25 MAY 1833

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The Spectator

, OUR Parliamentary chronicle this week is a brief one; for, al- though a considerable amount of business was got through, it has not, generally speaking, been of a description...

Some dist - r — rbandes have taken place in Ghent, Antwerp, and Brussels.

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The editors and proprietors of certain journals, who had rendered themselves odious to the people generally, by their . advocacy of Orangsi principles, were maltreated by...

A preliminary treaty of peace was signed on Tuesday by

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the . plenipotentiaries of Great Britain, France, and Holland. The embargo upon Dutch vessels in the ports of England and France is to be taken off; and the Dutch garrison of...

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Concerning the progress of the negotiations or the movements a

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the troops in Turkey, no additional intelligence of a reliable Mature has been received. A leading French journal, the Mes- sager des Chambres, affirms, that there would be...

The accounts from Oporto speak of the ardour of the

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troops, of course; but we are sorry to say, of the suffering, and almost itarvation of the inhabitants also. Upwards of ten thousand per- sons, it is said, are living upon soup,...

Mrhatr# anti Vratraing4 in lantlinnirnt.

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1. PENSIONS. Mr. HARVEY, on Tuesday, moved for a return ...... " of all persons on the English, Irish, and Scotch Pension Lists hereto- fore paid out of the Civil List ;...

The French Chamber of Deputies has beep occupied in dis-

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cussing the subject of the Greek loan, one third.of which is gua- Yanteed by France. TO, Opposition express thetr.decided hostility to this arrangement, and call upon the...

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Vic Court.

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THE King and Queen left town on Saturday last for Windsor, and did not return till Thusday evening. The Queen then honoured Drury Lane with her presence, where the usual...


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The inquest on the body of Robert Cully the Policeman, the pro- ceedings at which we narrated in last week's Spectator down to Friday night, when the court adjourned, was...

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Sir John Nicholl, time Judge of the Arches and Prerogative

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Courts, has been appointed Judge of the Admiralty Court, in time room of the late Sir Christopher Robinson. [This appointment wee not filled up until extreme inconvenience and...

William %Yuma, Nicholas West, Mary Jones, and Lb Cox. The

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other sentences was the following. To transportation for life—James Blackburn, James Kent, Stephen Parkinson, an Remington (who pleaded guilty of forgery), Julio Spring (for a...

A general meeting of the ('1nmtral Committee of the united

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parishes of Westminster for procuring the repeal of the House and Window tax, was held on Thursday evening, at the British Coffee-house in Cockspur Street. Mr. Brown observed,...

George O'Brien. Kingdom was brought up for examination at Bow

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Street on Mondrry, on the charge of having forged the name of Lord F. Beauclerk. te.• a check upon Coutts and Co. for 411. 18s. lie was remanded fot farther examination till...

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The Spectator

THE Epsom races this year have been remarkably brilliant. The weather every day has been extremely fine, though rather too warm ; the company distinguished ; and, on Thursday,...

Mr. Norman Bull, the young gentleman who was accidentally shot

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at Woolwich last week, died in about 'six hours after the afflicting oc- currence. The ball, which struck him just above the hip, carried away part of his ribs ; it was...

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The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland met at Edinburgh on Thursday week. Lord Belhaven represented his Majesty as Lora High Co - nimissioner; and Dr. Stirling, of...


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The Military and Police experienced some resistance in enforcing the payment of tithe arrears in the county of Tipperary last week. On Wednesday, Captain Gun, Chief Constable,...

Clir eau n The great meeting of tile Political Unions

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of Birmingham and the neighbouring districts was held on Monday last, on Newhall Hill, Bir- mingham. At an early hour in the morning, the appearance of the hill was that of a...

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Opiniansi of tbe TimEs—The vote of the House of Commons

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iu favour of the Assessed Taxes,.. on Tuesday evening, appears to us to have been an ill-considered and unfortu- nate vote. So was the decision of the same assembly in support...


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Mr. E. J. Littleton, late Member for South Staffordshire, has been appointed Secretary for Ireland, in the room of Sir John Hobhouse. Mr. Littleton having consequently vacated...

A letter from the Hague states that the Prince and

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Princess of Orange and their suit will shortly set out ICH London. The Dutchess de Bern is represented as being fir good health, but very much annoyed at the refusal of her...

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Lord MELBOURNE and the Commissioners of Police are engaged in

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sifting the evidence produced on the late inquest against the Police, much of which they hope to disprove. The leaders of the meeting were, it is said, well known to them but...

The East India question is to be brought before the

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House of Com- mons about the 11th or 14th of June. The gentlemen in office boast that they will carry it through "like a turnpike bill."


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SATURDAY. A very strong note has been addressed by the Duke DE BROGLIE to Lord PaLmEasrox on the subject of the proceedings of the Emperor of Russia in Turkey. The Duke insists...

General SANTA ANNA has been elected President of Mexico ;

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and at length the country has become tolerably tranquil.

We learn from the True Sun, that Government has comAienced

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a criminal prosecution against it, for counselling "resistance to the As- sessed Taxes," and for "bringing the House of Commons into contempt 1" We have not seen an account of...

In the beginning of the week, it was confidently asserted

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that Ministers intended to escape from the difficulties with which they are environed, by a speedy prorogation of Parliament. The time thus gained would, it was said, be...

A change of Ministry is expected to take place in

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Oporto upon the arrival of the Marquis of PALMELLA ; who left town on Thursday night for Falmouth, accompanied by Captain NAPIER, R. N., who is to have a command in the squadron...

ADERCROM BY is received, and shall be answered, either to

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the Paper, or privately. In case we should prefer the latter mode, will he be good enough to favour us with his proper address. We will use it only in confidence.

The Tiverton election commenced on Thursday. The candidates are Mr.

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B. IVoon, brother of Alderman Woon, and Mr. KENNEDY, a barrister of Lincoln's Inn, who was returned at the last election, but who declined to defend his return, which was...


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STOCK F.:..ca...:coz, FEL6AT EVENINO. The rumour of the settlement of the Belgian question, to which we referred in our last impression, .teceives1 confirmation in the early...


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Arrived-At Gravesend, May 22d, Hero of Melon, Richmond, from Bombay, and Emma, Milward, from Singapore; and 23d, Flinn, Phillipson„ from the Cape. At Deal, 22d. Coromandel,...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. SIR—Inquiry, inquiry, is the cry of the People ; let us have inquiry, will prove that legitimate, fair, and equitable reductions can be effected...

. THE DIVISIONS. better oh-

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marked N ' the Corn- and Win- not removal of Minority, N. No. l. The second reading of Sir AsnitEw AcxEw's Bill for the seryance of the Sabbath, on the 16th May Minority...

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KEEPERS AND BREAKERS OF THE KING'S PEACE. THE legality or illegality of the meeting in Coldbathfields, Ille m 0 verdict of the Coroner's Jury, and the conduct of the Police,...

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IN examining the Ministerial project for the abolition of Slavery in the Colonies, last week, we stated some of the principal reasons which should induce the West India...


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TRUTH, which is said to lie at the bottom of a well, is more com- monly found floating on the surface of the water. Politicians attribute to complicated and recondite causes,...


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TN the palmy days of Toryism, it was the invariable practice of the Ministerial organs—the organs of CASTLEREAGH and Sin- MOUTH—to decry the importance of popular meetings, and...

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A COMPARISON, NOT AFTER THE MANNER OF PLUTARCH. IT is curious to remark in how totally different a way the talents of two great singers are employed and developed at the same...