10 OCTOBER 1840

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T1:0 :: 1 0.1.v:Ititi of t 1 .1.• F.`; a prmetiliar ; 1 ; a , 1;.'s news.

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I t the days of 1-I 9:10,11 with tit . a Mmy Brussels p t'ir ee.mact, ti trot vr. : . . scum. the : 01 . .i e a . . I NV::, 1'4'; I 11' "I. I..: '‘ . 1 . 1 • I v... 1 :...

There Is at prescnt It Emil in tm.. EseAarrso was

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received by the and hero; and. haviam.: obtained tit.. own choice of 119 has s which i o.'pe ar m t o gi v t i bead of the la.s of the Council and Regent is said to contemt...


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" BEron m —11 m11E:cc ENT—PEA E." 1 J'anvae words embrace the practical politics professed by the Whigs when Earl GREY took office in 1830. Reform has been stopped. The...

m •

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t.1.134:1: . • .% t ki!!.1t , libtftl1y:0.i.111.11 . 1t is countenanced t. t ie not atN•itleutal. 'Tic parties suspected of setting fire to the Talavera are tbreigners-...

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Zbe Vrobinces.

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The South Cheshire registration has proved a gain to the Conserva- tiVQ::: of 41. Real,tratiost for the city of Bath ter: limited on Thursday, by which the eiservatives have a...

TAP _Metropolis.

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The Houses of Lords and Commons met on Thursday afternoon pro forma, fur the farther prorogation of Parliament, by Royal commis- sion, to the 12th ..;ovetnber. The ma:is:ration...

The affairs of Hammersley's Bank are transferred to the superintend.

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ence of the Court of Chancery, the tribunal whose delays are so inuelz dreaded by all those creditors to whom an early distribution of assets is matter of any...

An instance of sudden death, caused by excitement at the

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late City election, occurred on Tuesday. An old gentleman, a Mr. Gibson, went up to Tuesday to vote for Aldermen Pine and Johnson. He was re- ceived with the customary yells and...

The eL l,r, - 1 Mayor f:r the City of London terminated

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on TUUS!itty, ;he Livcry are concerned. The numbers who voted each day, ..,17!: excel...IDA of Monday, incre.:sed the majorities of Alderines ie sod. Join. sn. Oa Monday it was...

Four hundred trimly.; marched from Chatham on IVethiesday to Gra...vs.:ell,

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and embarked on board the 1,erd Lowther t'or Madras. 'rids is the last (If:tech:nem that N, ill embark this season. Upwards of 7,00u men have embarked sieee March last front...

Zbe Court.

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THE Queen held it Catert and Privy Council on Saturday afternoon, at Claremont. 'the Council was attended by Prince Albert, the Lord President, the Lord Chancellor, the First...

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The proceedings of the Court-martial at 13ri:411ton, on Captain R.

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A. Reynolds, were 1 - 0 - .411111M on Satinalay. The Court heard eN;itienee given by Major Jenkins and Lieutenant Ciumingluen's servant, in explanallen of some eirette:Stenees...

It Western Rail-

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Ihlt• te : 1.1 ‘.•1: es of the C. ' • I 1:.,it. .1./ ii: rat gore. ., tbe iestance of on the • ng, To • : mot at \Vest .i‘muntil two this delay, it . from...

i 11 1:

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f pre- - — led ` a him w3s It th.tt :t tip ; are—every one of us I") Is there even a hit of a placehunter amongst you ? (Cries of "So, no!" and laughter.) Hit rained...

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Mr. (/'(!aoriell reel the 'limo,' e cohoiel I :ethos M.l'.

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for E . ::: oa1.1i-dosl the rhare 11111 '%1311i ‘‘A is s eore di'' 1. 1,:a• on on too, eite: e” .\r; lit, was itecii-od of I, ing e, led the .Nlini-aer- LI•cn n :e...

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7 , t V • es :11 1., 111 .: sea. For:

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artillery , of the same calibre, would be sent from England to relieve the depot.garrison here. We understand that the Eleventh Regiment of the Line is shortly to be gerrisoned...

.•1 ..:1 :11 Id out

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oI last • I . and . S .


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The Glasgow Constitutional states that in the recent registration for the Falkirk District of Burghs, the Conservatives have gained 67 votes. On Thursday, a public meeting was...

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The commencement of hostilities in the East, by the taking

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of Bey- rout, occasioned a great sensation in Paris. The Gazelle de France states that several Cabinet Councils have been held; and that M. Thiess proposed that the bombardment...

War, it seems, has at length ;actually commenced in the

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Levant. The intelligence first reached Lone et in the followine telegraphic despatch, received by the French ;Government- e3I•frs,Pleg. (ad ,her " Malta; Sfpemb, r 27.—The...

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'Flic news of the King of IIollantes in our last

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Postscript, has liven fully co:ter - et-ed. of the throne to his thirst sou, the t v be made tin thy 7th instant, at Lou; and Let toe ea: t: to receive the omits of :Allegiance...

Espartero entered Melt id of arbiter betweeil the Queen entry

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its a carriage and of people. The Provincial !be e hint at the hotel where the Just:: wes on the occasitte. 'il, L ':alt;:,..',- by . .1 3linister for Fora : '. Frias,...

M. Orfila is sail, insil:,:. id te ...!-:dust 31.

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Paspitil, o• IvItiel; Lail it holy : suNtort (f e Academie de s42veral used by hint, 31. oi:ivier, and 31. The .fournf:1 tilt leoni , n mentinit.: Laffarge. " The Situ' C—...

At the sitting of the Court of Peers ou Friday,

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for the tt la: or Prince Louis Napoleua. the pleadings for the defence were cot:Aided. The Procureur-Geoeral replied. 1Ie denounced M. Berryer's politicel advo- cacy, and...

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I at A!• tee:bele to the I e:cane of the

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i 1. • : t xees mei], tii hee": It 1 • 1,111t_t 1.: 1 0! • 1 I:1 1.::'for.!, I ut f.:0111 I' , . ,ii,..' to rti't te'th .1'. e. 'I Iron: td.e in.•n■fre tie'!...

1h-''1' INDIA siiipriNn.

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!. k■ 1 . •41. 1, 1. 111; n..1, -.1 o ; , 1114 l'o 11 •lool000t. 01.1111, 1,111 1,111o; .1;lit . •, o.• ; 1.1o.: o!-, (o. o'11; I SV • • ,1 „,ii I; ," I Oo 1...

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The Dublin Monitor of the 8th announces that Lord Ebrington

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was to leave Dublin on Thursday evening, for England. Lord 3Iorpeth had arrived at his residence in the Phomix Park. The Dublin Monitor of the 8th announces that Lord Ebrington...

From the ar:17,rd Herald of this day—" A convocation was

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holden yesterday, in which letters were read from his Grace the Duke of Wel- lington, Chancellor of the University, nominating the Reverend Philip Wynter, D.D., President of St....

The illonitenr of Thursday contains the official ordinance for the

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.convocation of the Chambers on the :Nth instant. The Paris paper:: The illonitenr of Thursday contains the official ordinance for the .convocation of the Chambers on the :Nth...


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SATURDAY. SATURDAY. The Gazette of last night contains official despatches from Admiral , Stopford respecting the operations of the fleet and troops on the coast of Syria. The...

1.1f ar slutl Gerard , as l'ontiminilant of the National Guar.:: of .

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issued an order on NVethigsday, tai , announced intention of assembling on Stimety to de:mm.1 from the Pr. - sitlent of t h e l'otintil the adoption of Sit It ,e; net, the...

From the J,ec f's Mercury of to-day—" More gools have

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been delivered te order and ,i'dd at the Cloth Halls this week than foe a long time past. The stocks on band of new-made goads are very small : and the natural consequences of...


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Fur several weeks past we have been sub:ected to a daily inundation of Urquhirt;te papers, for the most part in print, but sometimes accompanied by private letters from...

1%h:11(.1p:11i ty and Prot isional Deputation of Madrid, nt whielt

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fit ,,,f, [1. !agreed the to he /111,11 , 1‘..1. The correspondent of the r • • • • •• • • A/noting sa e s —" TheW, I believe, Will be IiHtrhl 1,1 N. iii I...


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The panic occasioned by the intelligence of Satnr.lay not of long eat:- tinilance, and the prices of the Funds improved tiori:oi the c.irly hurt of the week ; Consuls 11.0'1114...

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INTERNATIONAL LAW : THE SYRIAN QUESTION. REASONING is out of the question where disputants are not agreed upon any first principle to which reference may be made, and by which...

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CHEISTINA of Sweden in her youth resigned a throne to cultivate philosophy : the King of Holland, it is reported, is about to res i gn his in age fur love of a woman. Cummr:s...


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Here's time in this seek too ! There is nothing but roguery to be found in villanous muu."—Faistag: AT the inauguration of the civic officers of Dublin on the 30th of...


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H ULL.—BIRMINGHAM. THE Hull Festival took place during the past week. The band numbered about two hundred performers, under the conduct of Sir GEORGE SMART ; the principal...

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The opening of Drury Lane wi it Concerts (Inver, led

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by M. MU-. SARI), and a long list of solo-players, is postponed till Monday next.

The Olympic. opened on Saturday, with a smart and cheerful

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aspect ; the new decorations being set off by a good audience. The gallery has been converted into boxes, at a rate of admissioa between the prices of the dress circle and the...


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THE stately new front of the Adelphi—which makes up in height what it wants in breadth, and atones fur its deficiency of proportion by redundancy of ornament—was scarcely...

At ('overt Garden, a comic semie between KEELEY and CnaBLEs

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MaTnEws, Two in the _Morning, a translation ot' the French piece Paese Milled, nialses a farcical interlude between the Beide of Messina and the Greek Bey, muse and FLETCHER'S...

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THE author of this work is the well-known " Vixen" Ram.; who, animated by zeal for Circassia, and in despite of the ill success of his former attempt, proceeded to that country...


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TRAVELS, JOIltIllti of a Residence in Circassia, during the Years 1837,:1828, and 1839. By James Stanistaus Bell. Inc'. vols. 110zon. Ssavrttrrtes, Essay on the Productive 11,...

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A MEDICAL practitioner in the Company's service in India for many years, Dr. ROYLE filled, amongst other employments, that of Superintendent of the Botanic Garden at...

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Tins edition resembles that of SOUTHEY ' S Poems more nearly than any other popular reprint of copyright works in the present day ; as it is to be accompanied by biographical...


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Boobs. The. Biolgti of tho Emily. By Lady LyTTON BULWER, Author of ‘f ('leveler.'' In three vols. Journalgra I feshle acre ire. Cireassio, eluting the r'ears 1837,1833, and...

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ORGAN IZATION ,kNi) S01.1.1L liEszPONSIIIILITY. sn4,1, n tlerimreinent front tit ii mnal moat .,f (le:: ,,:. -:, LETTER I. Sr —anions the subjects ohielt have of late been...