11 NOVEMBER 1837

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LONDON was not balked of its holydav on this ninth of No- vember. Half a million metropolitans have been blessed with the sight of majesty. The Queen and her Court. all as...

The last accounts from New York reed' to the 16th

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instant. The Sub-treasury bill of the Government had been virtually de- feated ; a *110 ion in the House of Representatives to lay it on the table havingbeen carried by 1.20 to...

The readers of Ministerial or Tory journals only, will take

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a f dee impression as to the state of public feeling in this country. The Ballot meeting at Stroud was scarcely noticed, although attended by 1500 of Lord Josue RUSSELL'S...

There is no longer any doubt as to the retreat

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of Dun Cmtr.os to the North of the Ebro. On the .2.7th, he arrived at Darango, with some battalion:, in a deplorable state. It is probable that the Carlists may make an attempt...

Though the result of all the elections in France has

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not beea ascertained, enough, it is said, is known to prove that very little alteration in the strength of parties has been effected by the disso- lution. TRIERS, GUIZOT,...

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THE Queen arrived at Buckingham Palace, from Brighton, on Satur-

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to which it belonged, in the capacity of groom. The uneasiness of day afternoon. As her Majesty was passing in an open carriage the worthy corporators on horseback afforded much...

passable by reason of the-crowds of loiterers and gazers. It

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was half-past three when the Lord Mayor assisted her Majesty to At length the great day dawned ; and, contrary to the prophecies of alight at the door of the Guildhall. The...

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rbe Inctropatio.

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The annual dinner to celebrate the acquittal of Hardy, Tooke, and Thel wall, was held on Monday, at liadley's Hotel, Bridge Street, Blackfriars. The company was more numerous...

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Vie Countrg.

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There was a splendid muster of Devonshire Liberals at Barnstaple, on the 30th ultimo, to celebrate Lord Ebrington's election for North Devonshire. About 1200 gentlemen, 750 of...

The Working Men's Association of London have published a long

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aildress to the working classes on the subject of national education. This paper contains some good notions, mixed up with rather too much preaching about the advantages of...

On Thursday morning, the Lord Mayor went in the state

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barge from London Bridge to Westminster Hall, and was sworn in with the usual ceremony before the Barons of the Court of Exchequer. A correspondent of the Times having made a...

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i'd ii.r. ioddversary dinner of the Lewes and East Sussex Reform

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A"' cittici, , cr1 IlItIrSitity, Mr. H. B. Curteis, who has usually been mi.oeg the W hies inclieing to Conservatism, declared, that '• he. LW: the OttA . N oh 6ussex. 50...

The defeated Liberals of Flititshiregave their candidete, Mr. Lloyd Musty!),

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a dinner at Ilulywell, on the 311 instant. Among the coin. teal, were LordDinorben, Lord .1Iostyn, Mr. W. O. Stanley, 31. P., and a strong muster of country gentlemen, bankers,...

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Alr.Colquhoun, of Killermont, ALP. for Kilmarnock, lately thought fit to

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attack Mr. O'Connell, and the religion be professes, in a speech published in the ..4pe ..-Ideerti,”..r. The attack has drawn forth a pun.. gent reply from O'Connell, in the...


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The assailants of I_oral limier:lye's government have been laIrd at work Ivithin the last few days. Dr. Eh ingron resigned the etilee of Chaplain to the Lord. Litintemiat,...

Yesterday Iveek, Mr. 0' Caelme I: assail:bled a mmtm:m-rous Company

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of merchants and others, in thy 1>tiVill3, and exhi- bited Mr. Grote's Ballot-bex, explainieg its simple median:inn. He was obliged to repeat his explanation several times, as...

The results of the Municipal elections, Els at that time

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ascertained, were stated in last week's Spectator in the following words- " The Liberals have the advantage in Liverpool, Northampton, Exeter, Andover, Bewffley, Tomes,...

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The Dundee Advertiser, a Parnell- Ministerial paper, snys that Lord Durham's opinions must have been "considerably trodi:led" since his tour it, Scodund in 1834- " His letter to...

From the Paris correspondence of the daily journals, we gather

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the particulars of a strange proceeding, in which the Duke of Hamilton and Lord and Lady Lincoln are concerned. It appears that Lady Lincoln, the Duke of Hamilton's daughter,...


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Sir Robert Peel has arrived in Paris. The story of his intended return to the Lord Mayor's show was probably a party Tube. Lord and Lady Lyrnlhuret and Lord Canterbury are to...

A correspondent of the Times, noticing the remark in last

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Spectator, on the anxiety of the Tories to keep Lord Hill at the Horse Guards, enters into a defence of his Lordship's conduct as Commander-in- Chief— " If general opinion be...

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The accounts from Constantino represent the Freneh army as suffering

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dreadfully from cholera, dysentery, and typhus tes cf.

V.r. Ifs nningsen, known as the friend ond comrade of

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Zarmalavarre- gne. f mit 1i na, it pasuish Carlist we presume, and Mr. Gruireieon, e ye caairaleot of the altoening /-)oet at the cow t of Don Carlos, have imo the halide of the...

A!: t ecount is given in the polars this morning

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of the prevention of WO::!titell ntlaCk on the Queen's life. It is stated that Charles Stuber, Gralinia a In formerly kept a baker's shop in Chelsea, failed ,in !mono s. ; and...


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Then: has been very litt:e business of importance in the City !a: lug t'ae week : yestsrday wal kept as a close holyday, and the three 1:reviee. d • almost tetirely devoted to...

A most important judgment was delivered this morning in the

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Court of Chaucery, on the Liverpool Church Endowment question. The Lord Chancellor reversed the demurrer decision of the Master of the Rolls, and declared the appropriation of...

POST. 4 .;CRi PT •

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The Gelleral As:se:Ably of the States of Hanover was dissolved. by a royal proclamation, on the :10th of October; on the 81st, letters patent were issued dIssolviez the Cabinet...


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.I--At Gravesend, Nov. 6th. Rapid. Field. from Van Diem:nes Lan 1; 7 0 .a, \tilter. tutu New South Wales : and 9-h, Kyle. Fletcher, from IleJNal• ofr Ts Henry, Wahnsloy, from...

In a leading article, this morning, the Tiorres arraigns the

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conduct of LOI+1 John Russell, in con:nutting the punishment of William Smith, sentenced to Seven years' transportation at the Nurthanaitooshire Qoarter.sessions in April, to...


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BIRTHS. on the 7th inst., in Balgrave Street, the Countess of PONIFRET. of a son. t (he ith inst., at Grove Park. Warvtiok, I. oty Bottum's, of a Soli. • , !,u 3,1 inst., at...

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NO.:11i. CONCLUDED, MILITARY EXPENDITURE. IN ou 'first paper we endeavoured to show, that by consolida Iig the superintending official branches of the Army, greater effi r ci...

The Ultra-Radical Movement has given Lord Durham the go•by ;

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or, rather, Iris Lordship wisely and manfully has disclaimed the Mountain ; and the Aloutirain has lost no time in returning the compliment. " Not many (lays Since," quoth the...

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MINISTERS will not be permitted to" play fast and loose" on the Ballot. A twelvemonth ago they were urged to make it " an open question." They coquetted with their friends. Lord...


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THE Ssendard resumes the vindioation of the Tories from the c h ar ge o f factious conduct. Th o u g h striving to be brief, be , paper occupies, with the necessary extracts...


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To those who put faith in the Liberal intentions of Ministers, the perusal of a series of articles in the Globe of the last and present week would hoof service. That journal,...

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THE great bauble which the Drury Lane manager has been making so , much fuss about — that was to " amaze the very faculties of eyes and ears" of all the grown babies of the...

On the same night which produced Caractacus, Altrchetli was re-

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presented at event Garden, with a cast of characters more efficient, and scenic accessories more picturesque and effective — an ensemble more perfect, in short, than ally since...


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WE have been favoured with the following extract from a private letter from Sir JOBS JEFFCOTT, the Judge of the new colony of South Australia. In conjunctionsvith his charge to...

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The re w burletta, A Dream ef the Future, produced

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at. the Olympic on Monday, affords ma:erials for fellowing up our comparison of the management here and at the Adelphi. Victorine has evidently been the model ; but, inetead of...


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THE life of COKE is a desideratum in English literature, which the present volumes will not supply. A more wretched compilation we have never encountered, even when the hero was...


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BIOGRAPHY. The Life of Si, F.11WATli Cl/kr. u rd Chief Justice of England in Ilia'Reign di:James the First. With Memoirs of his Contemporaries. By Cuthbert ililliA111 Mot.,...

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LIRE the Merchants Daughter of this writer, The Squire is a true romantic novel; and chargeable, like the others of its race, with doing mischief to youthful readers by painting...

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THE general description of the Tour thrall!), :he 31anufurfuring DiNtrictsr fits the first half of tie volume before us: although the Continuation deals fir the tnest part with...

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THE embellishments — illustrations we cannot term them—of The Keepsake, are no exception to our remark on the altered character of the Annuals. They consist of three couple of...


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Lusee's portrait of the Duke of Wellington—the whole-length, in the Windsor uniform, painted for the Town-Hall, Dover, and ex- hibited at the Royal Academy—has been engraved as...


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THE annual exhibition of the attempts made at copying the works of the Old Masters took place on Wednesday, at the British Institution ; and, as usual, it was a melancholy...

FINE ARTS. ROYAL ACADEMY HONOURS. Tits two new Associates of

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the Royal Academy are CHARLES LAND. IEEEand GEORGE PATTEN. Both are artists of respectable talent, and eligible as Associates re a score or two with preten., sions to the...

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Another medallion profile of the Queen, embossed on card-board, has

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been put forth by Messrs. DODOS. This gives her Majesty a Greek contour of face, features most justly proportioned, and a sedate e xpression. The relief is sharp and delicate ;...