16 JULY 1836

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THE Irish Church Bill was passed by the House of Commons last night ; and awaits its doom from the Peers. It is not yet positively known what course the ruling majority there...

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The trial of ALIBEAU, before the French Court of Peers,

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com- menced on the 8th and terminated on the 9th instant. It caused little interest in Paris. There was no crowd in or about the Court; and bad not the Prefect of Police,...

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1. REFORM OF THE CHURCH. In the HOUSE OF COMMONS on Tuesday, Lord JOHN RUSSELL moved the order of the day for going into Committee on the Esta- blished Church Bill. Mr. Jolts...

The intelligence from Spain, as regards General EVANS and Lis

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troops, is very contradictory. On the one hand, it is said that the dissatisfaction with the Government of Spain continues ; and that officers and men are eager to return home ;...

The Sultan has dismissed his Reis Effendi, whose treatment of

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Mr. CHURCHILL was made the subject of energetic, and it appears, effectual remonstrance, by Lord PONSONBY. Foreigners generally, residing at Constantinople, will be benefited by...

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Mr. Sheriff Salomons appears as the second candidate on the Liberal interest for the representation of Southwark : the first, as our readers know, is Mr. Benjamin Wood, brother...

The members of the Protestant Association, and other persons of

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the same opinions political and religious, held a meeting on Thursday, at Exeter Hall, to hear a speech from the Reverend Robert M'Ghee on the subject of the perils to which the...

as I)e Court.

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THE King and Queen, and a party from Windsor Castle, dined on Tuesday at Kew, and returned to the Castle in the evening. On Wednesday, their Majesties came to town ; and the...

A meeting was held on Wednesday, at the Crown and

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Anchor Tavern, to petition the House of Commons to take measures for the release of Dr. Arthur James Beaumont, an English subject, impri- soned in France on a charge of...

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At the Hatton Garden Office, on Monday, Mrs. Susannah Raw-

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linson, with her mother and sister Mrs. and Miss Hextall, were charged with stealing a quantity of jewellery front Miss Julia Newman, who lodged with the prisoners, in the house...

Mr. Francis Ward( n was electe d a Director of

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the East India Com- pany on Wednesday, in the room cf Mr. George Raikes who had dis- qaalified. A most important change has lately taken place in the value of cer- tain...

ebe Countrii. The West Sorry Conservatives dined together, at Guildford,

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on Saturday. Lord Hotham, Lord Grantley, Mr. Baring Wall, Lord Egerton, Mr. R. C. Scarlett, Mr. C. Barclay, and Sir Edward Sug- den, were the principal guests. The speeches and...

In the Court of Common Pleas, on Saturday, Mr. Powell

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obtained 1471. damages against the registered proprietor of the Morning In the Court of Common Pleas, on Saturday, Mr. Powell obtained 1471. damages against the registered...

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Mr. Sharman Crawford has addressed the following letter to his

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constituents at Dundalk, in explanation of his refusal to vote for the Irish Church Bill. " TO TOE LIBERAL CONSTITUENCY OF DI7 NDA LK. " London, 5th July 1836. " Fellow...

Within a circuit of several miles round Maidstone, the hay

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has never been known to have been got in better. The cinquefoil, clover, and trefoil, have produced heavily; and the grass, although not quite equal to the latter, except in...


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Mr. O'Connell's second letter to the National Association of Ireland soon followed the first. It commences with an expression of regret that the Association should have been...

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We are reminded, by the return of the publication of

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the weekly ournals, of the dispute which exists between some of our contempora- ries on the propriety of the Ministers now resigning office.—Courier. [Nobody urges the Ministers...

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The Standard of Monday quoted our statement of the comparative strength of parties in the House of Commons on the Irish Church question, and then added the following note- "...

The Honourable Colonel Butler, M. P., has been restored to

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his rank us Deputy-Lieutenant and Magistrate of Kilkenny. On the night of Wednesday sennight, another attempt was made to injure the statue of King William, in College Green....

The Cathedral dignitaries are alarmed at the extensive powers pro..

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posed to be conferred on the Bishops by the Bill facetiously called one of " Church Reform," and more especially with the havoc which it is proposed to make, even in their...


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The Commission of the General Assembly of the Church of Scot.. land have decided to petition against the Scottish Universities Bill, by a vote of 57 to 21. Among the voters...

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Mr. 111 , Gliee, in a communication to the Standard this evening,

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confesses that the letter ascrifled to the Pope, which excited the ladies so vehemently at Exeter Hall, is an " ingenious device " which " his learned friend " resorted to for...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. A Cabinet Council, attended by all the Ministers, was held this afternoon at the Foreign Office.

The Gazette of last night announces that the Reverend Francis

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Hodgson has been appointed to the Archdeaconry of Derby, vacant by Dr. Butler ' s promotion to the see of Lichfield and Coventry. The Christian Examiner states, that one of the...

A correspondent of the Morning Chronicle, who has sent his

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card to that journal, and states himself to be a Durham coal-owner, denies the truth of Lord WHMINCLIFEE'S assertion that railways for the carriage of coals in Durham had not...

Mr. SPRING RICE still refuses to give in addition to

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the universal Stamp-office imprint of " one penny," a distinctive die for each news- paper. Why ? He has no objection to allow those who wish it to have the name of their...


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BIRTHS. On the 12th inst., at the Hon. Robert Curzon's, tipper Brook Street, the lIon. Mrs. Et-mart!) Conzox, of a son. On the 14th of May, at Bishop's Pen,Jamaica, the Lady...


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SATURDAY, FOUR O'CLOCK. Consols for Account close a per cent. lower—the last price being 91% II. Spanish Stock is lower, but does not close at the lowest price. At one period...

The intelligence from the Continent this morning is unimportant. Admiral

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Hccox has sailed from Tunis with a small French squadron for Tripoli, to watch the movements of a Turkish fleet just arrived there. The Admiral has required immediate...

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A FRIENDLY voice addresses Lord MELHOURNE -"It iS not yet too late. The existence of the party, of which you are the head, yet depends on yourself. That party is dispirited,...


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THE country is now fully alive to the anti-national policy of the Lords on the great questions of the day ; but few are aware of the consistency and regularity with which, in...


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TORIES AND WHIGS—PLAN AND NO PLAN. INFORMATION from all quarters assures us, that the view which we took last week of the new policy of the Tories, has met with general...

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THE Established Church Bill is now passing through the House of Commons. Its main provisions relate to the adjustment of episcopal incomes. The Archbishop of CANTERBURY is to...

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THE Attorney-General's bill "for the more effectual Registration of persons entitled to vote in the Election of Members of Parlia- ment in England and Wales," still lingers in...


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" Tut Million Loan" was voted by the House of Commons to re- lieve the pressing necessities of the pauperized clergy of Ireland. Affecting pictures set forth the distress to...

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The Parisian Constitutionnel has the following gossip about Mrs. Norton

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: a ladle over sentimental ! "Mrs. Norton, whose name has been recently mentioned in all the Conti- nental journals, has been in Paris for some days. She intends going to...


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AMONG all the "interests," is there none to stand up for Music, in the House of Commons ? We have read with shame and sor- row the nefarious project for abolishing Church Music,...


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MR. STRANG ran over Germany in 1831, when its mind was alarmed by the expectation of the Cholera, and excited by the Revolution of the Barricades. Neither pestilence nor...


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TRATZI.S. Germany in 1831. By John Strang. Author of "Tales of Humour sad ROIRRISCII, from the German of Iluffinanu, Langb&iu, Lafontaine," &e. ^ Nieropolts Glee. guensis."...

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THE object of these rough not is to defend the British Auxi- liaries from the charges brought against them by Tories at home, and by gentlemen who—according to a Iroad hint of...


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Tins is a clever book, concocted to order, by some one holding the pen of a ready writer in the fashionable literature department of Mr. Connunsi's corps. The title has small...

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APART from its merit as a treatise on an important subject, this volume derives some claim to attention from its paternity. It may surely be reckoned a sign of the times, when a...


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THE third volume of Mr. THIRLWALL'S Greece commences with the rise of Cimoss and the colonial and insular contests in which he was engaged, and closes with the Athenians' fatal...

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THE Exhibitions of Modern Pictures are all either closed or about to close. Saturday was the last day at Somerset House ; the Water- colour Painters shut their gallery last week...


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IT is rather remarkable that an object of paramount interest and importance in the eyes of man, such as the female form is, should never have been treated philosophically and...

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The Singing-Master; containing Instructions for Teaching Sing- ing in Schools and Families. With a Selection of Popular Airs, arranged also for Three Voices, with suitable...

CRUSE'S Original Cathedral Services; chiefly in imitation of the

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olden style. CRUAI'S One Hundred Chants. What Mr. CRUSE is pleased to call "the olden style," is in truth the style of church music. There is no other that deserves to be se...


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WE have been laughing over a long arrear of the political sketches of HD, amounting to upwards of a score. The Tory bugaboo, the mighty Dan, figures in most of them in various...