24 NOVEMBER 1849

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WANT of an object, precise enough or large enough to band poli- tical bodies together, is the symptom of defective organic life in political parties just now. The real...

Even its Ireland, where there is real bitterness and stir

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of the blood, there is a like unreality in overt acts, because there is no true object. The Orangemen, divided, bent on no common pur- pose to which all the members of their...

The Foreign news likewise comprises no salient points, but is

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i small n its events, negative in its indications. In France, for example, the Foreign Ministry has gone begging, and is at last conferred on General de la Hitte, an officer of...

The Colonial news is in continuation of late advices from

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the West, the South, and the East. The removal of the Canadian capital from Montreal to Toronto and Quebec has satisfied nobody ; and that the councils of Go- vernment are...

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Ebt eourt.

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TEE Queen and Prince Albert went on Thursday to visit the Queen Dowager at Stanmore. The Dutchess of Kent has been a guest at Windsor Castle. The Duke and Dutchess of Nemours...

Ebe Illetropolis.

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The Courts of Aldermen and of Common Council have discussed and passed votes acknowledging in suitable terms the splendid and honourable style in which the late Lord Mayor, Sir...

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ght irobintes.

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Intimation has been given by Mr. Justice Coleridge, Archdeacon Man- n ing, and Archdeacon Wilberforce, that a sum of money has been placed in their hands to form the...


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The long-announced "National Conference" in Dublin was held on Tuesday, at the Abbey Street Music Hall. The attendance is said to have been very numerous, but by no means...

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The Financial Reformers of London made a commencement of their campaign in Edinburgh on Tuesday. Sir Joshua Walmsley and Mr. George Thompson were the spokesmen, to a meeting...

_foreign anb Zolortial.

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FRANCE —The Moniteur of Sunday contained a decree nominating Ge- neral de la Hitte Minister of Foreign Affairs. "General de la Hine," writes the correspondent of the Times, "...

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The skeleton of Parliament made a pro-forma appearance on Tuesday; and another pro-forma prorogation was announced—to the 16th January. The Peers were represented by the Lords...

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Advices from Auckland in New Zealand, . brought. home by

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the Latin,. which sailed on the lath of July, describe the colony as perfectly tran- quil: the Maories no longer entertained any idea of war with the EnAh

.,Sir-John .Tyrellhas written a letter to his . friendIstr..George Frederick Young,

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remonstrating ;with- hint. , for- his premattfreY criticisms on Mr. Disraeli's Castle Hedingham manifesto. Sir John- is" at arloss to under- stand tile advantageof speaking...

We are gratified to obierve that a very necessary inStitntion

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is about to be established in the Deg 'Of London—Queen Adeld#' Free Dispensary 1 _for the Sick Poor of Bethnal Green. Local . differen - I 'h yeTer some Pine el r :delayed...

kletter from Mgesilitsvof the 11113-insteutAndted , iirtt) M pti/Se it states

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that Garibal4rLohGibraltar) OW • thstatik, kaki lint) dalandinf. Madalena, in a shik,pf 'wartPleiled 'Ilk alispoettiobyethe Sartliniait(ar vernment. The, wnt dart—to -...

J liftfollowing Instance:6f :fertility in blundering-fa taken not front thU

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Elainemear, which so amusingly confounded the liq.,Datpliess of St. Al- )aan'a with Mrs. -Siddons, hut from na gannal instruetOietteme pretension, pat forth under the aanotion...


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In the French Assembly, on Thursday, M. Pierre Bonaparte 'defended' 1iss.991uct in _returning freas-4.1geria., . - He combated with..iaffigna4a, the opinion . that .4.,member...

The Coen Eitraordinary Gaiette L elf d ifitVgicitia .. „` . 1414 1 4 authorized report of the speech

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delivere&l! le he laigli f ebadliggan.O. upon reopening thel.Legialative,katitirbly. 'fflitiO,epeeCkpossessee art and- nation and eloquenee Material' in . Official...

At it- gplec#,PPO.of the metroOittin =f , pinTtittsioA of :Sewers, yesterdaY, Mr.'

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riiink Feeter. was , appointed, gefneer th. ) the ,Pannalsaktu,-reaaa practice, man of Ingb Ctudffications, coinpet, 4 devis' a andampermteo• d.the.works of ibint ,CoinmissiMi;...

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After witnessing the performance of Mr. Macready as Othello, on Mon- day, one cannot but be struck with the little effect which he produces on his audience, compared with that...

, la bo4 , 4 Brigadter., *n of the numerous pieces in

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which Lafont diverted me St. James a audiences, nas -,..._.,n• brought out, as the Life Guardsman, at the Princess's. The intrigue on Tn.- -.. f ur „ i s su ffi c i en tly...


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FAREWELL TO THE COLONIES. W7Am is it that her Majesty's Ministers mean to do with her Majesty's Colonial Possessions? A paper in the Times, this week, is calculated to raise...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market remained steady till Wednesday morning; when, in consequence of extensive purchases made to close a large speculative...

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As the sea encroaches upon the coast, eats into the land, and brings down rock after rock, even until "Shakspeee's Ouse" is disappearing, so the sea of trade in eerseg away the...


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LAWYERS cannot keep pace with the accretion of our law, still less can laymen,—the one class having to administer, the other to obey The law grows daily more and more beyond the...

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VIRTUE in the poor I the Metropolitan Commissioner of the Morning Chronicle has discovered it. He has recorded the fact in a passage which we quote elsewhere, and which might...


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WHETHER punishment of death ought to be inflicted before vast ragamuffin audiences, like the mob at the Manning execution, or whether it ought to be exhibited, as it were,...

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-A POINT IN POOH-LAW ETHLCS. , WIEsittlif?"14g14..79rtkilligli3ive,wo,goodriess in -them, direct

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enrwt ..1cAr i Ahe welfare. Of .'any , rommunity Mg& shotild . be developedrrethoughsartie appeeeto fan o PP,143'14341.We :can construe a re&nt aor*-1505iiiit Ark...


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ldnplizotherton, htt.his capacity of honorary time-keeper of the:House-of 'Coromeeponotresiemilisessionfoiareinfn of the number of days the House , sat, the length of the...


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LEITER II. TO THE EDITOR OTTER SPECTATOR. . Edinburgh, 19th November 1849. SIR—Alterations in existing systems of law are always difficult and sometimes dangerous, but seldom...


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TO TILE EDITOR OF rota SPECTATOR. ' Sin—When I took the liberty of addressing you on the subject of Mr. Rajah Brooke's massacre of the Dyaks in Borneo, I had no idea of again...

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WALPOLE'S PAINTING TN 21 1 1k4EANTL . - , be' tested as a critic•in,arChy the istandied of philosophical , principles expowbded since his time, he will be reduced to a low...

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HUNT'S PANTHEA. * THE object of this philosophical romance is to

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"describe the contest be- tween the False, [in modern philosophy,] seductive by its poetic associa- tions, and the True, as estimated by the standard of the merely useful." This...

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MBEs is something melancholy in the last look at anything, whether it be place or person. Even an enemy whom we are to see no more has a triste if not a touching interest in our...


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BOOKS. The Physical Atlas of Natural Pluenontena. By Alexander Keith John- stone, F.R.G.S., &c. Reduced from the edition in imperial folio, for the use of Colleges, Academies,...

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PICTURES exhibited last season in the collection or the OH Masters have - been detained and copied by students of both sexes, admitted to the gallery for the purpose; and now...

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Several Frank manufacturers have sent over a collection of specimens of their work, to be exhibited in London under the direction of M. Sallan- drouze de la Mornaix, member of...


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Three prints by Mr. J. T. Rya11, after Edwin Landseer, are shown by Mr. Grundy, of Regent Street. One is the first idea of a scene which Landseer afterwards amplified into "The...


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On the 13th November, at Pemelfort, Dusseldorf, the Wife of Charles J. F. Stuart, Esq., Of Hongkong, of a son. On the 15th, at Apley Castle, Shropshire; the Lady of Robert...


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Results of the Registrar-General's return of mortality in the Metropolis for the week ending on Saturday last- Number of Autumn Deaths. Average. Zymotic Diseases 201 .... 307...


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Was-Gems, Nov. 23.-2d Regt. of Life Guards-O.K. Fitzroy, Gent, to be Comet and Sub-Lieut. by purchase, vice Heald, who retires ; A. S. Lumley, Gent, to be Comet and Sub-LieuL by...


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Tuesday, Nov. 20. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED: Kelley and Son, Shopton Mallet, grocers -Emslie and Lee, Regent Street, surveyora -Pearce and Johnson, Birmingham, printers-J. sad...

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haw. 994 281 so 95 (Last Official Quotation daring the Week eadieg Friday Evening.1 Austrian Belgian Ditto Brazilian Buenos Ayres lip. Cl 41 21 6 6 81 5 8 95 42...