wilde will be raised to the Peerage by the title of Baron Eltham.—Tiree,s. The Duke of Hamilton...

The funeral of the Duke of Cambridge will take mace

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at the church of Kew at an early hour on Tuesday morning, in the most private manner consistent with the rank of the deceased; Prince George the son of the deceased, will be the...


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15. Mercantile Marine (No. 2) Bill: Committee (at twelve o'clock.) Attornies' Certificates Bill: Second reading. Ecclesiastical Commission Bill : Committee. Supply: Committee....

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p atm The manager of the St. James's Theatre has

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not been disappointed in Ins expectation as to the success a Adrienne Le-concrete% It has been played every French. evening this week, and the performance of Made- moiselle...


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The reappeatanee of Madame Pasta this week in the concert-room and on the stage of Her Majesty's Theatre—the scenes of her triumphs in former days—was deeply interesting, but...


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The business transacted in the English Funds has been of an unimportant character ; the fluctuations of the market during the whole week not having exceeded a per cent. The...

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IF proper administration consisted in a. perpetual tantalizing and teasing of the public, Lord john Russe.Ths - would be one of the best administrations ever witnessed by this...


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THE DIME OF CAMBRIDGE. THE excellent old Duke has left us. We are too apt to rate our public men only according to their political rank ; but perhaps no one has helped more to...


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Mr. Locke King's motion, to give the right of voting in English Counties to all occupiers of tenements of 101. annual value, is lost by a majority of 59. For the motion...

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Tin: tribute paid by the French to the memory of Sir Robert Peel ought not only to be dear to those who were dear to him, and to the nation on whose behalf he laboured, but it...


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.A..GBFAT improvement is announced', in the intention to divide the office of Lord Chancellor into two parts, severally devoted to the political and the strictly judicial...

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COMMON resemblances doubtless pervade the family of man, and average results in corresponding periods may be expected in the actions of its members ; but society is constantly...


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THIS once important corporation expired last week in profound obscurity. The announcement of its death was needed to remind one of its existence. The manifest immediate cause of...

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Irttrrn In t#t nitnr.

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JEWS AND CHRISTIANS. London, 10th Jade 1860. Szn—In reading the newspaper this morning, I was struck with the fact, that the same Members who presented petitions against the...


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Lincoln's Inn, 8th July 1850. Ste—The act for the sale of encumbered estates in Ireland has been generally approved of; indeed, no one deserving the name of a statesman has...


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A CASE before the Court of Exchequer amusingly illustrates the judicial blindness to any fact not presented in the technical way. Payment having been demanded from the Albion...

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5th June 1850. M. Rorroa — Let me now beg of you for truth's sake to insert this letter. Raving been requested to state what I knew of the portrait of Dante dis- covered. in...

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CORRESPONDENCE AND ITINERARY OF THE EMPEROR CHARLES V. * THIS volume can hardly lay claim to so comprehensive a title as Correspondence of Charles the Fifth, inasmuch as the...

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IN THE ILITIPGAMILA CAMPAIGN. * Tim batik consists of several seotions - the first of which contains a.narrative of observations and advent ures, pparently by an officer who was...

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Mits. STONE had better have continued the kind of fiction which aimn at exhibiting a peculiar clasS of society, than thrown herself upon more general subjects. The reader has a...


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Borers. A comparative paucity of arrivals during the present week, indicates as distinctly perhaps as anything the closing " season." Among the leading books are, the fifth...

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COMMERCIAL GAZETTE, Tuesday, July 9. Paersintsines Dissor.van.—H. and D. Owen,

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Birkenhead, linendrapers—Steele and Cooke, Bradford, Yorkshire, bootmakers—Oldham and Co. Hull, millwrights ; as far as regards C. Smith—Churchward and Byrne, Tooley Street,...


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On the 4th June, at Government House, Tobago, the Lady of his Excellency Major Laurence Greme, of a daughter. On the 28th, in Upper Mount Street, Dublin, the Wife of...


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Wan-ornes, July 12.-1st R%ret. of Drag. Guards—T. J. Mitchell, Gent, to be Cor- net, by purchase, vice Poynter, promoted. 4t1. Drag. Guards—G. M. Morgan, Gent. to be Cornet, by...

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SHARES. (Last Official Quotation dun Mg the Week ending Friday Evening.) Rsn.wsvs- Caledonian Edinburgh and Glasgow Eastern Counties Great Northern Great North of England...