8 AUGUST 1840

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IF it had not been that everybody was thorou g hly sick of' the Parliament, the portion of its proceedin g s comprised in.the record of the last seven days, would have been...

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An overland mail has arrived from India ; having left Bombay on the 22d of June.

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From China the news is to the 11th of April. The great Wow was impending—not struck ; nor were the preparations for hostilities in so forward a state as to make it likely that...

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Zbe Metropolis.

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A public entertainment was given to Mr. Wyse, "ALP., at Woolwich, on Wednesday, in the Theatre of that town, as a mark of respect for his consistent and powerful advocacy of a...

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In the Prerogative Court, on Wednesday, Sir 11 Jenner gave

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judg ment in the case of Sir Wilmot Herten um. Wilmot and others. The late Sir R. Wilmot died on 23d of July 1e:14, aged eiehty-two, leaving a widow (his second wife) and six...

The female servant of Mr. Barry, of Skinner Street, Snowhill,

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wa s discovered on Thursday morning at two o'clock in a state of somn era ., bulism in Newgate Street, with nothing on but her night-dress. TI10 casket of jewels recently found...

'I;bt robincts.

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The remains of the late Earl of Durham arrived at Sunderland on Saturday at six o'clock, in the Albatress yacht, under charge of the Honourable Captain Grey. The colours of the...

The fine lea weather during the past week has greatly

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improved the prospecte of harveet. The farmers are now in as good spirits as they were hist week depressed. Accounts from all quarters of the kingdom repreeent the weather to...

The cause of Heaviside against Lardner, for criminal conversation,. came

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on for trial at Lewes Assizes, on Friday last, before Mr. Baron Gurney and a Special Jury. The case had excited great interest, not only in the neighbourhoed, but in all...

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At Nottingham Assizee, on Monday, James Hitchens, John Pearce, William

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Milford, and William Morton, were indicted for conspiring together to prevent John Hickman from - voting for Mr. Thesiger at the last election for the borough of Newark, and...

A most atrocious case of stabbingoccurred in Liverpool last week,

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by which the lives of three persons were placed in imminent danger. The infuriated wretch stabbed his wife in the neck, and a shoemaker in the face and several parts of the body...


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The Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland left Newcastle for Kilkenny 01 Friday, to spend some days with Lord Kenmare. His Excellency ac , companied by Lord Courtenay, explored one of the...

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At the Derry Assizes, William Collins was fimnd guilty of

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being a Ibbouman. Mr. Schoales, counsel for the Crown, in his opening statement, said—" The system has branched out to an awful extent ; and if I should say it had a milsion of...


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It is not yet positively known whetlwr Parliament will be prorogued on Tuesdayor Thursday next. It is, however, understood that Tues day will be the day, though this will...

The quantity of maaufactured goods exported to the Unitel •(

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atrium was remarkably small duriog the first six months in the present year. Within time last few weeds, however, the younity has increased, and. now there is a lair export to...

The dates from China are to the 11th of Moy.

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The Chinese we es actively engaged in making preparathms of defence. Volunteers \vele invited and encouraged to join the Celestial ermy, and the women of several of the maritime...

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The morning papers contain numerous versions of the insane attempt of Prince Louis Napoleon to revolutionize France by landing at Boulogne with fifty men ; but the most...

In the House of Lords yesterday, the conference with the

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Commons on the amendments in the Irish Corporation Bill took place ; and the amendments having been reported to the Commons, Lord Monrorit recommended that they be adopted. Ile...

The appeal case of the College of Glasgow versus the

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Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons at Glasgow, WItS decided in the House of Lords yesterday, in favour of the defendants. The question was, whether the Faculty of Physicians and...

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CURRENCY : COMMITTEE ON BANK ISSUES. THE proceedings of the Comtnittee now sitting upon Banks of Issue are made the subject of frequent allusion and comment in the City...

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MixisTnns have been forced to break silence—but only to a very limited extent—on the state of our Foreign afthirs. Mr. Hem n moved on Thursday evening, that "an humble address...

On Tuesday evening, there was a small skirmish between the

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Bishop of EXETER and Lord Noastaxiiv—not very creditable to either party. The Bishop was most indignant that Government did not use the strong arm of the law to crush the...


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Lox(; ago, Sir JOHN Caairnma. announced at Edinburgh to an admiring audience, that the Government had put down the Chartists. We have more than once ventured to hint a...

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IT is the easiest thing in the world to govern a nation. Many, many years ago, a Swedish Chancellor sent his son out on his travels " to see with how little wisdom the world was...

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Scriplotum Ilisto Byzautinze. FAHlio emend:tiler et copiosior. cousilio optl Niebuhr, C. F., insiituta Opera e;taaloin hum. Belikeri, L. Seni G. Morli, runup° philologer=...

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WAR.111 , 11(111, Aug. -1.—E1 Itegt. cif Drit:. Cititi,ls--Capt. F. Ilammersley, loan the 15th Light Drags. t i 1 (*apt. vice Lord Amiens, win) exehatige's 15th Itegt• .1 Light...