16 DECEMBER 1854

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THE Parliament met on Tuesday ; called together at this unusual period of the year, as the Queen's Speech stated, in order that the Crown might take such measures as would...

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The business which Parliament was particularly summoned to transact commenced

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in the House of Commons on Wednesday, with the introduction of the new Militia Bill; and on Thursday followed the second reading of a still larger measure in the House of Lords,...

The Parliamentary proceedings constitute almost the entire news of the

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week ; though affairs of course are going on in the other parts of the world. The siege at Sebastopol proceeds, or was pro- ceeding late in November; but we have nothing fresh...

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PEINOIPAL BUSINESS OP T*1 WEEK. Houma br LOitbd: Tuesddy, Dec. 15. Queen's speeeb — Debate on the Address_ Addressagreed to. Thursday, Dec. 24. Enlistasentof Foreigners; Duke...

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TECQueen.arsived in town from Windsor Castle an Monday morning; aniLin. the afternoon she held a Privy Council at Buckingham. Palace; when the terms of her Majesty's Speech to...


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tAt the meeting of the Royal Geographical Society on Monday,-1 4 prd Shield in the ohair,—reporta were read from Dr. Barth, announcing his departure from Timbuctoo, last Maroh ;...

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The nomination for the vacant seat at Abingdon took place on Monday. Both the candidates, Major Reed and Mr. J. T. Norris the London Com- mon Councilman, are Liberals. Mr....


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Some time ago, the Dublin Protestant Association sent a communica- tion to Mr. Disraeli, enclosing a resolution agreed to at the meeting. Mr. Disraeli replies, that he is...

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THE CRIMEA. —According to the Russian despatches reported via Ber- lin, nothing of importance had occurred before Sebastopol up to the 4th. Despatches from Lord Raglan and...

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We have authority to state that Major-General Bentinek and Lieu- tenant-Colonel Lord George Paget will return to the Crimea , the former to command the Fourth Division of the...

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On the 16th October, at Ferozepore, Bengal, the Wife of Captain Sir Edward Fitzgerald Campbell, Bait., H. M. Sixtieth Hines, of a son. On the 8th December, at loalluire Rectory,...

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• ll copy of the treaty of alliance between the Queeti of Great Britain, the. Emperor of Austria, and the Emperor of the French, signed at Vienna on the 2d Deceniben. and...

. Vase of thanks to the Army and Nitvy'serving in

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the Crimea ancIthe Bjaek Sea were last night passed unanimously by both Houses of Par- liament. In the House of Lords, the Doke of NEWCASTLE moved, and the Earl of Danny...

the Western Porters; stipulating for the on o certeutiedv on

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the North Sea and the Baltic. From St. Petersburg, rid Hatatirt, !i'lll '#' eel ]ate lira` comber 12, states that should negotiations Vd to peace by t end of the year, a new...

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• Lord Rutberhinl, one of the most distinguished Judges of

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the Courtof .Session in Scotland, died at Edinburgh early on Wednesday morning. • The Convocation Of the Province of Canterbury was formally pro- rogried, yesterday, until the...


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Mr. Wyld, of the Great Globe, has just finished a raised model of the seat of war, based on actual measurements and sketches on the spot. The model exhibits the country that...


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The Gallery of Illustration reopened on Mondaywith a diorania bearing this title. The views of Cronstadt, St. Petersburg, the rendezvous of the fleets at Varna, and others, have...

A gentleman with his head thrust through a large aperture

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in the centre of a work-table, that he may serve as a block whereon to trim caps, is a ludicrous object, especially if he is subjected to emotions that affect his face in a...

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Not being over-sanguine in our expectations respecting native dramatic talent, we find reason to rejoice when we observe anything like a ten- dency on the part of our...

• STOCK EXpassusii, FilMAT Arlin:MOON. The explanations in . Parliament

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. regarding tbeonsting of the Austrian treaty havwconsiderebly . dar np edl the sanguine tlews,pf,the recent ' specula- tors for nrissin. the Vends ; who have suddenly b&onie...

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WAR MORALITIES. Tun freedom from crime and disorderly conduct in our army be- fore Sebastopol, npon which Mr. Sidney Herbert lately dwelt with such well-merited emphasis, not...

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THE Times has fully justified itself in raising the question whether General England can be left in a post that appears to place him next to the chief command; successor...


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AT last we have from Ministers themselves, historically and offi- cially, a statement of the war, its progress thus far, the position to which it has brought us, and so much us...


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EXTRAVAGANT and reckless conduct is charged against Mr. Richard Augustus Bethell, because, having an income of about 6001 a year, he contracts debts to the amount of 12,0004 And...

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THE Duke of Newcastle and the Gazette announce that commis- sions will be given to one Sergeant in each battalion of Lord Rag- lan's army after the battle of Inkerman, as it was...

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WAR-OFFICE, Dec. 12. 50th Regiment of Foot—Lieut.-Gen. Sir Richard England, K.C.B. to be Col. vice Lieut.-Gen. the Right Hon. Sir Geor g e Arthur, Bart. deceased. 8th Regiment...

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.- Star ert and Fair, Greenhills..ilear Caetlebar, Ireland, agents for the purchase of fame stock-Laing end Scotland, Liverpool, general com-...


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it ADMIRALTY, Dec. 7.--.Carmi of ,Royal Merines-rF st.Lieut. II. S. Buck, of the Artillery Companies of tlfe Cormi, to be Capt j vice arker, killed in action ; Second Limit. R...

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BRITISH PUNE 3 per Cent Consols S. gadird. (Ctonlag Yeaday. Prides.) ressdeptrodossi. shut — • Ditto for Account 921 es d. 911 ea 914 3 per Cents Reduced 911 Si1 SI/...

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London : Printed by Jossen CrArron, of 820, Strand, in

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the County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of JOSEPH CLAYTON, No. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Dunstan's in the West, in the City of London; and Pulilished by the...

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LORD JOHN RUSSELL'S FOX—POL . 17 ME III. * NOTHING short of a deliberate perusal of this volume from titlepago to finis could have persuaded us that the correspondence of a man...


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DEMMER 16, 1854.

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MAJOR CUNNINGHAM'S LADAX.* ALTHOUGH to a considerable extent the result

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of personal observa- tion, this volume rather falls under the head of geographical me- moir than of travels. There are occasional incidents, descriptions of considerable force,...

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his Christmas-book " a fireside pantomime for great and small children"; and tells us that it arose from a set of Twelfth-Night characters which he was requested to draw for...

citing the attention, sharpening the mind, and contributing by de-

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grees to form the popular literature of all the nations between the Ganges, the Atlantic, and the Arctic circle. Yet, so fallacious is fame, there was no such person as Pilpay !...

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BOOKS. Thirty Years of Foreign Policy. A History of the Secretaryships of the Earl of Aberdeen and Viscount Palmerston. By the Author of "The Right Hon. B. Disraeli, M.P., a...

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This exhibition reappears after an interval of a year or two ; having shifted its quarters from the Portland Gallery to that of the Society of British Artists in Suffolk Street....


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MR. RUSKIN'S LECTURES. The series of three lectures on Coloured Decoration, applied to archi- tectural and other purposes, closed on Saturday last, with the subject of Colour....

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London, 14th December 1854. Sin—May I request the insertion in your valuable paper of the following remarks on Dr. Davy's letter of the 5th instant, as they materially affect...

vived in modern deeds of "derring, do " • and

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that from the ranks of officers and soldiers alike spring forth high valour and sublime humanity. And th e y have called forth from the nation the noblest emotions in expression...


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4th December 1854. Sin—I think it better to send off the remainder of what I have to say in answer to the above question at once, that it may either take its chance be- fore...

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Oh wives and mothers ! sisters, brothers, And children of the Dead! And fathers too—all mourners who Will not be comforted ! Still feeling, o'er and o'er again, Yet warm, the...