18 APRIL 1840

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NEWS OF THE WEEK • EAsiut brings its amnia intermission

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of Parliamentary labours. The first half of the session has been rather larger than usual. Ministers were m a hurry to marry their Royal :Mistress, and scarcely allowed the...

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Hostilities between England and Naples seem to be almost ine-

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vitable. his Neapolitan Majesty refuses compliance with the demands of the British Government for the abolition of the French sulphur monopoly. Prince CASSARO, Minister of'...

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PRIVILEGE. The House of Lords, MI Saturday:, read the Printed Papers Bill turtle, passed it. and sent it down to the Commons ; who agreed, d Jolts Itusseit.es motion, to take...

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The Cambridge Election Committee assembled on Saturday ; Sir Charles

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Lemon in the chair. Mr. Austin, Mr. Cockburn, and Mr. Talbot, appeared for the petitioner, Mr. Gibson ; Mr. Sergeant Wrang- ham and Mr. Biggs Andrews, for the sitting Member,...

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WINDSOR CASTLE will be the Royal residence during the Easter holy- days. On Wednesday afternoon, the Queen, Prince Albert, and the Hereditary Prince of Saxe Coburg, took their...

Vibe jilttropolts.

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The public meeting of the " merchants, bankers, shipowners, and inhabitants" of' London, on the subject of New Zealand, was held in Guildhall on Wednesday. It was originally...

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Two serious accidents happened on the Mile-end Road on Saturday

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evening. A horse in a chaise took fright, and ran upon time broad side- walk, then crowded with booths and people. The owner. Mr. Mul- lieer, and his servant, were thrown out,...

The Reverend Dr. Ifook,. e Vicar of Leeds, will preach

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the Spina ser- The Reverend Dr. Ifook,. e Vicar of Leeds, will preach the Spina ser- mon Ion at Christ Church, on Sunda next ; and on the Sunday morning following he will plead...

'Mr. O'Connell wrote frnm London two letters to the men

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id Mayo and Kilkenny," denotmeing thou conduct of their respective 31embers, Sir William Brabazon and Colonel Butler. The "head and front " of theee gentlemen's " offending." is...

Zbe Vrobinces.

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31r. lIerbert Barrett Corteis has announcid his intention of standing ler East Sussex, on the Whig interest, at the neat election. 31r. lIerbert Barrett Corteis has announcid...


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Mr. Drummond, Under Secretary for Ireland, died on Wednesday, at his residence in the Pheenix Park, Dublin. lie was seized with inilam- illation of the bowels, which beffied...

At the Queen Square Office, on Wednesday, five footmen, in

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the eer• ice of the Alenjuis of Lansdowne, the Marquis of Normaubv, Lord 31elhourne, the Earl of Tankerville, and Lord Ellenborongh, were e1iereed with assaulting the footman of...

At the Liverpool Assizes, on Saturday, the lIonourable henry Sydney

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Plunket, of the Eighty-sixth liegimeet of Foot, was sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment in Lancaster ( 'ii St le, to find two sureties of 10t1/. each, and enter into his...

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Under the head of " Smam , Packets to the West

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Indies," the Colon/al Gazelle of last Wednesday says—" We have the satisilictieu to announce that there is at length it certainty of this grand im- provement being realized W ....

A letter from Entry Island in Cook's Strait, New Zealand,

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dated tith November. states that the Tory sailed from that place for Bina, an island the residence of the father of the Company's interpreter NAVTI, on the 2811. of October....


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Lord Ino - liaret has thought it worth his while to correct Captain Acker:es 's soli:sot at the Guildhall meeting on Wednesday, that lie held 50,00o acres of land in New...

Lord Palmerston, in his speech on Sir James Graham's motion,

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called particular attention to the signature of one of the firm of Sanderson, Frs•s, Fox, and Company, to the letter conveying the approbation of the " British merchants of the...

An unflanuled rumour of Lord Chief Ithron A binger's resignation,

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to make way for Lord Bronghom (.!) has been in circulation. An unflanuled rumour of Lord Chief Ithron A binger's resignation, to make way for Lord Bronghom (.!) has been in...

Out of 22 charges at College Street Police-office, (Dublin) on

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Wed- nesday morning, IS were for being drunk.—Register. There are two convict-ships now lying in Kingston harbour, the William Nicholl asd the King William, both bound for...


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On the present :tspect of Church politics in Scotland, we have some authentic in torm,s in: in a private letter— Time NV iid pa: t or at least a portion of them, seem inclined...

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The present omnibuses have be e n hung considered to require much

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improvement, and it seems that a new l'arm is a'entt to be introduced, which may be expected to obviete several eeieting. inconveniences. The patent omniatmes will be divided...

A telegraphic despatch from Madrid, dated on the 9th instant,

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and which appeared in the Moniker Parisien of Monday night, aneounces that the Ministers of War, Marine, and the Interior, had resigned, and that their resiguations had been...

We have received newspapers front Jamaica to the 26th of

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Fe- bruary. Governor Metcalfe continued his tour through the island, and was everywhere well received. It would seem that the more ardent of the Baptist Missionaries continued...


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WAWOVIler. April 17.--4111 lteginictit l'or:ttl 11 Roso kEasigo balf.pay ot the re.lth Fth.11 Ito I.:, 1. 1,110‘11, Gem, to he Cornet. by purchase, vice R so, who retires. lot...

blIZTES, AND DEAeflas, t at t 1 1 .1 4 , 011.

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and heir. ()it m u, , ;1 )1.1 , 11, rim St .1 (/tt 111, , 1:1i11 ittst . it, t,' I ri1OSI.IS ttr s.tit, 01 tlit• 11111 i! it Ow II: I II'S. Ili,- 1101. MI, A!t1•111. ,...

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1 ) 0

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SATURDAY. The Paris papers, received ilk morning. represent the aspect of' affairs at Alexandria as very gloomy. Mete:met All had positively refused to surrender the Turkish...

alosing of the Theatres during Passion Week all'ords managers a

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capital opportunity for making ready the Easter amusements : moreover, it leaves its a little space to vent a few thoughts suggested by Mr. 4:0 %ems K Est tu.e's late...

The French Chamber of Kers have voted the secret service-money

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by 1 to 90. Thiers tied Ccusia are said to have spoken with great tact and ability.

:11 () :1 Y MARKET.

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S DWI( LXCHAUGR, Tounsazr Acre KNOON. 1 . 1 • 1(.• plentifelnees of rrad.1 - , rt . .' :oned 1.) the ismie itie Dividelek pro- duced Its t c e u i u l effect upon t Goa., I...

Tit , Queen Regent of Si ci h., reconstructed her Cabinet—provi-

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sionally, that is, until she oIc.cicca further instructions front the ontnipos temt artero.

The following is a rerrect copy of the Archbishop of

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Dublin's letter read ut the New Zealand meetings which has been inaccurately re- ported in most of the yews's:tilers. The apprehension of an English penal settlement in New...

F,AST 1N111:1 SIIII'l'ING.

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AITTV • i - .11 Liverpool, Illth, cue Charlotte, - ---,.from Ilembay, lieile • . 1 noyd, ' 1 ' .,1;ping, from lnowad. At New Smolt NN ' ales pleeive. to 1.10e. i;ai,...

The slogsbary Goselle sa3 ilsat the King of Naples has

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called upon the Cevernments of France, Austria, aed Russia, to moderate bet ween Engla sd and Naples ; and I be Paris Aurnal du, hauls states that three French vesi-xls of war...

Thug i'ost this mornieg lc,a : aong article on New

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Zealand, in which it is staved that the I/ilea:tors of the New Zealand Company are " Libe- rals all." It is not often that the .11oriiiily ( ) est eommits such a blunder ; and...

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COLONIZATION OF NEW ZEALAND. Tim attempt of the French Government to establish a penal colony in New Zealand, the public meeting at Guildhall on Wednesday, and the publication...

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were grievously puzzled where to look for a public demonstration in favour of the Bedchamber Ministry, Mr. Aecoeg's return for Ludlow was hailed as a godsend. Loud pteans were...


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TH 1.1 House of' Commons has rejected Lord InstassNeS motion to prevent the Judge of the Court of' Admiralty front sitting in future Parliaments. We consider this as tote of the...

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TILE rrE LESS FAVOURITE, Avian e iii:cuesees ON " BOTTOM ' S

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DREAM. " ROCK% that IIIVO St , o(1 ibr ages have yielded at length to the un- dermining sea ; monument , of brass and marble are worn away by the hand " Tempos ednx serum ' "...


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THE first concert of the season performed by the pupils of the Academy, with the assistance of established and experienced periMmers, was given last Saturday, at the Hanover...

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Biwa. Alum A Memoir of the Poetical Life of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, with Ex- tracts from his Writings. By George Croly, LL. P. Ike. In 2 VON, Odell; Blackwood,...


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every thing, to speak the language of' ontology, an " essential property" common to each individual of the same kind, and forming the characteristic which distinguishes that...

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TIIE real purpose of this publication is to display the read- Mg and rhetoric of' Lady 31ontoos. Its avowed object, so far as we can discover any definite meaning in a plan...

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THE object of Sir FRANCIS VINCENT in this novel, is to present his view of the _leading causes and characters of the French Revolution by the means of a fiction ; and this...

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Boons. Winnan and her Master. By Lady Moneta:v, In 2 vols. /Wats, chilfly Dramatic. Edited by TlIONAS hluii LOWE, Dean of Exeter. Memoirs of the Life nf Sir Samuel Rooting,...

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NEW WATER-Cofeetele SOCIETY. THE exhibition of this young Society continues advancing steadily in public estimation : every year it puts forward fresh claims to notice. its the...