2 MARCH 1839

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After nearly two hundred petitions for Private Bills have been presented, and the house has been sitting upwards of three weeks, Mr. POULETT THOMSON comes forward with a plan...

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Mmtoro, a General under Don Cutr.os, arrested four- teen superior

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officers of the Carlist army ; and on the 18th ultimo, entered six of them to be shot without trial, at Estella. He published a proclamation, promising to prove that all his...

Debates an Vrocerbings alt Vadiament.

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THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Lord JOHN RUSSELL moved that extracts front the several Speeches delivered front the Throne since 1833, on the...

The French journalists pay little attention to matters not con-

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nect , d with the approaching elections ; respecting which, however, they communicate no facts of importance. Their columns arc filled with speculations on the probable result,...

It is s , id ti e thore will be a majority

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of two to one in the Belgian Chanile_T of Deputies in fisvour of accepting the treaty offered by the Five Powers.

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Zbe +Court.

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Viscount Melbourne called on the Queen on Monday morning ; and is the evening Viscount Melbourne, Mr. William Cowper,Lonk xbridge, Surry, and Melgund, dined with her Majesty. I...

The Vice-Chancellor. on Thursday, refused to dissolve an injunction obtained

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by 3Ir. Colhurn, to preye»t Captain Marryat from publishing a novel to be celled The Phantom Ship. - the copyright of which Mr. Culburn claimed under an agreement wi:11 the...

tribe 1'-lrtropolis.

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Mr Harvey was again elected for Southwark, on Wednesday last, without opposition. It had been rumoured and generally 'believed., that Mr. Richards, formerly Member for...

The Central Agricultural Society hell a meeting at Willis's Rooms

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on Tuesday,—Lord Tankerville in the chair.—and passed resolutions, culling upon the agriculturists throughout the cotintry to exert them- selves for the maintenance of the...

At a meeting of the Court of Common (*mitten. o:t

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Thursday, the Lord Mayor called attendon to a letter received lAnn Mr. l'oner, a member of the Court, in reply to an invitation to dine :It the Mansion- house. Mr. Potter, who...

At Bow Street, on Tuesday, the Magistrates were occupied nearly

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three hours in disposing of cases of drunkenness, upwards of sixty in number. The defendants were principally women. The fines paid for drunkenness last year at this office...

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fitiscclIanto us.

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It is not true, as stated in the Tory pipers, that the Honourable Cap. lain Berkeley was obliged to resign his appointment at the Admiralty. It was quite a voluntary act on the...

lie Vrobincts.

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Mr. Richard Potter having resigned his seat for Wigan, in conse- quence of ill-health. Mr. Ewart has become a candidate to represent that borough in Parlisment, its 01111pliance...

Eight persons have lost their lives by a fire in

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Dublin. One fine young woman leuped out of a window three stories iu height, and was killed on the spot. The Reverend John Barrett, Catholic priest of Crossmolina, in Mayo, has...


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Mr. Ci i,borne encountered unexpeeted opposition in Carlow. On the mornieo ?.fondue los:, !lie day of 'minim :thin, Mr. Francis Bruen, forinevi s Mselher fbr tit.: boreosiii,...

The total number of public petitions presented to the House

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of Com- n lop during the present session, to the 10th of February inclusive, was 1,:ssi. Of these, 1,224 were against the repeal of the Corn-laws, with 09,936 signatures; 214...

A letter from Mr. Stephen, of the Colonial Office, appeared

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in the .1Iarning Chronicle of Tues. - lay, complaining that Sir Francis Ilead, its his Narrative, published on Monday, imd garbled evidence riven by . Mr. Stephen to a Committee...

The published Report of the Precursor Society exhibits the following

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receipts. 'Flue province of Leinster has contributed 1,187/. 7s. fid.; Munster, 1,506/. 8s. 5d.; Ulster, 303/. 12s. 8d.; Counaught, only 551, 10s. The principal subscriptions...

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The Manchester Anti-Corn-law Association net on Thursday, to receive the report. of the Delegaus. A crowd of dranken radians broke in upon and interrupted the meeting. This is...

The Times this morning contains a correspondence between the Ho-

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nourable Henry Fitzroy, M.P., Mr. Roebuck, Mr. Edward 'l'relawney, The Times this morning contains a correspondence between the Ho- nourable Henry Fitzroy, M.P., Mr. Roebuck,...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. There was much angry altercation in the House of Commons last nieht. The order of the day having been read for going into Com- mittee on Irish Railways, Mr....

Nfith our next number, we propose to give, in a

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gratis Supplement, the entire BENOIT OF VIE COMMITTEE ON CHEAP P09rA0E, about to be delivered to the House of Commons; .a document of uncommon interest and importance. The...

The Army and Navy Estimates have been printed. The former

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ex- hibit an increase of 791 men over the numbers of 1838-9 ; the total of all ranks for 1838-9 having been 109,027, and the number required for 1839-40, 109,818. The increase...

Last night's Gazette announces, that "Hugh Fortescue, Chevalier, commonly called

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Viscount Ebrington," has been summoned to the House of Peers "by the style and title of Baron Fortescue of Castle Hill, in the county of Devon."

Mr. Gisborne has lost his election for Carlow ; the

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numbers at the final close of the poll, on Wednesday, being— For Breen 167 Gisborne 164 Majority 3 Mr. Gisborne announced his intention to petition against the return. Mr....

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IN - Amon-mi.:, March 1.-6th Dragoon Guards—Brevet Col. T. H. L. Davies, from hail-pay of the Chasseurs Britattniques, to be Lieut,•Col. Viet! Col. Willman, who exchanges ;...


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Arrived—AI Gravesend, Feb, 25th, Courier, bows, from the Cape ; 26th, John Pats ton, Eladen. from Mauritius ; 27th, Emma, Skelton, from Ceylon ; John Fleming, Ruse, from Bengal...


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BIRTHS. On the 27th tilt., at York Termite, Regent's Park, the Countess of IIVNTINGDON, of a son, still•born. On the 23d ult., at Grove Park, near Warwick, the Right Hon. Lady...


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STOCK F./MIA:ME, FRIDAY ArrcrtNoON. Yesterday being the last weekly meeting of the Bank Directors, previous to the closing of the books of the various Stocks, the Dividends...

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MORE legislation for the protection of factory children is going on. The provisions of the existing law arc to he rendered more strin- gent, the powers of the Inspectors...


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DEAR BREAD AND OUT-DOOR ALLOWANCE. OFFENSIVE as the word may have been made by the affectation of Annual and Magazine writers, let us say that it is " refreshing" to see Mr....

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Tun classes who complain of inconvenience and loss arising from the change in the mode of travelling from common roads to rail- ways , arc three—lords and gentlemen who keep...


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ANOTHER case of lunacy, reported this week, recalls our attention to this subject—riot to direct censure against the proceedings, but to suggest some considerations of a general...

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'fm: members of the Purcell Club held their annual festive meeting ou Saturday last, at the Sussex Hotel. Judging from the large accession of numbers and the anxiety manifested...


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THE second of Mr. MosensmEs' series of Pianoforte Concerts was on Thursday ; commencing, as usual, with the BACH foundation, wide, deep, and firm. The subject of this fugue of...


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THE leading characters of Box's novel, Oliver Twist, have found such fitting representatives among the Adelphi company, that, if common justice had only been done to the story,...

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The arrangements for the Opera season are at length completed;

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and her Majesty's Theatre is announced to open on Saturday next, with DONIZETTI'S Belisario; Mademoiselle Moesm, a cantatrice from Na- ples, and FREDERIC LARLACHE, being the...

We learn from a correspondent at Rome, that apprehensions bad

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been entertained at the end of last month as to the health of the Pope ; but that the indisposition of his Holiness had been less serious than was supposed, and that he had been...

The historical play so long in preparation at Covent Garden

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is an- nounced definitively for Thursday next, under the title of' Richelieu, or the Conspiracy. Roome's new opera is also in rehearsal, and will shortly be produced, with a new...


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'Pita: attempt of the Whig Ministers to obstruct the publication of Loyd Duiteisses Report, not only failed in its immediate object,— driving him to right himself by...

The proverb so useful to timid lovers, Faint Heart never

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?con Fair Lady, is the title of a smart little piece, produced at the Olympic on Thursday ; wherein the success of a bold and determined suitor is set forth for the...


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th e COMINTAL arlIVERNIfF:NT, A Narrative. By Sir Francis B. Head, Bart Mina,. TRICE vs, Narrative of an Expedition into Southern Africa, duringthe years 1836atel IS.37, f rom...

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AFRICA. Tins volume has reached us from Bombay through Mr. RICHARD- SON of Cornhill ; and though in its typography there is nothing to complain of, yet the whole style of...

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Tr! m: author or this work is a physician, who resided for seine years in Pcru, practising his profes,:ion at Lima ; part of the time pur- suing some agricultural speculations...

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THE title of this novel has no relation to its subject, though it might have had when the author planned the work. With SHERI- DAN or CANNING in her eye, we can readily conceive...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 24th February 1839. MI: DE AR SPEC. — It is lucky that you arc a better practical logician than a theoretical one, otherwise I should not hold...

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BOUND BOOKS. A. Narrative. By Sir FRANCIS B. HEAT), Bart. .The Cabinet Minister. By Mrs. Gone, Author of " Mothers and Daughters," " Stukeshill Place," &c. In three vols. A...

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PANORAMAi OF ROME AND THE COLISEUM, ROME, as it now appears, and the Coliseum, the most stupendous frag- ment of its former magnificence, are the subjects of two separate...