15 JUNE 1844

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IMPORTANT subjects have taken their turn in both Houses of Par- liament this week; in one case with some token of an unexpected result. In the Commons, the grand debate was had...

Hostilities have broken out between Morocco and France: be- sides

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the indomitable barbarian chief Ann-EL-Karaaa, the French are beset by the fanatical and furious subjects of the Emperor ABD-ER-RAHMAN. Whether a "holy war" has been proclaimed,...

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Mr. JOHN TYLER, of the United States, has made a

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move to- wards a war with Mexico : he has stationed an "army of observa- tion" on the frontiers of Texas, to watch and keep the peace while the treaty of annexation is pending !...

Debates anb igiroreebinas in Warliament.

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THE IRISH CHURCH. In the House of Commons on Tuesday, Mr. WARD brought forward his annual motion on the suhject of the Irish Church temporalities; in the new shape, however, of...

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gbe lattropolis.

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The Merchant Tailors Company gave their annual banquet at their Hall, on Tuesday ; Mr. C. M. Hullati, the Master, in the chair. Dr, Wynter, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University,...

Zbe (Court.

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Tim circle at Buckingham Palace has again lost its principal guest ; who, however, did not fail to improve his brief stay with right royat rapidity of motion. The Emperor of...

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The proceedings in the Dublin Court of Queen's Bench in the case of the Queen versus O'Connell and others, have closed with the de- spatch of the writ of error to London : it...

Zbe 1Brobinces.

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The incendiary fires continuing in Suffolk and the adjacent districts, The Times has sent "our own correspondent" to investigate the matter ; and he writes very like the...

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The Emperor of Russia arrived at the Hague on Monday, intending to make some stay in the hospitable mansion of the King; but intelli- gence from St. Petersburg, "concerning the...

fforeign anti FRANCE. —War appears actually to have broken out

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between Morocco and the French in Algeria. The ifoniteur of Tuesday publishes de- spatches from General Lamoriciere ; in one of which, dated from the Camp. near Lall, Magruia,...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. No proceedings in Parliament this session have been so damaging to Ministers as those of the House of Commons last night : they have sustained a defeat on an...

The New Zealand Company met yesterday, by adjournment, and again

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adjourned to the 28th instant ; important despatches from the colony, received within two days, not having yet been digested.

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The mail-steamer Britannia, which left Boston on the 1st instant.

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and Halifax on the 3d, arrived at Liverpool on Thursday. The intelligence is highly interesting. A Democratic Convention at Baltimore had cho- sen as the party's candidate for...

The Standard puts forth in a very prominent manner the

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statement that a Cabinet Council was held at the Foreign Office today ; [delibe- rating, of course, on the defeat last night.]

A strange scene was witnessed in Dublin on Thursday. A

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number of deputations from municipal corporations went in a procession of thirty carriages, to present addresses to Mr. O'Connell. At the prison- gate they successively applied...

In the Central Criminal Court, today, Augustus Dolmas was brought

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up for sentence. When asked if he had anything to say why sentence of death should not he pronounced, he exclaimed- " My Lord, before God, 1 most solemnly declare that I am...

Lest night's Gazette announces that the Queen has appointed Mr.

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Edward Goulburn, sergeant-at-law, to be Commissioner of the Court of Bankruptcy, in the room of Mr. Merivale, deceased.

The Queen, Prince Albert, and the King of Saxony returned

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to Buckingham Palace, from Claremont, at noon today.

We perceive that attempts are made in some quarters to

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excite alarm respecting a failure of the crops, from the long protracted dry weather. That moisture has not accompanied the change of the wind has no doubt produced considerable...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRTDAV AFTERYTODW. The Government Funds have declined during the week, and close this after- noon more than a half per cent below our last quotations. This...

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The Prize Comedy was announced for representation at the Hay-

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market on Thursday, but it is postponed till Tuesday next ; when, the bills emphatically announce, "it will positively be produced." FARBER, MIS. NISBETT, and Mrs. GLOVER are...

By way of variety, we have been visiting Astley's ;

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which since it has been rebuilt by Mr. BATTY is the most airy theatre in the Metro- polis—a great advantage in this sultry weather notwithstanding the sawdust of the arena and...


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ANOTHER SESSION ALMOST THROWN AWAY. ALREADY the note of preparation is given for winding up the no of the session. Ministers are picking out those of their own measures that are...


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MADEMOISELLE Disezve has resumed her saucy sway at the French Theatre with undiminished potency. There is an indescribable fasci- nation in the performances of this actress,...

The Lyceum has produced a picturesque and amusing bagatelle, whose

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title, the Three Fra Diavolos, suggests the nature of the plot. KEELEY, as the mock brigand—who is first frightened out of his wits by a brother masquerader, then struck...

Madame Tun.tox still draws crowds to the Princess's, and the

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temperature of the boxes has risen to oven-heat in consequence. The engagement of this accomplished singer has been renewed for a few nights more ; and she is to appear in Lucia...


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Auftiv-vo—At Gravesend, 8th June, Diana, Strickland, from China ; Water-wifch, Morton. from Calcutta ; Deva, Sprout. from Ceylon ; Fourteen, hood; and Renewal, Trotter, from...

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A SURVEY of the present state of the Sugar question exhibits the several conflicting "interests" or parties to it in a most unsatis- factory light. To begin with the largest,...

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THE Emperor of Russia is the only existing representative of the Emperor of the Fairy Tale or Arabian Nights' Entertainment. For fair speeches and rich gifts on every side,...

GAMING AND GAMBLING. f LET us distinguish between gaming and

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gatnbling—betweenthe simple indulgence of an instinctive propensity and its abuse. The taste for play is common to all men. Uncertainty, if not too long protracted—if not...

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BIOGRAPHY. The Life,of Sir Hugh Palliser, Bart., Admiral of the White and Governor of Green- wich Hospital. By Robert M. Hunt, Esq Chapman awl Hall. FICrws, Afloat midashme;...


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IN early society there is a good deal of waste—men waste food, time, and ideas. A high state of civilization turns every thing to ac- count: bones, which the semicivilized throw...

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IT is known, from the nature and dates of their works, that the HOWITTS have resided in Germany for some bears past, with the object, we now learn, of educating the children....

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From June 7th to June 13th.

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Travels in Southern Abyssinia, through the Country of Adal to the King- dom of Shoe. By CHARLES JOHNSTON, M.R.C.S. Its IWO volumes. A History of China, from the Earliest Records...

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SMITH PHILHARMONIC CONCERT. PART I. Sinfonia in C minor, (No. 5). Extrreovis. Aria. 0 cars imrna g ine," Signor Srosz. F‘auto Mayico). Messer, Concertante 11,r four Viulius....


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CONCERTS with a full orchestra are so rare among the benefits of the spring season, that those conducted on this plan deserve to be signalized as "grand." TOLBECQUE led an ample...

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BRITISH INSTITUTION: WORKS OF THE OLD MASTERS. THE selection of old pictures this year is of a very miscellaneous kind ; comprehensive rather than choice. It would appear to...


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WAR-OFFICE, June 14.-Ist Dragoun Guards-M. Feuwick. Gent, tube Cornet. br purchase. site Thompson, promoted. 1 th Light Drags.-Lieut. E. V. Iduckiuu0a, num the 97th Foot, to be...


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BIRTHS. On the 30th April. at Tabreez, the Lady ut EDWARDWALTER BONHAM. Esq., her Id jests Consul-General. of a sou. On the 2d June, at Kuseartou Rectory, the Wife of the Rev....


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Tuesday, June II. PARTNeRsHMS Dissui.veD. Johnson and Farrar, Birkenhead. Cheshire. coach-builders-Gbiruey and Co. Al- bion Place, Kum a Cross-J urdan and Cu. Leeds. truitmers -...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Frldtrg, 98 931 1015 125 1975 78 FOREIGN FUNDS. Alabama (Sterling) 5 p. Austrian 5 Chinas' G - Belgian Braeilian 5 Buenos A y res 6 6...