24 AUGUST 1839

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According to the last accounts from Navarre, the revolt against

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Almon() was spreading. An attempt had been made to induce a body of the revolters to submit, by assuring theta that Don CARLoS was a free :erent, and required their obedience...

The most interesting intelligence, having reference to foreign affitirs, was

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communicated to the House of' Commons on Thursday by Lord PALMERSTON. The representatives of the Five Great Powers have signed " a collective note " stating that they had come...


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Tau Appropriation Bill has passed the House of Commons, and the Ministers have enjoyed their annual feast of white-bait at Blackwall; solhe end* the session must be near. It is...

In Paris, Lord MELBOURNE'S observations on the conduct of the

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French at Portendie, have been interpreted to mean something very serious; and the Opposition journals blame Marshal SOL:LT for sub- mitting to the " insolent audacity" of...

Letters from Bahia mention several annoyances to which the masters

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of British merchant-vessels are subjected by the Brazilian authorities. In consequence of the seizure of the Brazilian slave- ships, it is said, a " bad feeling against the...

The Leipsie Gazette states that the King of Haxoven has

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been induced by Prince MErrnumron to adopt a cJnciliatory policy towards his discontented subjects.

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Debates antt Vroteetrings ilt Varliament. DISTRESS OF THE PEOPLE.

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In the House of Lords, on Monday, the Bishop of London moved that an address be presented to the Queen, praying her Majesty to direct an inquiry to he made with reference to two...

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Cie itlrtropolis.

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The Westminster Sessions commenced on Thursday. There were 118 prisoners, mostly charged with small offences. The following case deserves attention. Thomas Levey, nine years...

Zbr 1Probintes.

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Mr. Manners Sutton, son of Viscount Canterbury, opposes Mr. Gib- son at Cambridge ; and both the candidates arc employed in an active canvass. The Tories are making efforts to...

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Sir William Chaytor has sold his extensive and beautiful estate

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of Witton Castle, in the county of Durham, to Donald Maclean, Esq., the respectable and constitutional Representative of the city of Oxford, who intends to reside on the domain....

The following accounts of the crops and prospects of the

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harvests are selected from papers received during the week. In consequence of the unsettled state of the weather, no progress has been made in the hay-harvest during the past...

We regret to state, that the condition of the agricultural

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labourers in Wiltshire is butt little, if at all, better than it was in the winter and spring. Bread, made of smutty wheat and of barley, with very low wages, was their portion...

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At the Liverpool Assizes, Mr. Quin, editor of the Hull

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Times, ob- tained a verdict, with 301. damages, against Mr. Browne, editor of the Packet, for a libel. At the same Assizes, an action, which excited great interest in the...

The Commission of the General Assembly of the Church of

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Scot- land met at Edinburgh on the 14th instant ; Dr. Dinican, Moderator, in the chair. Dr. Duncan read a letter front Lord Belhaven, Lord High Commissioner, dated July 31st,...

The Chartists at Manchester, following the advice of Mr. O'Connor,

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attended the old church in great numbers on the Sabbath. The autho- nUes having been previously advised of their intention, had a company of infantry and a troop of dragoons in...

Two men of the London Police, stationed at Birmingham, have

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been charged this week, before the Magistrates of that town with an assault on an unoffending person in the neighbourhood of Holloway Head. This is the current version of the...

S 011 AND. The Perth election, to supply tile vacancy

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occa , :ioned by the resigna- tion of the I lonourable Arthur Kiunaird, was on Saturday : when Mr. Oliphant, to whose return no serious opposition was expected, was defeated by...

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Column after column of the Morning Chronicle has been filled

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with letters on the conduct of Lord Cardigan, the officers of the Eleventh Light Dragoons, and Lord Hill, in the affair of Mr. Brent of Canter- bury. Mr. Brent shows, that...

The applications for tickets to view the splendid pageant at

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Eglintoun. Castle have been numerous, and several parties of English fashionables have arranged to leave Liverpool by the steam-vessels to Ardrossan and Glasgow on Monday next....


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" It is our duty this day to make to the British people an announcement which they will receive with intense interest, and we hope and believe with unanimous satisfaction. We...

We understand an invoice has been received of ninety-five chests

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of Assam tea, which may be very shortly expected in this country. This tea has been put on board ship in Calcutta in the best possible order ; and has not required to be dried a...

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A long and animated discussion took place in the House of Lords last night, on a motion by Lord LysinnunsT for a return of all bills which had come from the House of Commons...

Our respected correspondent at Esher, who has favoured us with

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two very long letters. may expect to hear from us soon after the s e ttin g -in of the autumnal recess: hitherto we have wanted leisure for many things that we wished to...

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The lWvniteeer of Thursday publishes a report of the Minister

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of Commerce to the King, recommending a reduction of the import-duty on Colonial sugar ; to come into operation on the 10th of September The duty on raw sugar is reduced front...

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Leaving a clear saving of £30,625 0 0 Three per

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Cent. Consols between the acceptance of the tenders made this day week and those ultimately adopted. Thus, :10,625/. Three per Cent. Consols at 91,:, the present price for...

A petition presented to the House of Commons on Thursday,

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by Mr. WABLEY, detailed the particulars of a most extraordinary case. According to the statement, a respectable surgeon, by name Thomas, was convicted of theft at the Sorry...


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solos Exciftxof:, Fairmv arm-amass The funding has been the chief topic of conversation during the week ; and the slow progress that hits been made in it shows the close...


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Circulation £17,969,000 Securities £25,.588,000 Deposits 8,t129,000 Bullion 3,265,000 £25,998,000 .C28,853,000

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Orries 07 ORDNANCE, Aug. 19.-Royal liege of Artillery—Second Capt. II. R. 'Wright to be Capt. vine Saunders. deceased; First Lieut. 3. Wynne to be Second Capt. vice Wright;...


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' Arrived-At Gravesend, Aug. 22d. Alexander, Simonet; and Catherine, Evans, from Bengal. Off Portsmouth, 20th, ilarrison, Surflen. front Mauritius; and William Gray. Scudder,...


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BIRTHS. On the 19th inst., at Ham Hall, the Lady of D. \Yews RUSSELL, Esq., of a daughter. On the 20th inst., at Kingweston. Somerset, the Lady of F. 11. litexieees, Esq., of a...


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INDEPENDENCE OF AN M.P. " Mellen. Hold, there is twelve pence for vou ; and I pray you to serve e s t ,, " I will noire of your moury." keep you out of pawls, sm u t prabbles,...

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IT has always been necessary to keep a watchful eye on the con- duct of the Magistrates and Policemen in London. That necessity has not been diminished by the enactment of the...


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Aurrioueu Mr. SPRING RICE 18 facetious on the weather and its influences, and ridicules the idea of financial operations being measured by the barometer, yet, we can tell him,...


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IF " the days of chivalry are gone," perhaps the heroic ages are returning ; at least we have not for a long time read, out of Homes', so much warlike denunciation and bloody...

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IN November 1835, Mr. STEUART embarked at New York, with an assorted cargo of goods and "humans," for the purpose of esta. Wishing a manufactory at Bogota, the capital of New...


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Srona has written to announce his intended arrival in England on the 9th September. His stay in London will, of course, be very short, as the rehearsal of the Norwich Festival...


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TRAVELS, Bogota in 18364. Being a Narrative of an Expedition to the et i t i p . i i ta le l y o u f w l i cz: nada, and a Residence there of Eleven Months. By J. Steuart....


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IN the Third Report of the South Australian Colonization Commis- sioners, we find an ingenious, and we believe original plan, for securing the representation of' the minority in...

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BET ten years have scarcely passed since the strange tale was fully believed, or judicially investigated, yet English readers are in general pretty well aware by this time, that...

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MRS. HEMANS. MR. CIIORLEY last Athemeum in order generally adopted week addressed a letter to time editor of the to remove an impression to his " disadvantage, by the press,"...


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BooKs. Essays on Government. Morton of Morton's hope; an Autobiography. In three vols. The Modern Literature of France. By GEounE W. M, REYNOLDS, Member of the French...

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ROBERTS'S SKETCHES OF EGYPT AND THE HOLY LAND. DAVID ROBERTS has retur.ned from the East, after an absence of twenty months ; with invigorated health and a portfolio of...


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THE baronial ball is one of the last few links remaining that connect the customs of feudal times with the social habits of the present day. The venerable Elizabethan mansion,...

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Tine history and details of M. DAGyEttim's photographic process were communicated by M. Aliso° to the Academy of Sciences of Paris, at the sitting of the 19th instant ; from...


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Mr. JESSE, the naturalist, who holds the office of Surveyor of her Ma- jesty's Parks and Palaces, has just produced a very lively and intelligent guide-book* to Hampton Court...