29 AUGUST 1840

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mos have been two gatherings of Repealers in Dublin this week ; the one a parish-meeting held on Sunday, the other the weekly meeting of the "Loyal Association." The loyal lion...

The affairs of Spain continue in a troubled state. The

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struggle of the corporations for the retention of their privileges threatens to renew the civil war, if the Queen and her Ministers persist in enforcing the limitation-act. The...

The French papers, baying had nearly all the war-talk to

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them- selves, are becoming satiated of the subject, and are now begin- ning to consider what France is likely to get by going to war with England, and what she is more likely to...

Lisboa has been again the scene of an rInteste. The

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immediate cause of the riot does not appear, but the downfall of the Minis- ters was the cry. This movement had been put down without any loss of life ; and though it appears to...

The commonplace topic of the weather is at this season

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a sub- ject of great moment. The Legislature having in its wisdom thrown the country on her own precarious resources for the supply of the principal article of food, the changes...

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Zbc The ceremony of presenting the freedom of the City

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of London to Prince Albert took place yesterday, in Guildhall, which had been fitted up for the occasion. Great fears had been entertained on Thursday that the ceremony would...

In the Sheriff' Court, on Thursday, an action against the

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Bishop of Durlutin, to recover the sum of' 91. 18s. 4, 1 51/. for groceries supplied to the Bishop's son whilst at Dr. Butler's school at Shrewsbury came on for trial. The...

The quarterly meeting of the Marylebone Reform and Registration Association

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was Iteld on Wednesday evening; Mr. Bagshaw, the late Member for Sudbury, and President of the Association, in the chair. The following statement was made of the results of the...

Zbe Court.

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THE principal events at Court during the week have been the departure of the King and Queen of the Belgians, on Monday ; and the celebra- tion of the birthday of Prince Albert,...

Several destructive fires have occurred in London during the present

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week. On Monday morning, a fire broke out on the premises of Mr. Wins- land, a carpenter and builder in Brewer Street, Bloomsbury; which extended to numerous houses in the...

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At Rrentford Petty Sessions, on Saturday, four officers of the

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Ninth Royal Lancers, stationed at Hounslow Barracks, were summoned before the Magistrates for performing various freaks in the neighbourhood, to the damage of the property of...

7fIc Vrobillcrs.

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It appears Bet :'. • .1 Cromptini, his intention en' S'eg the Iselin •.•"• reasscialding of : and \V. :Durham, who some ties 0 0. the representation of' Os it • anel...

Time adjnitmeel inque.st on the bodies ell and George P.

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I• 'mon, \vies ill h0iItLIl lss the lat. i 1 0•rn Counties Jt:iit000v. \\ as I, • . nest at Ilrents ouel s. aas• lequest svas noe I.. CI,toobics it Go ..1,„ r, who...

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The Oriental steam-ship, the first of the line of steamers

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intendedfor the conveyance of mails to Alexandria, arrived at Southampton oa Saturday, from Liverpool. Iler excellence as a sea-boat has been die played on her passage from...

The improvement recently noted in the trade of Manchester ire a ,,

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glad to find, continues. The Manchester Guardian of Wednesdaygir—e, the following report. " Our market yesterday was in pretty nearly same state as on the preceding Tuesday :...

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John Randlesome, the man cony hied and ssedenced at the

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last Nor- wich Assizes for the murder of hiswid. was executed on Saturday. To the last he denied his guilt ; tieeiela there is no reason whatever to doubt, not only that he was...

A letter from Mr. Rawlinson, one of the agents of

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Mr. Sturge ' s Bir- mingham Election Committee, requests us to supply some deficiencies in Muntz soma Sturge, of winch a brief account, the report of ' the case, faithfully...


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The Lord .1,ientenata lets approved a tIe ree,h11111CIldation of ' the Grand Jury of Galway to red tee the Conqabulary forced that county ; and directions have Leen given to...

criminal information against the proprietors of the Manchester Times, for

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a libel, was tried at Liverpool Assizes on Saturday. The libel charged Sir Robert Holt Leigh, formerly Member for Wigan, with Mr? entered into collusion with the trustees of the...

About four o ' clock on Thursday morning, the inmates of the

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Angel Inn at Ludlow were roused from their beds by cries of "lire" front one of the bedrooms ; and a noise was heard of breaking glass, as if some one were making frantic...

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A meeting in Dublin of the united parishes of St.

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Nicholas Without, St. Luke, and the Bishop's and Derm's Liberties, was held on Sunday, for the purpose of aiding the cause of Repeal. Several resolutions aud speeches, of the...

The .Niwthern Whig observes, in reference to the Repeal gathering

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of the province of Munster—" We, together with sonic of our contempo- rules, have given great offence to the Repeal journals, because we ventured to question the...

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Mr. Wilson the singer, who haul been performing in Edinburgh,

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to the delight of his numerous friends in that city, has been thrown front a gig, and severely hurt, but not to such a degree as to hinder his re- appearance in a few days.

The accounts from the hop-plantations are very unfavourable. The dllaidsiolle

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Gazette gives the apportionment of the duty throughout the kingdom as tbilows, on the authority of a correspondent to be relied upon. The Rochester district, 15,000/. ;...


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There has been sonic mystification as to the " whereabout " of the Colonial Secretary ; which we find elucidated at last by the Dumfries Ti mes , It appears that Lord John...


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The accounts of the state of the crops continue favourable. The storms at the beginning of last week did much damage in the North, but not to so heavy an amount as was feared....


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Ili a former number we adverted to the mpolitie indiscriminate system of Railway-taxation. which final's the subject of comment in the Fourth Report of the Select Committee...

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Prince Albert completed his twenty-first year on Wednesday. The parish-bells ushered in the morning with merry peals. The West-end of the town presented a more than usually...

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The Waldman says that John Thorogood, the church-rate prisoner, has

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been released from Chelmsford Gaol, his friends having paid the rate and costs, in all amounting to 80/., or thereabouts. This is said to have been done without his knowledge or...

The report of the Committee appointed by the Admiralty to

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inquire into the advantages aftbrded by the different ports for the West Indian mails, has been published ; from which it appears, that the Committee strongly recommend...

The preliminary measures for the investigation into the affair of

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Prince Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, we are told by the Moniker of the 23d, are in rapid progress. Nothing has as yet been done in public. It is said that the Prince and about...

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The good people' e.f .11. liven) have been occupied for

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sev era l f a , hest weed; as well ;es in celebrating the fetes in honour of 'tub er ' s hest weed; as well ;es in celebrating the fetes in honour of 'tub er ' s w e t() iris...

Lisbon was disturbed by revolt, on the night of the

The Spectator

11th instant. At ten o'clock, a groupe of people collected in the Estrella Square, and were joined by three sergeants and about forty privates of the Muuicipal Guard stationed...

According to a letter in the Sjin«phore of 3farsailles, the

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rumours of a European war hail stirred up the pablic mind in Italy ;.1110Veinents on the part of " the Petriets" were apprehended; and the petty Sove- reigns of the Peninsula...

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. . A lar,in.• portion of' ml : • , 1 ; ;11;1. ; 1 ' •

The Spectator

.., 11 , i ,• 1 a::; Ir.. ' 1 ' 4 . 1 1 (0 ' 1 .1 • • - /It p, ■1 :11 Ii.v...1'111,„1 ' 1 , ;111S ■ 111 , . " . id (LI POSTSCRIPT. Queen's Theatre. Thy ly• -,...

ceived in that capital from the French Embassy in London

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%died' an- . 5•• .5 1 5 - I ..•„ • . . - • . • I papers state that King Leopold, min) reached Brussels on the 2etit, " If I :on mid, •:( F,, ,,',•• s.•...

\Ve .liould rejoice Is (.1 (1 ,. . • stowed on I

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hi. lhoopt,•11. ii 1 , th,• •t• mt, ! • •t!to befriend it : 5,011 %dm lei, j5''l'iriCIlI i is•• P •• t Dr. Hampden ? As a mui ht has unmie-tientil...

Austria, t■rrat Britain, Prussia, and ltir..ia, to come to au

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understandim; with .:,, , ,1 1,•:,,•. ot, 1 p• .:, ..-.:: , 11, of the Levant, hut also of the ■-reat importance which these (!outts have III vet the French...

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The Spectator

BErr Eli is 'PO TI1E EDITOR 01' THE SPECTATOR. 'Amami, 28111 .1uguit 1840. SIR—Allow me to take the liberty- of askin g you to say, what course you think should lat pursued...

MODEL OE HOBART TOWN. feet to dney

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AN extensive model of Hobart Town, n o i : t i s t o / f le tb s i e s a r le la o c f e a tt n r d en o tI sy one inch, with two small moving panora are now exhibited at the...


The Spectator

Ar../ tl. prole:pal operators Lave tecis lIt s cont:.•1•1.•il with the rg eon- e.prts:.&,... The imprnveinclit in the l'reni Is Fintsts Irs net ol so g reat an effect ; T...

EAST l'N1)1.%. sIIIPP1NG.

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Airived 11 4 \ •• \b1■.••ille; yr.,1 Ilindostan, liengat ; s'.. I :.;t11, Slutddiel:. rout] the ; " , e-ot. oo t•‘,,t,■111Va!,..-:. A t I) I Ii Janie, Ett...

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DINNER TO LORD JOHN RUSSELL. mo ss other methods resorted to by the Opposition to tenze the publication or an an- I'M :Ministry of the first P IT T, was Royal Speech at the...


The Spectator

W il es l a st we toueltial upon the question or the Eat, We eNpreSSed. With 1.0rd PAI.N11•31ST4 (ICC:Ian:thin that no English igents 11..:1 been employ, cd to stir up the...

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THE Morning Chronicle Scents to be in a sad perplexity between its professions of regard for Lord DuitilAM NVIlile alive, and the necessity of paying count to Ministers. The...


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THE Metropolis Improvements Committee, in their two Reports made to the Douse of Commons in June and .Tun Iv last, recominetal the adoption of several plans for enlarging and...


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" UNDERSTAND - INC, " airs the Globe, " by the slain quo, tin colbree. uncut if necessary', on Mehemet Ali, of those terms of equitabk arrangement which at present he would seem...

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ll■ VII'. II recently recetved the Rovat taltoo: the to

The Spectator

he ' con- hy :lie 11 , ...-trar-General mid one or more d'dmi.iiissioners, to be ana ow money re:10.v. work ' up, to be ' appoimed me the parpose, who are to prepare the...

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The Spectator

ToroottArnv. A Hand.Rook for Tr.tvellers in the Ionian Islands, (Core, Turkey, Asia Minor. and Constantinople; being a Guide to the Principal Routes in the countries, im...


The Spectator

THE arrival of the season for excursions, when London is deserted and places are crowded to which the world can be conveyed by steam, might be divined by a recluse who only saw...

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ERMAN C ON V ER S ATION. grACK-TEAcimits have so long been in the 11E0)4 of flattering the indolent and ignorant with the it tied they can furnish thew, in the form. of rut and...


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Tins novel is the work of a clever and reflecting mind, possessing an acquaintance with certain kinds of life rather than a Ion orl,(1,!;-e of the world, and neither devoid of...

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Tins small publication is full of important matter. It is an appeal to the Colonial Minister, entreating him not to destroy a growing branch of our commerce by promoting an it...