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In the midst of these Italian commotions, it is natural

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to ask, what is Austria doing ? Austria is doing nothing, for aU that appears on the surface. But there are curious rumours afloabof a, resuscitation of the old alliance between...

The Dictator is firmly established at Naples ; he has

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ref. modelled the Ministry ; he has handed over the fleet to the - Sar cliniaA Admiral Persauo ; his faithful brigades and commanders are once more around him ; he has taken...


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THEE advent of Garibaldi at Naples has been rivalled by a more portentous incident—the invasion of the States of the Church by - Victor Emmanuel, followed swiftly by the...

' At home, public life is looking up in the Agricultural

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counties. The ' prospects of t the harvest grow brighter, and the county Members make good-humoured speeches. Mr. Nowdegate frater- nizes with Mr. Hardy and Mr. Roebuck, and...

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Vicron EMMANCEL ne THE STATER OF THE Cuenca. The entry. of Garibaldi into Naples has been followed by an insurrec- tion in the Papal States, and an invasion of those districts...

Disastrous, but not unexpected, news has arrived from New Zealand.

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We pointed out before the ineffective method of treat- ing the outbreak of Wiremu Kingi adopted by Colonel Gold. The emente, which he might have suppressed at first, has grown...

The investigation of the two mysterious murders, at Stepney and

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Road, continues, but with a remarkable contrast in point of success. In the Stepney ease the police have been supplied with a clue by one Mullins, formerly a sergeant in the...

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Sonic further accounts of the reception of the Prince of Wales at Mon- treal may prove acceptable, although somewhat late. The Prince on landing was met by the members of the...

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r 311t1ropnlis. A general Court of Proprietors was held at

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the V s t India-house on Wednesday, when Mr. Eric Carrington Smith was eleatg. a Director of the East India Company, vice Major Moore, deceased. , Mr. Smiles, the biographer...

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Mr. Divett, the Liberal Member for Exeter, having signified his inten- tion of shortly retiring from the representation of this city, two candi- dates for the scat have already...

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On the 7th the Queen, accompanied by the Prince Consort, Princes, and Princesses, drove to Braemar Castle to witness the Highland games ; the Royal Family were received by the...


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The Great Northern Turf Festival has been held this week at Don- caster. It is remarkable for the prodigious amount of enthusiasm it has excited ; Doncaster never having been so...

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fortigu ouli

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Fraurt.—The Emperor of the French has passed through Avignon, Tarascon, Arles, Marseilles, and Toulon, to Nice, where he arrived in the middle of the week. At Marseilles, there...

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'We were in error in stating, a fortnight ago, that the new Foreign Office is to ho built in the Italian style of architecture. The question waf left over for settlement by the...

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Mr. Jardine, one of the magistrates at Bow Street, died

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on Thursday. He was called to the bar in 1823, and sat for twenty years as a police magis- trate. He presided on the bench on Saturday last with his usual ability, although for...


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SATURILIIT MORNING. The Italian question marches. The Noniteur of yesterday prominently made a statement which has given wings to political speculation, and has led to extreme...

Austria is taking care of herself, and striving to prop

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up her house A telegram from Vienna, sent on. Thursday evening, says "a grand dinner was given by the Emperor at Schrenbrunn on Tuesday last, in honour of the birthday of the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAT ATTENNOON. Although this has been a highly important week in the political world, and every day has brought us information of facts of a very serious...

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Ittirr to Or Cain.

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COST OF THE NEGLECT OF 017E WEST INDIA. COLONIES. Charing Cross ' &jambes. 7, 1860. Sin—Doubtless your readers will be startled at what follows, as I was in- deed myself, until...

Boon's LETTER TO A CRTLD.—My dear Jeanie—So you are at

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Sand- gate ! Of course, wishing for your old play-fellow, M— he can play,—it's work to me) to help you to make little puddles in the sand and swing on the gate. But perhaps...


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This is now the festival season. The "Meeting of the Three Choirs" has been held this week at Worcester. This festival, which has been annually held for nearly a century and a...


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Most of the breech-loading tifies we have seen, have been distinguished for their ingenuity, but not at all for their simplicity : an exception is the one before us. The effort...

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THE NEWEST ASPECT OF THE ITALL1N QUESTION. THE address of Victor Emmanuel to the Piedmontese soldiers is the promulgation of a fortune for Italy which was not within the range...


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JAMES Wri.so ' s who has just departed from us, will gather round him a stronger and more widely-extended sympathy than most men. The circumstances of his career identify him,...

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HE would be a bold man who should say that the Austrian em- pire is on the brink of destruction, but he would be a bolder who should say that she is not - menaced by serious...

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THE repeal of the Navigation-laws, which achieved so much for commerce, has brought out in bold relief the injustice of local impositions, such as "quay dues," "harbour dues,"...


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AT times, the reformer is stricken with despondency at the oeedingly slow progress made by ideas that are almost self-eN dent, and by reaction which naturally follows upon their...

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WE justly pride ourselves on the principles of our Criminal Juris- prudence, and not without ample reasons, for they have contri- buted equally to the punishment of guilt and...

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GREEK HISTORY FROM PLUTARCH. * WE wish to recommend to the English reader a genuine bit of Greek History, in a series of Lives from a good old Greek author, with whose name we...

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THE Madras officer who writes under the nom de plume of "The Old Shekarry," is a capital hand at making a bag, but a very griffin at making a hook. Although his sporting...

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'WHY THE SHOE PINCHES. * IT is a curious and melancholy

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fact in the history of civilization that, among the things which are worst done under the sun are many of those which all mankind have been doing since the be- ginning of the...

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• fine Irts.

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The Royal Institute of British Architects have had under their con- sideration a proposition for establishing a system 'of examination in architecture, with a view to making it...


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A five-act comedy, by M. E. Dubreuil, lately produced at the Odeon, with the title Les Manages d'Amour, has made too slight an impression - to render anything like description...


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Lord Brougham's new " Treatise on the British Constitution," is promised by Messrs. R. Griffin and Co., for the beginning of November. The same publishers announce "A History...

601 tOratrts.

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Amid the dulness of the present season, Mr. Dion Boureicault's new version of Griffin's "Collegians," which was brought out at the Adelphi on Monday, as the Colleen Baum, is a...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 11. . . Bankruptcy AmusIled..-Wilzum. AppLgrAan, Hull, plumber. Bankrupts.-Wru.tAii SCORE," Hatcbam, soap-manufacturer-Jim:Es KATE, Rich-...


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BRITISH FUNDS. per Centesimal' Mao for Account &per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1860 Annuities 1883 Each Stock, 9 per Cent India Stork, 103 per Cent Exchequer...


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On the Sd of September, at 97, Eaton Square, Lady Scott, of a son. On the 4th, the Lady Catherine Wheble, of aeon. On the 5th, at 2, Glocester Place, Portman Square, the Wife...