1 JUNE 1844

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Several Parliamentary elections have been performed this week. 'he reelections

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of Sir THOMAS FREMANTLE for Buckingham and of Lord ARTHUR LENNOX for Chichester were matters of course. The result of the contest in South Lancashire was looked to with great...

A perusal of the Prince DE JoiNvtr.r.E's very clever Note

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on the State of the French Navy confirms our opinion of its origin. The young Admiral burns fur distinction ; the peace of the seas denies it him ; and he rushes into print. And...


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THE Parliament reassembled after the short recess on Thursday ; and though it did not accomplish any striking act of legislation, the proceedings of the Commons may possibly...

Judgment has been pronounced on Mr. O'CONNELL and his companions.

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The law's delays—the motions for a new trial, in arrest of judgment, and other hindrances—have been at last over- come, and the award of the highest court of justice in Ireland...

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The American mail brings us news on three points,—the House

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of Representatives has refused to reduce the Tariff, so that hope is gone for the present ; the Texas affair is in state quo, the treaty still lying before the Senate without...

;Debates ant ilkocerbincts in Viatliament. GOVERNMENT OF CANADA.

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In the House of Commons, on Thursday, the order of the day having been moved for bringing up the report on the Committee of Supply, /dr. ROEBUCK drew attention to the present...

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gbe liftEtropolis.

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A splendid entertainment was given to the Judges and other distin• guished persons, by the Lord Mayor, in the Egyptian Hall at the Man- sionhouse, on Saturday. The number of...

Sbe (Tout.

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THE occurrences in the Royal circle have been of a minor kind this week. The Queen came to town from Claremont on Monday afternoon, with the infants and the suite ; a party of...

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Sbe Vrobinces.

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Sir Thomas Fremantle was returned for the borough of Buckingham on Saturday, without opposition. The election for Chichester took place on Monday, when Lord Arthur Lennox was...

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In the Dublin Court of Queen's Bench, on Friday 24th May, the Judges pronounced their decision on the motion for a new trial in the ease of the Queen versus O'Connell and...

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gortign ant( Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The debates in the Chamber of Peers on the Secondary Instruction Bill, which had lasted for twenty-one days, closed on Fri- day ; when the whole bill was carried, by 85...


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The nomination of candidates for the representation of the Kilmar- nock district of burghs, including Kilmarnock, Dunbarton, Port Glas- gow, Renfrew. and Rutherglen, took place...

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The King of Saxony, with his suite, landed at Dover on Tuesday, front the Queen's steam-packet the Princess Alice. The King travels incog- nito, under the title of Count De...

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On the 19th May, at Florence, the Lady of J. D. THOMSON, Esq., of Sunny Bank, Brecknockshire, of a daughter. On the 22d. at Worlingham Hall, Viscountess Acinrsosr, of a son....

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For some time past a series of reports have been

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circulated respecting certain changes that have recently taken place in the Royal Household, and further alterations which it is alleged are about to take place. It has been...

The amount of "salt " collected at Eton Montem was

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1,3381.; the largest amount ever collected, except the salt of 1814, when the Allied Sovereigns were here, which exceeded 1,5001.

A letter from Frankfort states that a commercial treaty has

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been concluded between the Hanse Towns and Texas. It has been sent to Houston to be ratified by the Texan Government.

A Court of Directors was held at the East India

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House yesterday ; when Lieutenant-General the Right Honourable Sir Henry Hardinge, K.C.B., Governor-General of India, was unanimously appointed to succeed to the office of...

. The Emperor of Russia will probably have set foot

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on the soil of England almost as soon as these lines meet the eyes of the public. His Majesty's journey from St. Petersburg has been arranged with the utmost-secrecy and...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The House of Commons was engaged in Committee on the Ecclesias- tical Courts Bill ; and the usually irregular discussion ofa committee was turned into perfect...

Yesterday the Lord Chancellor, after a rather prolonged consultation with

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Sir James Graham, communicated to the Judges, who had assem- bled, we believe, to arrange the Circuits, that it would be necessary to postpone them ; as their Lordships'...

The Creation was performed by the Sacred Harmon'c Society at

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Exeter Hall last night ; the vocal parts being sustained by Caradori, Braham, and Staudigl. The performance is to be repeated on Friday next.

The following notice has been issued, by order of the

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Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes, to the different Assessors appointed under the new Income-tax Act of 5th and 6th Victoria, both in the City of London and the parishes within...


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STOOK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Money Market has been without any material change, and the prices of the Government Funds have remained nearly stationary. Money is...

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AT Easter, Mr. Puff, with his usual ostentation, offered the houseless "Drama" a home at the Haymarket ; and as Comedy had already 'fixed upon that pleasant little place of...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Loudon, 234 May 1844. SIR —I will trouble you merely with a few brief remarks on what appears to me to have been the main fallacy of the...


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ARRIVED -At Graver-end, 30th inst. M•Inrov, Marmon, from Ceylon. In the Bonus, .27 11. Charles Kerr. Ainsild. from Madras. In the Channel. Re . ward, Salmon, from P. rt Phillip...

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IF there is one principle of the Protestant faith more unequivocally settled by the practice of Protestant churches than another, it is that religious endowments are bestowed...


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THE SUGAR-TRADE. MINISTERS appear to be very ill-informed as to the consequences of their Sugar-duty project, announced for introduction to the House of Commons on Monday. Mr....

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A SOLAR eclipse, according to MILTON, " with fear of change per- plexes monarchs " : at whose heads may the evil augury of a lunar eclipse be supposed to be levelled ? " Who is...


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THE test of a truly great man is the universal confession extorted by his death that his place cannot be filled up. The late Mr. CROCKFORD'S reputation stands this difficult...


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How many " Captains of the Montem " have distinguished them- selves in after life ? The boy who can top such a school as Eton is not likely to play a discreditable part ; but...

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Comageby, or the New Generation. By B. Disraeli, Esq., M.P.. Author of .• coutarini Fleming." In three volumes Cuthers. POCTOY. Geology ; a Poem, in Seven Books. By the Rev....

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A SCIENTIFIC didactic poem is a rarity in these days, and espe- cially on a subject like geology, where the terms are often uncouth, and the principles rather abstruse. Mr....

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From May 24th to May 30th. Boors. The Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold, D. D., late Head Master of Rugby School, and Regius Professor of Modern History in the Uni-...

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FIFTH PHILHARMONIC CONCERT. MONDAY, MAY 27. PART I. Sinfouia in II flat, (No.4) Duet, " Stung by horror." Miss RAINFORTII and Herr STAUDIGI.. (PJSCal Brute) Concert...,...

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A NUMEROUS company were somewhat coldly entertained by pieces on the piano, violin, and horn, with songs of various kinds, at the Hanover Square Rooms on Tuesday morning; the...


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WAR-orrice. May 31.-6th Drags.-Lieut. H. Slane, from 37th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Fleeming, who exchauges. 9th Li g ht Drags.-Cornet A. Hawtrey to be Lieut. by purchase, vice...


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Tuesday, May 28. PARTNEILialys DlasoLvED. Palk and Fitment. Newton Bushel, brewers-Kieruan and Yon, Southampton, mi4. liners-T. and R. Pinder, Cheltenham,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (ClosingPrices.) Saturday Monday Tuesday. Weclues. Thurs. Friday.: 991 991 991 93/ 991 994 991 991 991 991 991 996 981 981 ffile 981 98/ 981 1011 1010 1011 1011...