3 AUGUST 1839

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FROM the great variety of questions pressed upon Parliament in these latter days of the session, the following are picked out, as having attracted most attention, or as...

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Debates anti vroccebinns fit Vatliament.

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THE POOR-LAW. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Mr. Tito:wits Dulecoxi moved an instruction to the Committee on the Poor-law Continuant Bill, that a clause should be...

There is no political intelligence of interest in the French

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pap et , " The Three Days of July" have been celebrated with the pomp ; though, the Opposition papers declare, with more th k r usual " frigidity." These journals ask why the...

The Portuguese Cortes have separated without making anyps, vision for

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payment of over-due dividends on the stock prineipt held by English creditors. The Portuguese Cortes have separated without making anyps, vision for payment of over-due...

General O'DONNELL, commanding the Queen of Spain's troe t in Arragon,

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defeated CARRERA at Lucena. It is said to have hs, a very gallant affair, and highly creditable to O'Doxsinu:s ges er ., ship.

• The victory in Syria would seem to have laid

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the Turkish em- pire at the feet of MEH EMET ALL Following closely upon the news of the Turkish army's defeat by IBRAHIM, conies intelligence that the Ottoman fleet had been...

Again the most important foreign news is from Asia and

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the East of Europe. Certain intelligence has, at length, been received of the entrance of the British troops into the open town of Candahar. This took place on the 21st of...

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Zbe QTAtirt.

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THE Queen held a Court on Monday afternoon, at Buckingham Palace when the Dutchess of Braganza had an audience of her Majesty, and took leave—after a rather short visit. The...

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In an assault case, heard at Hatton Garden Office on

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Monday, in which complainant and defendant were sturdy female beggars, it came out that one of them was formerly in the habit of making 12s. a day by her vocation, but that...

On Tuesday, a party of gentlemen gave Sir Charles Metcalf

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a dinner at I is:, Rooms. Sir Charles, it will be recollected, is going out to Jamaica as Governor and Commander-in-Chief. Mr. J. E. Elliott pre- sided at the dinner : we find...

In the expectation of Mr. Harvey's appointment to the office

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of Chief Commissioner of Police in the city of London, and consequent resigna- tion of his seat for Southwark, some Tories and haters of the Poor-law have called upon Mr. Walter...

According to the ll'estern Times, the Tomes Tories polled nine

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un- dont:folly bad votes. The parties had lost the qualification for which they were registered, and had received time notice holing voting that they would be indicted. One of...

Placards were last week posted on the walls of !lath.

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announcing that Mr. Vincent would preach a sermon on Beacon Hill, on Sunday afternoon ; and in consequence , about two thousand persons were assem- bled at the hour appointed....

Meetings have been held both in Nottingham and in Derby

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to ad- dress the railway proprietors to put an end to Sunday travelling. At present the carriages only 3111 in the nerrning . and in the evening of Sunday, and not between the...

trirbe Vrobintrs.

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The Aylesbury nomination was on Tuesday. Mr. Robert Wheeler, amidst eheers, groans, and hisses, proposed the Tory candidate, Captain John Charles Baillie Hamilton ; and Sir Mtn...

vibe J,01 ctropolis.

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The Lord Mayor returned to the Mansionhouse on Saturday night, after an absence of six days "on the business of the Conservancy of the Thames." So runs the official...

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The Earl of Dunraven, it is said, will be the new Irish Representa- tive Peer. At a public meeting held in Dublin on Monday, to oppose the renewal. of the Bank of Ireland...

The Warwick Assizes commenced on Monday. The prisoners charged with

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attacking the Metropolitan Police, acting as special con- stables at Birmingham on the 4th of July, were put on their trial yes- terday. The Attorney-General, with Messrs....

One of those desperate affrays which have so often occurred

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on rail- ways between English and Irish labourers, on the subject of wages, took place on Monday week, at Hebden Bridge, near Todmorden, on the line of the Manchester and Leeds...

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A silly paragraph having appeared in the Treasury paper the Oh- server, on Sunday last, stating that the Marquis of Londonderry had refused to drink the Queen's health with the...


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The Tories in Aberdeen are proposing to start Sir George Murray its a candidate for its representation at the next election. A Chartist Convention is to be held in Glasgow on...

The Times, on Thursday, fell foul of Sir Robert Peel,

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and lectured the Tory leader in the following fashion— "Respecting the discussion on the Poor-rates Collection Bill, which oc- curred in the House of Commons on Thursday, we...

It appears by - a return laid before the House of

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Commons, that the House has expended for printing Parliamentary papers, within the last eight sessions only, no less a sum than 373,116/. 5s. 2d. The will of the late Mr. Mori,...

The death of the eccentric Lady Hester Stanhope is announced

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to have taken place at Djoun, in Syria, on the 23d of June. Lady Hester had been long ill. The marriage of the Duke of Leuchtenberg with the Grand Dutchess Maria of Russia took...

A fatal affray necurred between the Police and the people

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on Thursday week at St. Mullins, in the Southern part of the county Carlow. Ks we understand, the Police: interfered to suppress factious fighting : they were resisted: an...

The Sheriff of Ayrshire, Mr. Bell, has warned the Earl

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of Eglintoun against holding the approaching tournament ; reminding the Earl, that it' anybody was killed, or hurt so as to endanger life, all the parties must be indicted for a...


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DIRT/IS. On the 27th tilt., in Grosvenor Square, the Viscountess Mnormr, of a son. On the ult., in Brunswick Place, Regent's Park, the Hun. Mrs. MAcr.con or Macleod, of a...

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Questions sufficient in number and importance to occupy a delibe-

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rative assembly for many weeks, were disposed of by the British Par- liament last night. Lord BnoECtIAM laid on the Lords' table five resolutions respecting the administration...


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SATURDAY. A second edition of the Mi,rninp Post contains a telegraphic despatch received in Paris from Alexandria, stating that the Turkish fleet ar- rived at that place on the...

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The ingenious correspondent to whom we are indebted for a

The Spectator

paper on the Stoppage of the China Trade, doubts the truth of that part of the account from Canton, which states that the opium has been actually given up to the Chinese...


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THE members of the Purcell Club held their half-yearly meeting last week, (on Thursday evening,) at the Crown and Anchor; when the music to the Tempest and to Boruhtert formed...

One of the Under Secretaries being at the bar of

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the House of Lords immediately after the Portuguese Slave-trade Bill was thrown out, said to an Opposition Peer—" We are much obliged to you : give us ano- ther vote like...


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SToca EXCICANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The general topic of discussion during the week has been the arrangement said to be concluded hetiveen the Bank of France and that of England...

A novel and interesting scene might have been witnessed on

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Mon- day, at the rooms of the New Zealand Land Company. The purchasers of land in the first township of New Zealand, or their representatives, had met to see the drawing of...


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Arrived—At Graves 91,1, July :10111,. Mormaill, Chapman, intuit ; Bor2.11 Merchant, Campbell ; and Marion, M'CiatIty, from Itomml. nit' Brighton. Aug. 1st, Augusta Jessie,...

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"Tun state of feeling among the working classes here is unsatis- factory "—such is the report from almost every populous district in England. Through the entire length and...


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STRANGE news from China ; which, however strange, has the ap- pearance of being authentic, and, at all events, receives general credence among well-informed persons. The...

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Tun parentnge and politics of Mr. Josnpu PARKES are as well known to the Earl of WARWICK as to any other person in her Ma- jesty's dominions. It is quite impossible that the...

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THE House of Commons having now, in a manner so satisfactory to the country, got through the public business of the session, and made wise provision for all our political wants...


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THAT Representatives of large constituencies have "cleaner hands" than Members for small or rotten boroughs, is a common, but we suspect, an " erroneous impression." Mr....

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THESE three and concluding volumes of Mr. Ilizr.sm's work em- brace the literature of Europe from 1550 to 1700; the one hundred and fifty years being divided into three periods...


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LITERARY IIISTORY, Introduction to the Literature of Europe, in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth. and Seven- teenth Centuries. By Henry Hallam, F.R.A.S., &c. Vols. II. III. IV.....

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Ulna the form of Advice to persons bound for India, Miss ROBERTS has produced an interesting description of the economy and manner of life both in India and during the voyage....

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A SUMMER excursion through one province of Ireland, having per- haps no more than its due share of wild and picturesque scenery, antiquities, and legends, would not seem to...


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Is a good subject in able hands. Whether physic—the art of curing internal disease—has made any advance since the time of HIPPO. CRATES and his immediate successors, is...

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Boo bs. The East India l'iiyager, or Ten Minutes advice to the Outward-bound. By EMMA. RoBERTS, Author of " Scenes aud. Characteristics of Hindustan, &c. A Few Words of Advice...

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CHROMALITHOGRAPHIC DRAWINGS. THE art of printing in colours, or picture-printing, is progressing : we have heard of coloured impressions being taken from copper-plates- though...


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THE increasing taste for coloured decorations of rooms, has induced Messrs. CRACE, of Wigmore Street, to fit up two apartments, opening the one into the other, in the styles...