15 AUGUST 1846

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THE Whig Ministers have been fairly frightened from their ad- hesion to the Irish Arms Bill, by the unpleasant and threatening symptoms of dislike which it provoked in all...

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The impregnable Indian fortress of Kote Kangra, which a con-

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tumacious Sikh chieftain refused to surrender to the British, has been yielded without a blow, on a full display of our force. But the last act of the late campaign is followed...

There seems to be a hat in the Repeal agitation

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: Young Ire- land is vanquished, and is magnanimously sulky ; Old Ireland reposes on its victory, in a good humour with all the world. Mr. O'Connell reciprocates compliments...

Drbates min prortenituis in Igiarliament.

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StaAR-DIITLE8 BILL. In the House of Lords, on Monday, the Earl of CLARENDON moved the first reading of the Sugar-duties Bill; which he explained and supported at considerable...

It is difficult to keep pace with the progress of

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the new policy in Rome. Pius the Ninth is said to have declared that he takes for his guide the New Testament ; and thus far his policy seems to be animated by the highest...

The Congress of the United States has adopted the reduced

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tariff of import-duties. It possesses a great interest for this country, on two grounds. The reduction of duty on several important manufactures is an obvious reason. The object...

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r Court.

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THE King of the Belgians joined the Royal circle at Osborne House on Saturday. The King and Queen of the Belgians attended divine service in Whittingham Church, on Sunday. On...

Zbt Biletropolis.

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The Lord Mayor, after discharging his official duties as Conservator of the Thames from Oxford to London, arrived safely on Saturday. Banquets daily, of course; the last at...

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Zbe Vrobinces.

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Lord Grosvenor, whose seat was vacated for Chester on succeeding to the office of Treasurer of the Queen's Household, was reiilscted on Satur- day, without opposition. The Earl...

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The reports of the potato crop that reach Dublin from all parts of the country are of the very worst kind. The disease seems to have attacked the growing plant in all quarters,...

joreign an eolonial.

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FRANCE.—The Ministerial gain from the new elections is variously estimated at from 22 to about 40. Taking the lower estimate, the major- ity in favour of Ministers will be about...

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We have reason to believe that Lord Ponsonby, who was so long Am- bassador at Constantinople, will succeed Sir R. Gordon as Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Mr. WAKLEy urged Ministers to add Mr. Duncombe's name to the Com- mission of Inquiry into the abuses alleged to exist in Milbank Prison. Sir GEORGE GREY...

The Times publishes a private letter from Cologne, of the

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16th instant, narrating a general riot in that city; indeed, the writer says that the place The Times publishes a private letter from Cologne, of the 16th instant, narrating a...

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Mademoiselle Rachel was honoured with a little ovation last night, at the end of her engagement. After the conclusion of Les Horaces, in which she took leave of the English...

The Great Britain steam-ship arrived at Liverpool this morning; having

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left New York on the 1st instant. On the passage, the engines were stopped for eighteen hours, to repair the driving-chain. The advises are but one day later than those...

Last night's Gazette announces the appointment of Lord Robert Grosvenor

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to be Treasurer of the Queen's Household, in the room of the Earl of Jermyn, re- signed. Mr. Ward, the Secretary to the Admiralty ' has been called from his official duties by...

The visitors to the Princess's Theatre have been amused by

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the produc- tion of a little farce called The Barber Bravo. The principal character, which is played by Mr. C. Mathews is a smart, bustling, Italian barber, whom a princess...


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ARRIVED—At Gravesend, Aug. 811, Kallabokka, Bayley, from Bengal ; 9th, North Briton, Head, from Van Diemen's Land ; 10th, Andromache, Skelton, from Ceylon ; 11th, Ben Nevis,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stocks are heavy, under the influence of sales which, though not individually of magnitude, have been of sufficient importance to...

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On the other hand, however, the diminutiveness of the means in comparison with the alleged end has some advantages. It is so far better than a somewhat larger but still...


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THE condition of Ireland has impressed. the Morning Chronicle with the most singular and conflicting feelings. According to our contemporary, that condition "begins to excite...

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THAT there is a "right of way " in the principal London streets, is simply a popular delusion : the legal fact most emphatically known to the passenger is that there is no right...


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THE letter-patent recently promulgated by the King of Denmark has produced an intense ferment in all the states of the North. It has brought under the official cognizance of...

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TRAVELS, Hochelaga ; or England in the l•rew World. Edited by Eliot Warburton, Esq., Author of "The Crescent and the Cross." In two volumes aiburn. PHILOSOPHY AIM HISTORY,...

QUEEN VICTORIA'S UNCOMFORTABLE LODGINGS.—The Times, which shares with Punch a

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deservedly high repute for facetiousness, has this morning an amusing paper touching Mr. Blore's report on Buckingham Palace. We ex- tract some passages. "In the first place,...

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THIS publication has probably been suggested by the preceding collections of the contributions of Sydney Smith, Macaulay, and Jeffrey, to the Edinburgh Review • though it...

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"I PRTTHEE deliver them like a man of this world," says Falstaff to Pistol, when the latter was charged with the "happy news of price "of the King's death: and this delivery is...

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BOOKS. Shores of the Mediterranean; with Sketches of Travel. By Francis Schxnsder, Secretary to the Commodore commanding the United States Squadron in that sea. 1843-45. With...

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Tuesday, Aug. 11. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Ray and Wynne, Stoke-upon-Trent,' manufacturers of china-Steele and Co. Stoke- upon-Trent, manufacturers of earthenware-C. and A....


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WAR-OFFICE, Aug. 14.-Grenadier Guards-Lieut.-Col. G. W. Eyres, from half-pay unatt. to be Capt. and Lieut.-Col. vice Sir CI A. F. Houstoun, Bart., who exchanges ; Lieut. and...


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On the 6th August, at Titlington Hall, Northumberland, the Wife of W. J. Pawsou, Esq., of a son. On the 7th, at Cosgrove, the Lady Maria Ponsonby, of a son. On the 7th, at...

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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Prices.) &Surd. Monday remiss ' Weiss, Thor*. Pridop. Spec Genteramols Ditto for Account . 98 951 951 951 953 353 ast 3 per Cents Reduced NI 96...