18 JANUARY 1840

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The French Chamber of 1)011101N is occupied with the discussion

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on the Address. M. Timms has ereoted "a vast sensation" by a masterly speech en foreign policy, strongly advocating the continuance of a close alliance between Prance and...


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distress, and Chartist disturbences. The Lords took the earliest cmortunity of annoying Ministers, MA. sVc their Royal Mistress also. The Duke of WEL- !, • • t)a the and the...

eiwjed with England for the "ropreielt of' the barbarous tra:.,

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is siav....s," awl complain.; of' the .1el irt last soFsion in the BOlisli Par- liament authorizing the capture of Port ogue,e of 1./tIlOg CI111)10 . -■ :2E1 lit tilt!...

The only intelligence from Spain, possessing any interest, has refer-

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ence to the health of C ; concerning whiell there have.been many contradictory runmers. It is now positively asserted that his lid, is in danger. Should he die, or be disabled,...

The news from CMthi , riTeived by Olt last 11011; it,

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Which left New York on the tool, of Dfeember, is of a gratifying deserip:hm. Itover- nor THOMSON had obtained the consent of the L e gislative C o uncil aa d Ilonse of Assembly...

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At length the message of the President to the Legislature of the United States has been received. It was not delivered till the 24th of Decem- ber—three Nvecks after the session...

7-. 1 !rtatt5 anb Vroccrbincis in varliamcnt.

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OPENING OF TI1E SESSION. The third session of the lirFt Parliament of the present reign was opened on Thursday by Queen Victoria in person. 'l i me attendance of Peers was more...

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In the house of Commons, the Speaker took the chair

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a little before four. The first business was the swearing in of 3Iembers: anti the fol- lowing took the oaths and their seats,—Lord (Amide Hamilton for Tyrone; Mr. Francis...

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Vie Probintes.

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The Manchester Anti-Corn-law Festival was a grand ana imposing exhibition of the numbers and influence of the advocates of free trade. Four thousand persons assembled on Monday...


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The Morning Chronicle and the _Horning Post state that apprehen- sions of a Chartist outbreak in the Metropolis, last night, caused the 'authorities to be unusually alert for...

Ebr g.L'ourt.

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THE Queen held a Court at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday ; when Ibveral foreign Arnhassadoas were introduced, including Baron Brunow, on a special mission from the Emperor of...

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The li r est Briton reports a speech delivered by Mr. Charles

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Buller at a recent meeting of his constituents in the Town-hall of Liskeard. Mr. Buller referred to the gain of the Liberals on the three last registrations, as proof of the...

The Pavilion was again crowded on Tuesday, by an assembly

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of Anti-Corn-law " Operatives," who, to the number of about five thou- sand, dined at a shilling a head. No liquors were supplied except to guests on the platform, but the...

We have the best authority for stating that a letter

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has been received from his Royal Highness the Duke of' Sussex, by the Earl of Durham, and communicated to a most respectable gentlenlan of Suoderland, ex- pressing his strong...

The ballot of Liberals at Devonport. mentioned last week as

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fixed for the 10th, terminated in Mr. Tuffnelfs favour. Mr. Leach, in con- formity with his agreement, immediately joined forces with Mr. Tuffnell, and in a brief address...

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The William iluskisson, a steamer belonging to the City of

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Dule'n Company, of Liverpool, foundered on Sunday morning, when about mid-way between Dublin and Liverpool, in consequence of a leak, which it was impossible to stop up. The...

Tuesday's Gazette contains the followiug announcement- " Dowsing Sire; t,

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Jae. 10. " The Queen having been pleased to constitute a. Board of Commissioners for superintending the sale and settlement of the Waste Lands of the Crowmu in the British...


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Previously to his departure from Dublin, Mr. O'Connell, who had de- livered almost daily speeches to his constituents, was entertained at a public dimmer at Morrison's Hotel....

Arrangements have been made by which Members of Parliament will

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be etiabled to post letters written at the House of Commons without the difficulty which would occur in paying Id. with each letter. Covers will be sold to Members at the...


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Lady Sarah Villiers, the daughter of Lady Jersey, has been selected by her Majesty as one of the Ladies in Waiting at the ceremony of her marriage. Mr. Bradshaw, of Canterbury...

()11 Wednesday morning there was a conference at Sir Robert

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Peel's, when the Duke of Wellington, the Earl of Aberdeen, Lord Ellen- borough Lord Statib..y, the Right Honourable Sir James Graham, Sir Henry flardinge, the Right I lononrable...

The trial of Zephaniah Williams at Monmouth was concluded on

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Monday. The prisoner, when called upon by the Court, spoke a few words in his own defence, after long speeches from his counsel, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Richards. It was with...

" Information having been received by the 3fagistrates that the

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Chartists 'WM to have a meeting somewhere in Sheffield late all Saturday night or early on Sunday morning, flay resolved to adopt measures to prevent any outbreak, and applied...

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As Lord Abinger was crossing Parliament Street on 'Wednesday, he

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was struck down by the pole of a carriage, which he had not perceived in time to escape from, and was in innninent danger of being crushed under the wheels of the carriage, it...

Mr. Jaudon ltas concluded arrangements with Messrs. Hope and Company,

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of Amsterdam, for a loan of 430,000t. on account of the United States Bank. The price is 00, the interest 3 per cent., and the principal to be repaid in five years. The 'New...


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iii minis. On ibe 9.11 inst., at Itaran's Conti, (Amin). of Tyrone, Ireland, the Marchioness of AttEncons, of a daughter. On the 14th inst., in Dorset Svare, the Lady of the...

Large sales of opium are advertised by the British Government

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at Calcutta, to take place in the " agencies of Behar and Benares," front January to June inclusive. The quantity advertised is 18.932 chests; the upset price 400 rupees a...

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The address in the French Chamber of Deputies was voted,

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on Wednesday, by a majority of 212 to 43. This is the only piece of in- telligence worth mentioning in the Continental papers which arrived this morning.

Sir JOHN Yartm; BULLER is to move "a vote of

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want of confidence in the present Administration" on the 28th instant. If this is a volun- teer movement on the part of the Devonshire Baronet, it will come to little ; if...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRTDAS AFTERNOON. The arrear of American intelligence has been fully brought op by various arrivals from the United States, to the 29th December, from New York....


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SATURDAY. The House of Commons was occupied till one o'clock this morning, almost exclusively with the Privilege question. On Lord JOHN RUSSELL'S motion, John Joseph Stockdale...

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TO TIIE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. " Bans tons les pays, dims tons lea a g es, le s t aristocrats out implacahlement poursuivi ten antis du people." • * * " Malheur aux ordres...

Colonel Anson inet Colonel Ourwootl on Wednesday evening, and, delivered,

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on the part of' Mr. Ilorsman, the following letter. No.7. Allattiv, 15th 3anntary 1840. Sir--I havc reques'o,1 f'oloael to deliver to you this letter, in ex- planation of the...


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Papers, Friday 17th January.] 23, Lowndes Street, Belgrave Square, 4th January 1840. Sir—T have been requested be Mr. Bradshaw to refer you to the Morning Post of Thursday, the...

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THE QUEEN'S DEMAND FOR. PRINCE ALBERT'S " ESTABLISHMENT." Tim Royal Speech plunges in inedias res as regards marriage and money- m`v Lords and Gentlemen—Since you were last...


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THESE words, with vliich the Morning Post commenced a leading article this week, furnish a key to the present position of the Tory paAy.• Not satisfied with earning an immensity...

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IN this self-lauded country—" envy of surrounding nations"— among other inequalities in the administration of justice, it too often happens that punishments are regulated, not...


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SOME progress has been made this week towards the reunion of the middle and the working classes for the repeal of the Corn-laws. We allude to the second Manchester...


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ELECTORS OF EDINBURGH. IT would be difficult to explain fully to an Englishman the nature and tendency of the Church controversy now waging in Scotland; and to expect to...

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COVENT GARDEN was crowded on Monday, to witness the first represen- tation of tragedy under the new management, and the data of Mr. MOORE in Hamlet. All that liberality and good...


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THE anniversary meeting of the Madrigal Society was held on Thurs- day evening, at the Freemason's Tavern; Sir JOHN Itounns, the Presi- dent, in the chair. The attendance was...

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THE object of this publication is to comprise in one series the entire correspondence of Honaeu WALPOLE. It will contain all the letters included in his miscellaneous works; and...


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EersTr.Es. The Letters of lIorace Walpole, Earl of Orford; including Letters now first publ t ished from the Original Manuscripts. In 6 vols. Vol. I. 174-1745 Beidley....

SHERI DAN K NOW I,Es's delightful comedy The Love-Chase was

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played at the Haymarket on Thursday, for the benekof Mrs. CLOVER; who on this occasion brought forward a pupil of hers, Miss HOWARD, in Mrs. Nisnrr's favourite part of Neighbour...

At Drury Lane novelties come thick. The version of BotunEtr's

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opera which was to have been brought out last night, is only postponed in consequence of Mrs. ALBAN CROFT'S indisposition. To-night Miss DEscv appears in Zerlina ; on Monday...

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a reissue of Mr. Fonsme's volumes pub- lished in LardnePs Cyclopedia, and noticed in the Spectator on their periodical appearance. Iu its entire forum it has new titlepages, a...

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TUTS JO( treVrit Will add little to Mr. HAL:BURTON'S reputation ; for he has again fallen into the mistake of speculating upon his Hanle, though with less of literary fraud than...

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THE meeting of Parliament and the approach of the London season have imparted fresh activity to publishers, and the double demand upon our space and time comes upon us at once....


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THIS volume, though forming of itself a complete treatise on the subject it embraces, is the introductory part of a greater work on the teeth, about to be produced by Mr....

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PORTRAIT OF PRINCE ALBERT. As the time appointed for the Queen's nuptials draws near, the curi- osity of the fair sex to behold the Bridegroom elect becomes more and more ;...