23 NOVEMBER 1839

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The evidence given during the present week before the Mon-

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mouthshire Magistrates. shows that the Chartist combination was not only extensive, but that it had existed for a considerable pe- riod, and embraced mets of intelligence and...

The Metropolis was alarmed on Wednesday by an announcement III

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the morning pnpers of the sudden and dangerous illness of the Duke of Wass: soroe. It was said that his Grace had been "taken speeehle7f tin Monday night at Weimer Castle, and...

Arrivals from New York have put us in possession of

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Canadian news to the 29th of October, and United States to the 2d of November. Mr. POULETT Tuoatsms has received addresses from the Magis- trates and from the merchants of...


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Tun; Privy Council assembles this day to receive a communication from the Queen of her intention to marry Prince A LUETIT of Saxe Coburg. Nobody will be surprised by the formal...

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Yesterday, two persons, with names once familiar to the publie,

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op. plied for their discharge in the Incolvent Debtors' Court. Mr. Oteutty Caleraft, who married Miss Love, from whom he was divorced " n1taet Noveznher 1:=n0," said, that he...

- van . allude to the extraordinary activity in the

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naval ,a. i..!:ats made to procure seamen. There are a v: some of them first-rates, in pro- cess ca' e• ; and orders have been received to continence the buil co: Ivt aye more.

' A correspondent of the Morning Chronicle says that the

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late Duhe . cf : Bedford, Lord Holland, and Lord John Russell, were the only M big • noblemen who subscribed to the Middlesex Registration Society. • The funeral cortege...

The Eastern question has not advanced towards a settlement. According

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to the lest accounts, Lord PoN!..oNter had prevailed upon the Porte to react the terms ofilmed by France for a treaty with Minfaatier Am.

Zfir (Court.

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THE Q . i1 - ,:ne service in St. George's Chapel on Sunday. - With h a -• y•al closet. were the Countess of Albemarle, Lade ( l:•■ De ea t. and Lords Melbourne,...

Tbe Artropolls.

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In the Court of Queen's Bench, on Monday. Mr. Platt applied for a rule upon the Sheriff of Middlesex to return the writ of inquiry served upon him in the case of Stockdale...

A demi-otlicial paragraph in the Morning Chronicle announces that the

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Shalt of Persia has acceded to all the demands of the liritish Government. Diplomatic relations between England and Persia 1611 be renewed; and it is expected that a commercial...

There ara rumour: of an insurrection in Madrid, and of

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the total defeat of CAlltrEllA in Arragon. The Queen Regent of Spain is very unpopular, in consequence of yielding to the French or Moderado party.

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At the meeting of the Bury Town-I ',midi! en Saturday,

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Mr. Eagle mow. ed that the Council should A - X.0)1111,1111 the Co% ernment to appoint Mr. Maltby as Recorder of that bonen:1m, on the appointment of Sir R. M. Rolfe, the...

H.-11 of' the Monnenol• e tinned at

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. yitool. Front the \ . lo.i...ets 1ub- lisl.."1 nt tit o .1.. ;Tees, we sob..c.. p. •. ao.1 importance. C:oyd a sho,Analier trad,o, P. I n I 'l,Jrch Bow, Somers Town, nod a...

t irJ,be /31111Bil1ftS.

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Mr, Roby, of Rochdale, has received an invitation to stand, in con- junction with Mr. Rolling, in the Conservative interest at the next election for Bolton.—Blackhurn...

, 4 .t.dniey evening, an boniest was held on the corpse of

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=.1 - . Wi lint. is Sims, Whose suicide was mentioned. last week, the evident.; it appeared that Mr. Sims had been muelt liar* business. le was a partner in two mercantile...

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Tyne, has been committed to prim, charged with the murder

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of Joseph Chicken, his brother-iu-law, with whom be had a violent quarrel. He knocked the deceased down with a poker, and stabbed him in the stomach with a knife. The quarrel...

William Davis, nephew of the Reverend Mr. Davis, a Baptist

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mi- nister in Canterbury, has been arrested in his uncle's house, where he lay iu concealment, and conveyed to Newport, where he will be charged with participation in the riots....


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The Dublin Corporation have vate.1 freea•,:e oa their city to Mr. Bradshaw, as a mark of respect and approval of hia Canterbury speech. Mr. O'Connell has written a letter to...

(adduct Couacils were heal on aa.....aa a ., Tuaelay, Weduaaaay, and yesterday.

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ken hunting on \t ii last wt , 11 !Amt.! . the whole of a beer, raw, cold . 1 t.y_ he had t: '0 10 1.,!."..'r, t w a n ner Castle, he sate ltiiutscht IV! liCi .t.s. :•.15 .1....

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Queen Adelaide's v:-Its ta 'fury Leras and to Sir Robert

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Peel, and the homage paid to hes ley the Tory party, provoked the following from the .11orning oi 1:1*.elticaley last- " One of the wa■ th y ( h he TosSes) thoterlit they...

Last ta-lit's Cs Lea... Charles Mr. 'fleen. - lay to

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be las fah: - .• The Earl ef - ate ry. • .•-• hesal• r• . has el, ••I-; Ie., e Lord Deilasl has cesen Lord eeh, lessly Ii, hese Lord 1 1 ,-,s' al, Monte::,,,...

The following aeseriptioa of the means taken to preserve the

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King of Franee from personal outrage and his palace from attack, is front the Paris Culn,::ecce. It po:::!3vises an interest superior to that of ceannon Parisian gossip. Louis...

of the unusual activity that has lately prevailed in the

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Woolwich Arsenal, from the fact, that a greater number of pieces of ordnance; chiefly brass, have been east within the space of the last four months tlran during the whole...

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M. Blanqui has publishel an account of his mission to

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Algiers. The saint of the native population is represented by him to be very miser - able, but that most of the speculating colonists are realizing, fortunes. To give an idea of...

The Pans literary world is somewhat disturbel by the recent

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pro- d:I.:the' of a comedy called L ' Ecote des .burmilivie.:, hy MA1:1112 Emile do th irardin, wh erei a 111311y mea conneeth 1 witli the plates (and ' riders emeueott others)...

In a letter to Mr. Webster. the .1meriean lawyee anti

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Senator, Messrs. Baring Brothers and Company, request( il a reply to the follow- ing- 'i t l l 'rY lis time I.egislature erotic of the American States lencl .i!al coo . it...

The Committee of the North American Colonial Assoeletion, haying failed

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in their attempt to induce the Government to cancel Mr. Poulett Thomson ' s appointment, prudently wrote to their friends in the Pro- \ 1iocs to receive the new Governor-General...

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Sir Lionel Smith is the object of scurrilous attack in

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some of the Jamaica journals, in the Planters' interest, received by the last packet; while on the other hand he appears to IttIVC completely won the affection of the great...

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The Paris papers of Thursday bring no confirmation of Espartero's

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reported vletory over Cabrera ; neither do they contradict the rumour. It is said that the Rebel General is perpetually guilty of' acts of extreme _barbarity to the Christirtos...


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:iron EXCHANGE, FRIDAT Asersarsontr. The English Market has fully recovered the depression to which it was sub- jected at the latter end of last week. The Three-and-a-half per...

Among the Peers recently created by the King of France,

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was M. Berenger, the lawyer ; but that gentleman rejects the honour, and re- fuses to be removed front the Chamber of Deputies. M. Viennet, an- other of the new batch, says that...

A numerous concourse of persons had assembled in front of

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Buck- ingham Palace as early as twelve o'clock, and by two o'clock several thousands were collected—many of them foreigners. The Council broke up soon after three, and the...

According to the Angqbary Gazette of the 17th instant, M.

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Pontois had his first interview with the Turkish Minister of Foreiga Affairs on the 2sth of October; when be stated, that with regard to the Eastern question, " England and...


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Arrived— At Gravesend, Nov. 17th„ Palmyra, Parsons, front Bengal; 1801, Andromache, New, from New Smith Wales; 19th, Avoca. Boa-tie. front Madras and 2I5t, Stratford, Lane,...

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THE QUEEN'S.I.FUSBAND. To be TI1E HUSBAND Or THE QUEEN or GREAT BRITAIN, would seeIR the realization of all that even romance has conceived of human gran- deur and earthly...

3:Ais.7ACE:'.1ENT tItt.)1VN LAND.S AT EITII.%.31.

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.:11.1.CTAT . . St :—_',u cid r.ral s1,1 ■ . ..r is 1:.:lncol to trour.eyr.n. tv:11 the iote- ing 1e t• II,: • -taar in n Iiith tlie iiin,i , sita.eis of 'Woods nod...


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BIRTI1S. On the 10th inst., at Kidbroke, Sussex, the Lady Comfit:mu, of a vlim4hter, still. born. On the l h inst., at Itickmanswerth. Herts, the Lady of the Bev....

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As we ventured to foretell, Governor TnomsoN has had a "fair welcome" at Quebec. Our proclamation of his policy came wet from the presses of the Quebec newspapers just before...


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C i llA.S ADELAIDE is making a " progress" through the provinces: so the Tories term her I....dajeaty's journevings in the ..Vlidheal comities. It is certain that great pains...

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" RA mrANT," says a venerable " philologos," NICHOLAS BAILEY, " is when a beast of prey is reared on his hinder-legs, in a fighting posture." Toryism in I 839 is like unto the...


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IN dealing, three weeks ago, with a paper in Fraser Magazine, on " The Registration of 1639," we maintained that sufficient evi- dence bad not been adduced for the assertion...


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CORRESPONDENTS of the ir.rning Chronicle furnish - ghat they term " precedents " to guide Lord Thus in his treatment of Colo- nel Thomes, charged with "insulting his Sovereign"...

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TB AT crime is always pitiable, is one of those secret nets which ties law, as a thing practieal, is forced to ignore. It would teed to weaken, if not dissolve, time...

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At the Adelpht, the pomp of chivalry , is now superadded

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to the pride of burglary ; the clang of armour echoes the clink of' fetters ; and the bray- of trumpets, heralding the triumphant entrance of the Admirable Crichton and Henry...


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Mn. WELSH has followed his usual course with his theatrical pupils, who have generally started with .111andane and then adventured Polly: Artaxerxes is now laid aside, and the...

fur Eowann LYTTON Bi•LIVEll lias been led into a most

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injudicious proceeding. By way of "Preface to the Fourth Edition of' the Stu Cap- tain," he has ventured on a critique on his own play, in - which, though he is " sensible of...

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MRS. POSTANS is fitvourably known for her pleasant little work on Cote!' ; and these volumes on Western India will add to her repu- tation. Like her previous book, they are...


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Western India in 1838. By Mrs. Postal's, Author of" Cute);.' In 2 vols. Saunders and Otley. Pottiox, !Ivory of Guise • or the States of Blois. By G. P. B. Jaws Esq., Author...

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TDB lid iOU ii rather en improvement upon the atithor'a Liter . ..forks. It displaya, indeed, Mr. Jastiaa's natural defects of mechan- ism and heaviness; but it is written with...

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EITHER Mr. MOXON must be a daring speculator in such literature as his taste approves of, or there must be a steady under-current demand in the British public for works of...

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BOOKS. The Poetical Works of Percy llysshe Shelley. Edited by Mrs. SHELLEY, Western, India in 183.4. By Mrs. POSTANS, Author of " Catch." In two vols. ihr,noirs of ..4dmira...

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LESLIE'S PICTURE OF THE CORONATION SACRAMENT. LESLIE'S picture of the Coronation, representing the Queen receiving the sacrament, is exhibited for a short time at Mr. MooN's,...