18 AUGUST 1855

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THE long hunger of public expectancy has at last received some -stay, in the successes of the Allies reported both from the Baltic and the Black Sea. There has been another...

The Session of Parliament was brought to a close on

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Tuesday, after its changeful and harassing experiences, in a manner consis- tent With recent cinsteni. The Members, diminished in numbers as compared with those who assembled to...

Certain Parliament men have had occasion to go to their

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con- stituents; some of them beoause, they have been appointed to office under the Crown, one as a volunteer in rendering account Of these ' Mr. Lowe is, pen_ionally and by...

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Oar Queen is in France. Her Majesty left Osborne yesterday

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; passed the night on the waves she rules in virtue of her Britannic title ; and is by this time traversing, a prized and homage-receiving guest, the Saho land where no woman...

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EIVSINESS OP THE WEEK. Norsk or Loam &tandem, August IL Limited Liability Bill read a third time and passed. Monday, August 13. Appellate Jurisdiction of the Rouse of Lord,;...

All eyes are turned to the sun, glad when they

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can see it; and this week Phcebns has been gloriously visible, clouded only by the mists of his own heat. The prospects of the harvest improve accordingly. in respect to the...

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COr (punt.

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AT Osborne, on Monday, the Royal Speech to be read at the proro g ation of Parliament was arran g ed and approved by the Privy Council. At the same Counoil, Mr. Lowe, Mr....

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Kidderminster and Hertford have both returned their old Members, without contest. At Hertford, on Tuesday, Mr. Cowper was nominated by Mr. Gripper, seconded by Mr. Smithman,...

Ight 3/101 . 111111115. The interestin g q uestion of a Saturday half-holiday in

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the Metropolis was discussed at a crowded meetin g held in Guildhall on Wednesday ; 'Sir James Duke in the chair. Mr. Hubbard, late Governor of the Bank of En g land. Mr....

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During the past week, Lord Palmerston has given a reply to the memo- rialists who prayed that an unconditional pardon might be granted to Mr. Smith O'Brien. The Government...

inrrigu nut' Culunial. POUNCE.—The fete Napoleon, on the 15th, was

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kept this year with diminished splendour ; and the money usually spent in lamps, fireworks, and shows, was divided among the families of the killed and wounded in the Crimea....

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Mr. Cowpees successor in the office of - Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department is Mr. Massey, Monber for Newport in the Isle of Wight ; which place he his repreaented...

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fierramir. Yesterday the official telegraph notified two important events from the seat of war,—a victory on the Tchernaya, and the renewal of the bom- bardment of Sebastopol....

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The Reverend Henry Mackenzie, well known as the Vicar of

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St. Mar- tin's lathe Fields, has been appointed to a living in Lincolnshire, and be has consequently resigned - the Metropolitan parish., Yesterday, his pa- rishioners, with Mr....

from the United States, directed to Warsaw, vitt Antwerp. Thia;;0

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doubtless give rise to an inquiry.—L' Ufa ion.

The Queen and Prince Albert, accompanied by the Prince of

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Wales and the Princess Royal, embarked last night on board the Victoria and Albert yacht, lying off Osborne. In the suite of her Majesty were the Marchioness of Ely, Lady...

An event in India has been dnly stated in the

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summaries of news from that country, but not in a manner to note its very great importance ; and it is not too late to repair the omission. We refer to the appointmeat ef Prone...

As the 12th of August this year fell on Sunday,

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the game had one dare respite. Accounts of the opening of the campaign on the moors, so far as received, are .not very favourable, and prospects for the future are ince:r, Min....

The Parktnento of Madrid asserts that M. Oloza.ga officially informed

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the Emperor of the French, in a recent audience granted by his Majesty, that the Spanish Government has adopted the resolution to take part in the war against Russia, and of...

&rove Biensiverii . r i alnalri l etuttioidi

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Government Securities this week have undergone some moderate fltiettia•s tions, and have occasionally'shoivn firmness , nail:tied . by &Vein - able aretther Cud depression in...

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thr illtatrts.

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The Opera season has been very short this year-just four months, from the 11th of April to the Ilth of August-'but very successful in a pecuniary sense. The houses have been...


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The success of the grand spectacle Paris, at the Porte St. Martin, has provoked competition. Another piece on precisely the same principle has been written by MM. Barriere and...


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The Third Session of the Parliament of 1852 was opened on Tuesday the 12th December 1854, by the Queen in person ; and prorogued on Tuesday the 14th August 1855, by Commission....

The fact that a young, intelligent, and pretty actress, has

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made her debllt in comedy, is most worthy of record at a time when the tenders. dies of the theatrical world are rather to thin than to swell the histrionic ranks. We therefore...

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1.11E PARLIAMENTARY SESSION OF l855. Jr Members of Parliament are to console themselves at all for their expenditure of time, health, and energy, upon public business during...

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FRANCE. THE visit of Queen Victoria to France is fuller "Contrasts In tlig • ••:- 'comparison with her last visit. She goes new • I li Ant an istnpkin, and a young Empress in...

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.. , . ., . THE staten t Made by; Sir De.,,Ltiey Evans just before the sepa- ration of . ,,W.gominous ;I on . Tuesday,,-is , likely. to be of - servioe in stiiiitila...


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Ix the process of improving anything BO complicated as our sta- tate-book, there are two branches of work to be performed ; add such will remain the ease until that day—blessed...

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Sworren Mr. Wingrove Cooke find a continuator, the writer will be sorely puzzled to allot the conduct of our public men to their proper party designations. How will he account...

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OrrEstnis than once we have noticed the defect in our official orga- nization which causes efficient public servants to be shelved, while it occasions the employment of men upon...


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THACXERAY . S NEWCOMES.. THE striking characteristics of Mr. Thaciseray's novels have been so often and so clearly pointed out, and the novels resemble each other so much in...

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IT is said that when Garrick' was vehemently applandhig noble

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and gentle .amateurs'at an exhibition of " private - theatricals," ho was so startled into•truth by the appearance of. an engaged " pro- fessional," that he exclaimed " Ha; hit...

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combustion and ventilation applied to the pur- poses of health and life in a civilized state are the subjects of this volume. Particular topics, indeed, wear a smaller appear-...

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On the 19th July, at Government House, St. John's, Newfoundland, the Wife of his Excellency Charles Henry Darling, Esq., of a son. On the Ilth August, at Blaiigourte House,...


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BOOKS. The week's publications have been rather more numerous than of late, but without exhibiting any very striking promise in a literary way. Mr. New- degate, after vainly...

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WAR-OFFICE, Aug. 14.—Medical Staff Corps—Capt. R. S. Cole, from the 3d Foot, to be Assist.-Staff-Capt. Weit-oericie Aug. 17.—Royal Horse Guards—Gen. Viscount Gough, G.C.B. from...


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[From 'Me Official Return.] Ten Weeks Week of 161544. of 1855. Zymittle Diseases - Dropsy, Cancer, and other disease* of uncertain or variable seat, Tubercular Dixesees 486.0...


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Tiiesday, Aug. 14. Pattrxmissups DissoLvep.—Haddock and Co. Prestatyn, Flintshire, chemists Bell and Jenks, Grantham, fe ll niongers—Boxell and Co. Norton Folgate, victuallers...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing ?Heel.) It per Cent Consols Ditto for Account :per Cents Reduced New spec Cents Loog Juswaitles Annuities 1865. Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock,...