20 APRIL 1850

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- Trim week opened with another Ministerial defeat in the House of Commons. The House was in Committee on the Stamp-duties Till, and the actual defeat was preceded by...

A new change has shown itself in the Church agitation.

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The manifesto issued by the Bishop of Bath and Wells proves that the number of open champions who resist the quasi-Dissenting doc- trine of Mr. Gorham is increasing. The...

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13rhatr5 nut rur biiig iiiVorkamtut

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IPRINCIPAL 131716INESS OF THE WEER. House or LOBES. Monday, April 15. The Brick-duties Bill palmed through Committee. Twesdoy, April 16. 'Exchequer Bills Intl, and...

In parts beyond the seas, there is enough going forward

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to be the subject of volumas,; mot so -pima that a suited far our wait' note. France is still in a bad way—match agileite41 via& euriositgrito see the result of...

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The dinner to her Mkjesty's Ministers given by the Lord Mayor . on: Wednesday, at the Mansionhouse,, was; as all such dinners of course are; successful, but it had no unusual...

th't (Mt Tan Queen has driven- out in an open

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carriage dailyi, and: wee: at the Opera. on Tuesday evening--evidently envying the humours- of Lablaohn in Den Pasquak. On Monday, La- Comtesee Rossi. attended, at Bucking- ham...

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A letter from Stewartstown, in the.Banner of Mater, states that the Orange Institution of Stewartatown have, in consideration, of the pealing of the Party Processions Act,....


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Dr: Tait bade. farewell to Rugby School on. Thursday week; and the event was celebrated by. the formal presentation of addressee and gifts, testifying the affectionate respect...

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ftittigt Tat( entunial. „ FILAWOE. — The Socialist party in Paris has

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remote anunexpoeted , eis' ion as to the eandidate at the election,'-on the-28th 'instant, of i-re presentative in room of M. -Vidal( It was thought last week - that -the...

. .

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_ ZistrIlitutsul • Referring to a ruinous' for some time current,' that "an address, emana- ting from the -Modemte and Evangelical parties of the Church of Eng- land was about...

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Private letters in Paris from Oran state that a portion

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of the Moorish ter- ritory on the Algiers frontier is insurgent against its Government. The rebels had taken Ouchda. The catastrophe at Angers was quite as fatal as at first...


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SATITE.DAY. The Houee of Commons proceeded last night in Committee with the Australian Colonies Bill ; taking it up at the sixth clause. Sir Wuxi Ati Moutswairrn moved an...

The Daily Hews had a suggestive paragraph yesterday ' to the

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effect that "on a certain day in the present week " Sir Rebut Peel had "a lengthened interview of many hours with her Majesty, Prince Albert being present " ; and that Sir...


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Monday, April 22. Australian Colonies Government Bill: Committee. Many amend- ments, &c. Stamp Duties BM: Committee. Parliamentary Voters, 8r.c. (Ireland) Bill : Amended....

MONEY MARKET. STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Aremoroon. — The French Funds declined

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on Monday and an Tuesday, and the English Stock Market was heavy in consequence. During the last two days, how- ever, the market in Paris has been improving, an advance of f per...

The New Water Colour Society opened its gallery today for

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a private view—an excellent collection.

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Worcester, 18th April 1860. Sitt--vi reference to the bill now before Parliament enables me to say, that Mr. Richardson is mistaken in what he states to be " casus...

The high legitimacy of the Theatre Francais is still the

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order of the day at the St. James's. Un Vetwage is a three-act comedy "en vers," with little action ; but the position of a gentleman who being relieved by death from one...


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The language of Mr. J. M. Morton may be compared to that of Babe- laia, inasmuch as it is impossible to given notion of it to any one who has not become acquainted with it by...

Stn—In any period of popular excitement, it is devoutly to

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be wished that passion and prejudice might for one day be so suspended as to give reason a fair o : . .z a or r t 5 mnty for weighing the matter under discussion. If in...

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a9, , ..?.-•e: , II- m:s .A: ) :s 1 I ssei Kan o • • .C3911L e . t : AMA • ■ .1 , 4 111 la ima '• ..- - • l i 1 9 1. 1) . .0 gi • •,, tet 4 .1 ▪ 1.1 :' i °AA ;. • I...


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Cosa"' a "beneficent fairy" be persuaded to endow our Ministers with the one quality most useful to them, it would be the faculty of learning by their own experience; an ....

TOPIC - 8 OF ,TIIE:CANTERBI,"ItY SEtTLZIi T ' SossetonX has • obserVed of the

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:Celt:Ivan& Gothiaericeshat •the , first lives in the•past, is:pleased with what botria doimpandsdiss poised; -to 'self satisfied sea - this :atheri Iiisea • instite- futures...

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RAsn co Struction of motive s waist 'stand rebuked before the k Nliiitter ' ' Mr. RoWrand int i just prtb li shed; on Sunday labour in the Pos 'office.. When Mi. Hill's minute...

SELLON, AND CAMPBELL CORRESPONDENCE— PERHAPS enough ef , Miss Sellon's history is

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before the world to account for her treatment of Lord Campbell, though the Chief Justice sektis to he sithply mystified ; perhaps if the - residue of that histoty-were known )...

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-To the plaineit style of narrative we will adhere in the short tale we have to tell, so that he that rims may read the_moraL In the House of Commons, on the 8th instant, Sir...


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A rimy tract before us will survive as a monument of the way in which popular education was first exemplified by the energy and genius of few : it is the "First Annual Report of...

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LAING'S NOTES ON THE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL STATE OF THE CONTINENT IN 1848 AND 1849.* Tins work is designed as a continuation of the author's Notes of a Traveller; and perhaps it...

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ALISON'S ESSAYS. * LITKRARY skill has been a prominent feature in

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the various "articles" hitherto reprinted in a collected form from the periodical works in which they appeared. The pietaresque brilhiu.ney of Macaulay and the felicitous...

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310B.E TERSE ASTI) PBA§,E .. BY : RECY-31,333.* THE. C0113.i , -,I,A.W EBENEtEit.

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ELLIOTT llOt only.peagelsSed poetical spirit, or the 'appa- rent faculty of pro#,upinOqtry, but he produced poems beautifu/ ia.,cleseription toii0,Mg in, incident and feeling,...

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Booxs. The latter part of this week has been as prolific as any week of the season. Of the higher order of publications some are obviously for future.netice ; as Mr. Muse's...

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On the lith .A.Treil„.at the residence of her father, R. Murphy, Esq., Merlon Square, Dublin, the Wife of John Purches, Esq., M.A., of Christ's College, Cambridge, of a Sen. On...


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Tue.sday,.Aprir 16. PARTRRHEIIIPfi DIESOLVED.—Gill and Co. Leeds', linendrapers—W. and H. Black.- well, Nottingham, cabinet-makers—Hobson and Batman, Liverpool—Brandreen. and...

MELITARY GAZETTE: WAR-OPPICIL April 18.-5th itegt. of Drag. Guards--Capt. R.

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Thompson, from the 49th Foot, to be Capt. vice Holder, appointed , to the , Beets Fusilier (lords; Lieut. C. P. Johnson to be Capt.. by purchase, vice Robson, who retires ;...


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Results of the Reg,istne-Generars return of mortality in the Metropolis for the week ending on Satunla t i e last : the first column of figures gives the m aggregate.number of...

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SHARES. (Last Official Quotation during th e Week ending Friday Evening.) ItAztwATs- Caledonian Edinburgh and Glasgow Eastern Counties Great Northern Great North of England...