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THE Municipal constituencies throughout England were em- ployed on Tuesday in electing members to fill up the vacancies in the Town-Councils, occasioned by the retirement of...

More Tory and Whig speechifying will be found in subsequent

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columns. Of the former we need only remark, that at Norwich, the Earl of ORFORD and Lord WODEHOUSE distinguished them- selves by displays in the Reverend JOSHUA KING style, fir...

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An abortive attempt to excte a revolt among the French

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gar- rison at Strasburg was made on Sunday last, by Prince Louts NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, son of Louts, formerly King of Hol- land,and the lady now called the Dutchess'*; ST. LEU. It...

The intelligence from the United States is confined to a

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de- scription of the embarrassed state of the Money-market. In New York, a very high rate of interest was demanded for tempo- rary loans. This pressure, however, would probably...

The state of politics in Lower Canada is approaching to

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a crisis. According to intelligence to the loth October, the attempts of the Colonial Office and the Earl of GOSFORD to induce the House of Assembly to vote the supplies, and to...

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The session of the Spanish Curtes was opened on the

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24th of last mouth, by the Queen Regent. The speech which she delivered on the occasion was handed to her in presence of the Cortes by CALATRAVA, the Prime Minister; who thereby...

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The Emperor of Russia has been seized with a sudden

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illness, the nature and cause of which are not mentioned. The Archduke MICHAEL, who had reached Rotterdam on his road to England, hss changed his mind, and returned to Germany....

EN* Itletropoif.

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The Court of Common Council assembled on Tuesday ; and, after a discussion of some length, agreed.to the first recommendation of the Revenue Committee for reducing the sum...

orb, eaurt.

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THE King and Queen, whose departure from Windsor for Brighton we announced lust week, are said to enjoy excellent health notwith- standing the severity of the weather. His...

In the Westminster Registration Court, on Wednesday, Mr. Craig, die

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Barrister, decided against eighty.eight claimants of the franchise on the ground of being shareholders in Exeter-hull. Almost all of these were Tories. The proprietors of the...

Elie Country.

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The East Norfolk Tories had a grand dinner-party on Friday week. It was one of those exhibitions to which the renegade Times refers with " heartfelt pride ;" that is to say, the...

The Norwegian Storthing was opened on the 20th of October,

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with a speech from the King of Sweden and Norway. The state of commerce and of the finances is represented as being very pros- perous; and it is especially mentioned, that in...

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would absolutely have supported it That Administration to which I

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had the honour for a short time to belong, were inclined to double the grant for Irish education, notwithstanding the remonstrances of some of its supporters. Could any man of...

Lord Eliot, in a second address to the electors of

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East Comma, asserts that he has received promises of support from a decided ma- jority. Ile complains that Sir Hussey Vivian has not been suffirienft explicit in the avowal of...

At the Revising Barrister's Court at Bristol, on IVeditesday, there

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was an objection raised to the name of a freeman remaining On the list a in consequence of his father having received parochial whet'. It was contended by the objector. that as...

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Gomez, the Spaniard of explosive notoriety, was tried at time

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Liver- pool Sessions mi Friday week ; found guilty of a misdemeanour, and sentenced to two years' IM prison ment. At the Hull Police Court, on Wednesday, the first case called...

Mr. 'Mortimer O'Sullivan has attempted to make good, construc- tively,

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his charge against Mr. O'Connell, of representing it to be es- sential to the Catholic religion to believe it to be right to break faith with heretics and murder them, by...


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At the meeting of the National Association in Dublin, on Thurs- day week, the amount of Justice Rent for the week was stated to be 3651. 3s. 3d. A contribution' of 20/. from...

Ryan, the hero of the late tithe homicide at Dunkertin,

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has been ar- rested upon a charge of wilful murder, and committed to gaol accord- ingly. It is improper to prejudge a case of this description ; but the concurrent testimony of...

The snow-storm which we mentioned as having commenced on Sa-

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turday last in London, extended far and wide into the country. The road from London to Birmingham was thickly covered svith snow on Saturday night ; and we see by accounts in...

At Winkfield, near Windsor, is a school of industry. It

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has been opened somewhat more than twelvemonths. The building is in the cottage style, situated upon a bill near the church, commanding a view of the richly-wooded country of...

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The Augsburg Gazette states, that fears are entertained lest the

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male- contents of Italy should trouble the existing order of things in that country.

Mr. SPRING RICE is reported to have reached Dublin on

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his way to London. Fortunate it is for that gentleman, that the Whig party can. not supply even a tolerable Chancellor of the Exchequer : were there any eligible candidate for...


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Lord Glenelg dined with a party of his friends at Inverness on Friday week. The speech he delivered on that occasion throws no light on the future policy of Ministers. A...

Letters from Bayonne mention, that Lord JOHN HAY had informed

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General EVANS of his intended departure from before St. Sebastian, as he had received orders from his Government to do all in his power to prevent the capture of Bilboa by the...

Several Members of Parliament and other persons attended in the

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House of Commons yesterday, to try the effect of certain alterations in the interior, made under the superintendence of Dr. REID of Edinburgh, for the purpose of improving the...

§lh bdeutisnceud.

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Lord John Frederick Gordon is appointed a Lord of the Bed. - chamber, in the room of Lord Elphinstone. Who is this Lord John Gordon ? The name sounds very like that of a Tory;...

A numerous meeting of the creditors of the City of

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Edinburgh was held last week to take into consideration the proposal made by the Magistrates, and approved of by the Trustees, for a settlement of the debt. No final decision...

In the Municipal elections of Edinburgh, the account of which

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is received this morning, the Voluntaries have beat the Church party.

The Paris correspondent of the Times says that the Swiss

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quarrel is all but arranged. M. KELLER, who drew up the report on the affair of CONSEIL which gave so much offence to France, had expressed his wish to have it considered as...


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• SATURDAY NIGHT. THE Paris Papers of Thursday state, that another abortive attempt at a military insurrection occurred at Vendome (in the department of the Cher and Loire),...

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CABINET AND OPEN QUESTIONS. THE first Cabinet dinner of the season is on Wednesday the 16th instant; and thenceforth Cabinet Councils will be fre- quent. Lord isIELBovasiE and...


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SINCE last week no change for the better has taken place in the prospects of the Bank. On the contrary, the opinion has gained ground that President JACKSON will prove more than...


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Arrived—Off Dover. Nov. 1st. Norval. Coltish, from Van Diemen's Land. Off Cork. Oct. 3Oth, Visitor. Muppett, from the Cape. Sailed-From Gravesend, Oct. 30th, Minerva, *Pherson ;...

A letter from Dr. Nugent, the resident medical gentleman in

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at- tendance on Mrs. O'Connell, announces the demise of that ines- timable lady, at the hour of half-past one o'clock on Monday morning, at Derrynane Abbey. It is difficult to...


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STOCK Ex CHANGE, room. AFTERNOON. The gloom which has for some time pervaded commercial affairs, has been materially increased today, by the receipt of intelligence of more...

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included, presses hardest upon the working classes. is not compatible

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with justice to Ireland, and with the theory and Unfortunately, the fall of prices has not extended, nor does it practice of the British laws as applied either to England or...

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TICE is the progress of the Peerage Reform question, that even Tories see a necessity for some great alteration in the spirit an dbehaviour, at least, of the Upper House....


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IF the House of Lords were abolished, and Peers came personally into the market to purchase seats in a single elective Legislative Chamber, the consequences would be, an almost...

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It was mentioned in the Spectator last week, on the

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authority of the Daily Papers, that Lord Brougham had been visiting Lord Melbourne at Broeket Hall. A weak invention : Lord Brougham has not been at Brocket Hall; and thus the...


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WEDNESDAY was a doleful day, to Cockney Councillors, their spouses and progeny. The civic Parliament, pressed hard from without, submitted to the dire necessity of retrenchment...

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Memoirs of Lucien P000parte. Faure of Canino. Written by Himself. Translated from the Original Manuscript, under the immediate superintendence of the Author. Vol. I. Saunders...


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EXCEPT in a few occasional passages, this volume is not so much a biography, as an historical commentary upon the events in which the author was engaged. The value of the...

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DIvIPING human life into ten septennial periods, Dr. JOHNSON appears to have proposed to examine the physiological characte- ristics by which all the epochs are naturally...

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THE present volume of the Landscape Annual is very favourably distinguished from all the rest of its compeers, by its reality. The- country, indeed, through which Mr. ROSCOE...

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WELCOME, WORDSWORTH, IO the list of popular poets ! His works are worthy to range beside BURNS and BYRON, COWPER and CRABBE, with which this republication in monthly volumes is...

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PARLIAMENTARY REPORT ON ARTS AND MANUFACTURES. first Parliamentary inquiry of the kind, as well us a valuable contribu- tion to the history of the Arts in this country : and,...

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Tile tribe of Annuals is increasing in size and splendour. At first they appeared in delicate covers of silk or embossed paper, enclosed in a ease, altnanack-wise—a sort of...

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Some of the monthly Picture Periodicals, as each succe3sive volume

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is completed, are put into handsome bindings, to tempt fresh purchasers in their " Annual" shape. Among these, we have before us the First Volumes of the Landscappe-Historical...


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PARTNEREHIPs DISSOLVED. Goslin:: awl Par' er, East ft 'instead, grocers— L. and M. 3litchell, Lectls, straw-bat- makers—Phelps and Evans, Wells, attornies— Samuel and Sparrow,...


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BIRTHS. At Northbrook House, Maths, the Right lion. Lady MARIA Saurrosasorr, of a son. On the 1st inst., at Leamington, the Lady Louisa SVII1TMORE, of a daughter. On the 1st...


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WA R-opetcE, Nov. 4.—lst Regt. I.ife Guards: R. Bromley. Gent. to be Cornet and Sub-Lieut. by purchase, vice Harvey, who retires-14th Regt. of Foot Lieut. J. Frith, float the...

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BRITIS II FUNDS. (Closin;, Prices.) Saturday Monday Tuvs,lay Wanes. Thurs. Fridory 3 per front .Consuls :4!•''; SS/ S31 883 S! , 1 Ditto for .1couatit Sit SS! 159 :1...