14 JANUARY 1843

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THE restless anxiety as to what is " to be done " by Ministers when Parliament meets, has been relieved, negatively, on three points—if any thing can be considered settled in...

A change has been begun in the mechanical arrangements of

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our churches, which, if it be carried out, must materially alter the re- lation of the Church to the People : it is the removal or throwing open of the pews. The proceeding is...

The close of the Afghan war has not been managed

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with so much judgment as previous accounts led us to expect. The object was to make a strong impression of our power—a bonne bouche of triumph after the bitter draughts of...

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ESPARTERO has returned to Madrid, and has dissolved the Cortes.

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The moral is, that he does not now fear an election enough to dismiss his Ministers in order to avoid it; or that, at all events, he deems an election less perilous or...

There is no news from the United States, except the

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astounding story, that the son of a Minister of State has been hanged at sea for heading a mutinous and piratical conspiracy. The young man seems to have been a mauvais sujet,...

Lours PHILIPPE opened the French Chambers on Monday, with a

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short speech, that hints at many great questions, and evades them. " The good harmony prevailing among the Powers has strengthened the repose of the East, and procured in Syria...

gbc fflittropolis.

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A letter has been published by Mr. Barnard, the Member for Green- wich, giving his most unqualified contradiction to a very prevalent report that he meant to accept the Chiltern...

British authority has sustained a new injury at the Cape

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of Good Hope ; and, if appearances are to be trusted, the revolt of the Anglo-Dutch emigrants at Natal, which seemed settled, is not so. Some of their race have seized on a new...

gbe court. NOTHING has occurred to disturb the quiet of

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the Court at Claremont. The Queen walks out when the weather permits; and Prince Albert has varied his days with the amusement of shooting. The Princess Royal was not sent...

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Abe Vrobinres.

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The Collegiate Institution of Liverpool, in Shaw Street, was - opened on Friday, with much ceremony. The Institution is a large build- ing, comprising three day-schools to...

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At the weekly meeting of the Repeal Association, on Monday, a long letter was read from Mr. O'Connell, " to the People of Ireland," constituting an earnest appeal to them to...


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The substance of the following report has appeared in several of the Scotch papers, bat, of those which we have seen, most distinctly in the subjoined extract from the Glasgow...

intria an ebina.

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The fuller accounts brought by the overland India mail arrived on Monday. The delay which occurred in the receipt of the mail was caused by bad weather in the Mediterranean ; as...

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The following customary circular has been sent to all the supporters of Sir Robert Peel's Government- " Whitehall, 4th January 1843. " Sir—I take the liberty of informing you,...

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The Lasear. Shedden, from the Clyde to Ceylon, has put back to Cork, with loss of mainmast-head, &c The Seaton. or Glasgow, from Adeu to Bombay. has pot back leaky, and will...

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Last night's Gazette notifies the receipt of a communication from

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the Mexican Government, " announcing the intention of the President to cause a strict blockade of the ports of Sisal and Campeche, and also of such parts of the coasts of...

The Monarch, a Hull steamer, while going down the river

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with passengers and a general cargo, this morning, ran on the fluke of an anchor, which is said to have been lying for some time in the City moorings, near Limehouse : a great...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Sir James Graham's reply to the Moderator of the General Assembly, acting as the organ of the Majority of the Scottish Church, the purport of which is described...

Descriptions appear this morning of " the hurricane yesterday." The

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chimney-pots, tiles, and trees of the Metropolis were thrown into the utmost confusion ; and the reports from the Parks of the gentry are disastrous. Mr. Feltham, a cowkeeper of...

A " great Anti-Corn-law demonstration" took place in Glasgow on

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Wednesday, and a report of the proceedings fills eleven columns of the Glasgow Argus. Mr. Cobden and Colonel Thompson, as a deputation from the Anti-Corn-law League, arrived...

The Castlebar Telegraph says that the peasantry of the Baronies

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of Gallen and Costello have entered into a resolution not to pay their Roman Catholic priests, under an impression that they have been in- strumental in imposing on the people...

A correspondent of the Times makes a strange assertion ;

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calling for inquiry, and offering evidence- A correspondent of the Times makes a strange assertion ; calling for inquiry, and offering evidence- ' I have been credibly informed...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTER1COON. The generally pacific character of the 'speech of the King of the French pro- duced a favourable effect upon the prices of the English...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Fife. 9th January 1843. Sta—Although a landlord, I am a subscriber to and constant reader of your paper. For however Ultra-Liberal your opinions...


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AN English version of La Gazza Ladra was produced at Drury Lane on Saturday last, for the debfit of two singers—Miss SABILLA NOVELL°, a sister of CLARA, and Miss FLOWER, a young...

The French Plays commence on Monday, at St. James's Theatre

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; with Madame ALBERT in two pieces, the first being Madame du Barry. The French Plays commence on Monday, at St. James's Theatre ; with Madame ALBERT in two pieces, the first...

Bluebeard, the old original Bashaw with turban and scimitar, was

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summoned hack to the stage at Covent Garden on Thursday, for the especial gratification of the juvenile visiters ; and the short notice at which his bloodthirstiness appeared...

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PRESENT ADMINISTRATION OF THE COLONIAL DEPARTMENT. Ir we have not entirely put off the old man of party-spirit, the very little that remains with us consists of ill-will to the...

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As the meeting of Parliament approaches, Lord PALMERSTON'S or- gan betrays a sense of the necessity of a change of note when making a noise about Indian politics. The theme is...

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Ova new possession the island of Hong-kong is not likely to become of great importance as a commercial emporium. The trade of Canton has been essentially a transit-trade ; it...


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Tam country gentlemen of England never committed a greater blunder than when they passed the Corn-law of 1815. If they would but allow themselves to examine dispassionately...

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In our last summary of political news, we had occasion to notice the uneasy and unsettled state of public opinion respecting the national exigencies and their remedies ; and the...


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A MEMORIAL was presented last week to the Town-Council of Glasgow from twenty-six Emigration Societies, consisting of 3,054 members, in the city and suburbs. These societies are...

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TRAVELS, Rambles in Yucatan ; or Notes of Travel through the Peninsula, including a visit to the remarkable Ruins of Chi.chen, Sabah, Zayi,aud Unmal. With numerous...

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THE object of this work is extensive. It is intended to embrace all that " is useful for the possessors of small gardens, whether in town or country, at home or abroad, and...

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THIS new work of the Old Sailor consists of a series of tales set in an ingenious framework. A club is supposed to have been formed at Greenwich, consisting of retired naval...

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A POETICAL celebrity is not unfrequently attained for a season on grounds quite irrespective of intrinsic merit, and indeed without any exhibition of what is properly speaking...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From January 6th to January 12th.

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Boors. The Naval Club; or Reminiscences of Service. By M. H. HARKER, Esq. (" The Old Sailor.") In three volumes. Methodus Medendi; or the Description and Treatment of the...

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ADMIRALTY, Jan. 9.-Corps of Royal Marines-Brevet Major D. Campbell to be Lieut.-Col. vice Lieut.-Col. B. Bunce, deceased; First Lieut. J. C. G. Courtis to be Capt. vice...


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BIRTHS. On the 6th January, at Wooston Rectory, Hants, the Lady of the Rev. ALFRED Bum Mu.. Curate of St. George's, Leeds of a sou. On the 6th, at Holm Park, the Lady of N. B....


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Tuesday, Jan. 10. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Gem and Co. Birmingham. attornies ; as far as regards G. Gem-May and Co. Ipswich, cheese-factors-Shaw and Co. Liverpool, and Wilson,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) satarday aroanay. Tuesday. Weasel. Thurs. Friday. 944 ex d 941 941 944 941 941 944 941 941 941 944 941 954 951 954 951 954 954 1024 1024 102...