24 OCTOBER 1840

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Tne attempt upon the life of Louis PHILIPPE, announced in the Postscript of our last week's paper, must tend to strengthen his hands, and consequently to strengthen the peace...

The abdication of the Queen Regent has given a fresh

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turn to the ever-changing posture of affairs in Spain. Queen CHRISTINA has adopted the course which it was presumed she would follow when the proposition for dividing the power...

The new King of Holland has been quickly called upon

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to exercise one of the grandest functions of the regal office— that of meeting his Parliament and delivering his opening speech. The speech does not present much of novelty...

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f tL C. retell t'rimieal Court on :Monday. the Re-

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'I .f ery. alludffd at :-;oine leitttli to the f tL C. retell t'rimieal Court on :Monday. the Re- 'I .f ery. alludffd at :-;oine leitttli to the at attn l'uektet, alio, with...

Zbe Court.

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THE Queen continues at Windsor Castle, in good health. On Sunday, her Majesty, Prince Albert, the Dateless of Kent, and the Royal Household. attended divine service in the...

`Tbr itletropolis.

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The ne• of tha lists of voters for the county of Middlesex was comp!-. :lay. On the entire revision of the county, the fol- lowing : re eiren as the results—Overseers'...

In the t'ourt of' Ilanhruptcy, on Tuesday, Richard Law, secretary

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to the Imperial Ilaeking 'ow pony, and one of the eartners ut life leek, was brought te, ettstody from the Fleet Prison, to be present at the meeting of creditera called for...

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The 74

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One day last week some person threw the stump of an oak-tree on the Taff Vale Railway, from off a lofty bank near Melin Griffith Weir, just as a train was approaching. The guard...

The Stctlii.'d Iidi 11(1, town to 1 , , itnprovirii,r. *Cat:gradual tho

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woek IS:11 Sent,: week, the ainott: - .; wi.s 137/. At the last lave:isle of t'. `;" - •;•. • to ■ .f 2,0001. 5..11.1(. - q. is one , :leeted A; tilt: se...oul :us • .1" ti 7...

On Saturday evening, a fatal accident occurred on the South-Western

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Railway. A train from Southampton, which ought to have reached the terminus at Nine Elms, Vauxhall, at five o'clock, did not arrive till six. The engine was detached, and the...


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:110lItil. S... ..11 ; 1 I toyttl I 11,:r to ti ••• :en . 11r1: N;IN .lostr,-as s

The election of the Duke of Northumberland as Chancellor of

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the I T nivereity of Cainbri*re took place On NVednesd.iy. and W;IS unanimous. There has been StikiC confusion In the mune , oa the ea:I:lid:nes for the High S,eward.,111v or...

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The Dublin Gazette contains the official notification of the appoint- ment of Sir Robert A. Ferguson, M.P., as Lieutenant of the city and county of Londonderry, in the room of...


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The approaching municipal elections in Edinburgh continue to excite very great interest amono- . all classes of the inhabitants. The first movement of importance has been made,...

On Thursday week, a fire broke out at Park Farm,

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near Kingston, the property of the Earl of Liverpool, by which wheat, bay, farm-buildings, and other property valued at 2,000/. were destroyed. Two men are in custody on...

Mr. James Holman, an Under-Graduate of Cambridge, committed suicide on

The Spectator

Tuesday morning, in his rooms in Catherine Hall, by taking laudanum, owing to excitement occasioned by being " plucked " in the "previous examination" or " little-go." It is...

A gatherings of' the Repeaters of the province of Leinster

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took place last week at Kilkenny, which, if we may credit the estimates of the numbers made by the Repeaters themselves, exceeds that at any meet- ing on any subject before...

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The decision of the Court-martial on Captain Richard Anthouy Reynolds

The Spectator

Ions been its tile known by a general order from the Horse Guards, dated the 20th I ins;ant. The " order," after stating the charge, and copying the letter from Cat tin Reynolds...

The Marquis of Normanby has left town for his residence,

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Mulgrave Castle. Lord John Russell left town on Wednesday, on a visit to the Marquis of Landsdowne, at Isis residence, Bowood Park, The Reverend Dr. Williams, Head Master of...


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We regret to announce the death of Lord Holland, after a very short illness. So lately as Tuesday, he was in better health and spirits than usual ; on that day he walked in his...

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The abdication of the Queen Regent of Spain was announced

The Spectator

inn the Paris papers of Sunday. The news was received by telegraphic de- spatch from Barcelona. The manifesto of abdication is dated the 12th. It is stated that tine Queen had...

al two n;eleel; o» 'Ile Prussian Mate Gazette contains fly!

The Spectator

details of the solemnity of dining homage to King Frederick William the Fourth, which musk place at Berlin on the 15th of' this month. His Mujesty first repaired in state to the...

M. de la Mennais is to be prosecuted for his

The Spectator

recent pamphlet against the Government, which has been seized in all the shops. It was also published ins an article in the National. The Indieateur de Bourdeaux of the 15th...

The first subject which attracts attention in the week's news

The Spectator

from the Continent is the fresh attempt which has been made on the life of the King of the French, by a man named Darmis. The Journal des 1J6- lass of Friday gives the fidlowing...

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By advicas from Lisbon, dated me Riot of oeed'aer, Queen

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of Portuaal is in a fair we tcasards reettvsay one confinement. seers Itaaliested in 'Pile military enuneil the emeute of the night ef .1a1 anislee I their • labours withont...

, The PrtHsian State tile: the eV:::

The Spectator

KlliVa is likely to be given ill. by ilaseisn e ea. '2.he ; Khan has liaerated all Rutaisa stalt:e.es deal:sal es tal:s tnea. I has Gleans itt'ezette pttahadaa . ulatito,...

The States-General of Holland commenced its session on the 19th

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instant ; When King William the Second, who has no reeently beet' in atith the kingly office by the abdieation of his father, delivered the following speech.— " altible and...

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The Madrid Gazette of the 15th contains the official announcement*

The Spectator

of the resignation of the Queen Regent ; with an address from the newly•appointed Ministers to the people of Spain, explaining the cir- cumstances which preceded the act. In...

COLONEL NICOLLS ON AFRICA. [Concluded from the Spectator of 3d

The Spectator

October.] At paragraph 14, beginning "only raise," and ending" Mr. 31'Queen," the writer in the Spectator says, " But how—by introducing the cultivation of those commodities...

The Gazette des Tribunaux states that a frotteur, living in

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the Rue Montmartre, had been arrested on Wednesday morning on a warrant of M. Zangiacomi. The Committee of Instruction of the Court of Peers attached, it appeared, great...


The Spectator

SATURDAY, The Paris papers of Thursday bring the announcement of the re- signation of the French Ministry. The immediate cause was difference of opinion between Louis Philippe...

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We have just learned that Sir John Macdonald has repaired

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to Brighton Barracks, whither the officers in Chichester had been sum- moned to meet him, in order to read a letter feont Lori Hill to the officers of the Eleventh Hussars,...

A second edition of the SSrews.loise Chteese:e nlon:ions. thnt a

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pair of stockings, supposed to be these belonging to Mts:ers. has been found at the inn at Ludlow. between the bars of the gra t e in a lomber-tasoln Seldom used. They were...

The Morning Chronicle publishes accounts from the coast of Syria

The Spectator

to the 2Sth September ; which represent the operations there to have been carried on with uninterrupted success. These accounts, it is stated, were received on Thursday through...

The Leeds .Mercury of this morning publishes, and powerfully sup-

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ports, the following address front Sir William Molesworth to his con- stituents, deprecating war with France, and urging them to call a public tueeting for the promotion of...

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B 1 If. T 11 A II A (; ES,

The Spectator

AND DEA 1'11S. lot nIl its. '.' • tit r to CANESoN, Or a SOO. Ors t IL,. Lely Cottitt GIOVANNI St.i.ostos, at the • i o .t lhart , oh' a son. ' : t, : • • , 1111. h.ioily...


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[The discussion of this subject has attracted the attention of philanthros pists, and given rise to severed letters, of which the following is one. The ton- swer which it...


The Spectator

STOCK EXCHANOE, FRIDAV AFTERNOON. The fluctuations of the Money-market have not been extensive, the extreme quotations of Consols not varying more than 1 per cent. The tendency...

E.1 81111'1'1Na. .

The Spectator

htot,ot;.o to 1. , iodon, took fite at sea lot, tin fdhlt 1, Mary Ann, Cox, loom the Ci,i,,•. 21,1, At Ite.,1, Jute., lo it stuebie . „ . ; I 17111, NItti% Aim, St. plo,o,01 ....

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The Spectator

FRENCH AND ENGLISH: NEGLECTED DUTY OF THE BRITISH NATION. THE English newspapers arrogate much credit to themselves, end to their countrymen in general, for discussing the...

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Timm was something extremely loveable about Lord Hoeneen. There was great kindness of heart, and easy good-humoured play- fulness in social intercourse, and refined taste in art...


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THE Court-martial on Captain R. A. REYNOLDS has found him " guilty of the charge against him," and has sentenced him "to be cashiered." The Queen " has been pleased to approve...

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[During the considerable time tint has elapsed since we last paid attention to South Australia in the Spectator, the colony hes been placed in a dangerous position, through the...

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THE monopoly of railway-travelling gives relsF.engers no choice to go by road or rail. Of this few would complain as a grievance per se ; for the difference in comfort and...


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Fr is a circumstance which serves to relieve political contest of much of its bitterness, that there are grounds, of the profoundest interest, upon which those who are most...

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M. I " FR .1.N 12 feels that she has the power to isolate' herself. " said ; Tninas in one of his first diatribes against the Jaly Convention. ' There is another European...


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TI1E Middlesex. Justices have this week been enacting the part of their great predecessor Midas; deciding gravely " whether Pol. or Pan shall play to us another year. " Their...


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IT is only by repeated efforts that we can hope to accomplish any new project or purpose of utility ; but they usually succeed in the end. The formation of the Musical...

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The Spectator

The History of Env,land under the House of Stuart, including the Commonwealth. [A.D. 1603-1688.] In 2 vols. Under the Superintendence of the Society for the DilTusion of Useful...


The Spectator

THE STUARTS. DR. Vitt:must has justly observed in his preface, that " the con- elition of England under the House of Stuart exhibits that point in our progress as a nation,...

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Is this, as in almost all the other works of Mrs. GORE, there is an admirable picture of modern manners in the higher circles of society, mingled with judicious remarks and...

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THESE tours by the author of The Angler in Ireland, very strik- ingly indicate the activity and locomotive habits of the English people. It is not so much that . their author...