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Canada is enlivened by a second Ministerial crisis ; which

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Ms thus with its fellow crisis at a rather earlier date, Made a devilled sandwich of the general election. As Prime Minister M‘Nab suc- ceeds Prime Minister Hincks, without...

While Russia is waiting the attack upon her great Southern

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stronghold, the principal interest in the North turns upon the po- sition of the Baltic and German Governments. Something is still going forward, upon the whole probably without...

At home, the national life shows itself in many of

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its accustomed forms ; and upon the whole the display of the week is creditable, notwithstanding a tarnish here and there. Sheffield, for example, shuffles. Its most active men...

England ought to feel highly flattered at the recent attentions

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of France; since that country, which has so long set the fashion for us in many thing?, is now accepting our models. Absolute in dress, supreme in wines, despotic in...


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MORE circumstantial accounts from the Crimea correct the first anticipations of the telegraph, but are far from being less satisfac- tory. The Allied forces did not land at...

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The cholera continues to abate in the Metropolis; but the ratio of de- crease last week was not so great as had been anticipated. The Registrar- General's return, however, is of...

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fise : proceedings of the British Association at Liverpool have not been Littesasxkable far, scientific novelty. There have been soirees in Bt. George's Hall, a dinner in the...

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The Queen continues in the Highlands, enjoying pleasant exercise out- of-doors, on foot, on horseback, or in carriage. Prince Albert follows the deer ; the Queen sometimes going...

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TUB.KEY.—The intelligence from the Crimea has 'not yet got beyond the form of the telegraphic despatch, of varying authenticity. The week opened, on Monday, with an official...


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Certain Liberal electors and ratepayers of Dublin held a meeting on Monday, to "concert measures for sustaining the franchises of the Liberal ratepayers at the Parliamentary and...

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THE GENERAL THANKSGIVING. A Prayer of Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the present abundant Harvest. To be used at Morning and Evening Service, after the General Thanksgiving,...

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E ' ?" Some accounts of the Russian prisoners' in 'France,

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their conversations and amusements, find a place-in the papers. A Paris letter in the Saint Public of Lyons gives a glimpse of General BOdifICO- • " In a trip which I...


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SATURDAY. "Paris, Friday, September 29.—A despatch has been received from Mar. shal St. Arnaud, dated Old Fort, Sept. 18. Everything was prepared for a, movement ; but the...

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A telegraphic despatch has been received at the Admiralty, from

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Rear- Admiral Sir William Carrol, at Cork, announcing the arrival of her Ma- jesty's ship Phcenix at that port, with Captain M'Clure of the Investiga- - tor on board. The...

Our attention has been requested to a paper in the

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forthcoming number of the Westminster _Review , which has this extraneous interest, that while the article was passing through the press, the writer died, leaving his work...

Qr Quarto.

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The dramatic chronicle still retains more of the prophetic than the historical form. Mr. Wigan has called his company together at the Olympic; whence we may conjecture that his...

Lieutenant Knight and Lieutenant Seymour, officers of the Royal Marines,

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attacker:I:M*1e Dauntless and the Colossus, were yesterday brought before the Mayor of, Portsatouth, on a charge of having feloniously killed Matilda Jane Lodge. The evidence...


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STOCK EXCHANOR, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. So much importance is attached to further intelligence from the Crimea respecting the movements of the Allied forces, that its absence has...

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IT has been remarked that a large proportion of the capital in- vested in railway undertakings consists of borrowed money. The total amount, up to the end of last year, was...

In this view, we are inclined to doubt whether the

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caveat corn- prized in a recent Order in Council is really for the interest of this country as she is to be represented in the Paris Exhibition. The Committee of Council decline...

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[COMMUNICATED BY AN ENGLNEKR.] A RAILWAY tunnel on the Leeds Northern Railway has fallen in, im- peding a train and then partially burying it. The consequent injuries were not...


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A MASS of evidence offers itself to show the real progress of Ire- land. Under the operation of the Encumbered Estates Court, which has disposed of 3320 petitions, and realized...

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JAY'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND CORRESPONDENCE. * WITJ.Tkir YAY of Math belonged to a race of Dissenting ministers that was perhaps extinguished on his death. They were not of the...

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ALTARS, HEARTHS, AND GRAVES—ALPINE LYRICS. * THE two great characteristics of

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modern poetry are diffusion and smallness. Mr. Moultrie, in his Altars, Hearths, and Graves, fails principally by diffusiveness. The title of his book may not strictly...

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NECESSITY, says the old proverb, makes us acquainted with strange—juxtapositions. Strange indeed must have been the necessity which has put the on-Destructive, Bruno Bauer, in...

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THE DOUBLE EXODUS. Those who,felt alarmed lest Ireland should be drained of her labour- ing population under the attraction of free passages, a hearty welcome and the promise...


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Booxs. Sketches of the Lircs and Judicial Services of the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. By George Van t3antford. Ltfe' 8 Lesson ; a Tale. Vie...

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On the 10th September, at 3, Camden Terrace West, Mrs. Joseph Tottllurora„ so n . On the 15th, at Wickham Place, Essex, Lady Champion de Crespi g nyJof a drau g ff- ter. On the...


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Mr. Cardwell's return comprises details respecting railwaysperations at the close of last year in so far as the construction of lines is soneerned. Little was doing in the way...


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MI% the-Membenfor Rath, maintains that Mr. Fitzroy's . Act of 1853, by which. the Metropolitan' Police Magistrates are- authorized to extend the punishment for assaults upon...

MILITARY GAZETTE. Was-onace, Sept. 26.-47th Foot—Lieut.-Gem 3.8. Kennedy ) , C.B. to

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Col.. vice Lieut.-Gen. T. Delmer, er, C.B. dec. UT Foot--Lieut.-Gen. Sir T. 11. Browne to be Col. vice Lieut.-Gen. L. Ar g uinthan, C.B. dec. 3d Poot—Lient. L. Sidebottom....

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BULLION. Per oz. METALS. Per ton. Foreign Gold in Bars, Standard ....t3.17 9 Copper, British CakesE126 0 0 .., 0 0 Foreign Gold in Ooin,PortagalPleces 0 0 0 Iron, Welsh Bars 0...


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Anstrasyrr, Sept. 25.-Corps of Royal Marines-Gent. Cadets to be Second Lieuts. --J. D. Hope, R. B. Gardner, L. G. Rodney,. D. Connor, W. H. Wroot, C. D. H. Robilliard, F. S....


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Tuesday, September 26. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. -Revell and Son, Wrackington. Durham, quarrymen- Button andlirass, Islington, upholsterers-Hall and Son, North.Shields, grocers-...

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1854.) List of Persons ' who hive taken out -GENERAL :GAsiu CERTLFIcATFs at V. Os. 10d. each, including the additional duty of 10/. per cent under the Act of 3 Yid. cap. 17. ,...